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Weakness Policy is a Held Item found in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn more about the Weakness Policy's stats and effects, how to get Weakness Policy, and which Pokemon are best for Weakness Policy!

Weakness Policy Stats and Effect

Weakness Policy.pngWeakness Policy
Held Item
Tier Ranking
S Rank.png
Stat Boost 1 Stat Boost 2
HP +210 Attack +15
Increases the Pokemon's Attack for a short time by a minimum of (2/2.5/3)% when the Pokemon receives damage. This increase grows larger the more times damage is received

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Weakness Policy Stats Per Level

Level 10 HP +110, Attack +5
Level 20 HP +160, Attack +10
Level 30 HP +210, Attack +15

How to Upgrade Items

Lvl. Stat Boosts
1 HP +70, Attack +0
2 HP +70, Attack +1
3 HP +80, Attack +1
4 HP +80, Attack +2
5 HP +90, Attack +2
6 HP +90, Attack +3
7 HP +100, Attack +3
8 HP +100, Attack +4
9 HP +110, Attack +4
10 HP +110, Attack +5
11 HP +120, Attack +5
12 HP +120, Attack +6
13 HP +130, Attack +6
14 HP +130, Attack +7
15 HP +140, Attack +7
16 HP +140, Attack +8
17 HP +150, Attack +8
18 HP +150, Attack +9
19 HP +160, Attack +9
20 HP +160, Attack +10
21 HP +170, Attack +10
22 HP +170, Attack +11
23 HP +180, Attack +11
24 HP +180, Attack +12
25 HP +190, Attack +12
26 HP +190, Attack +13
27 HP +200, Attack +13
28 HP +200, Attack +14
29 HP +210, Attack +14
30 HP +210, Attack +15

Stacks Up to 4 Times

Weakness Policy Effect

Everytime you are hit with an attack or move, you will gain a stack of the bonus damage. This can stack up to a maximum of 4 times!

Activates from Wild Pokemon Attacks

Getting hit by Wild Pokemon will also activate the item. This will make farming in the early stages of the game even more effective.

Triggers Even When Shielded

Weakness Policy also triggers even when you're shielded, allowing you to block damage while increasing your Attack.

Effect Lasts for 3 Seconds

Weakness Policy Effect Icon

The effect of this item will last up to 3 seconds, refreshing everytime you are hit. You will see an icon on the lower right showing how many stacks and how long the duration of the buff is left.

How to Get Weakness Policy

Purchased in the Shop

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins x1000
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket x625

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

Best Pokemon for Weakness Policy

Aegislash.jpgAegislash Azumarill.jpgAzumarill Buzzwole.jpgBuzzwole
Crustle.jpgCrustle Dragonite.jpgDragonite Garchomp.jpgGarchomp
Lucario.jpgLucario Mamoswine.jpgMamoswine Scizor.jpgScizor
Trevenant.jpgTrevenant Tsareena.jpgTsareena Tyranitar.jpgTyranitar
Umbreon.jpgUmbreon Urshifu.jpgUrshifu

All Builds for Weakness Policy

Builds that Use this Held Item
Aegislash Image Aegislash
Bruiser Build
Azumarill Image Azumarill
Whirlpool Build
Azumarill Image Azumarill
Full Offense Build
Buzzwole Image Buzzwole
Aggressive Laner Build
Buzzwole Image Buzzwole
Buzzwole Image Buzzwole
Sustain Build
Crustle Image Crustle
Brawler Build
Garchomp Image Garchomp
Initiator Build
Greedent Image Greedent
Bruiser Build
Lucario Image Lucario
Damage Amplification Build
Lucario Image Lucario
High Mobility Build
Machamp Image Machamp
Brawler Build
Machamp Image Machamp
Initiator Build
Mamoswine Image Mamoswine
Initiator Build
Scizor Image Scizor
Scizor High Sustain Build
Snorlax Image Snorlax
Frontline Build
Trevenant Image Trevenant
Damage Build
Tsareena Image Tsareena
High Sustain Build
Tsareena Image Tsareena
Item-Stacking Build
Tyranitar Image Tyranitar
Dark Pulse Build
Tyranitar Image Tyranitar
Crowd Control Build
Tyranitar Image Tyranitar
Jungle Rampage Build
Umbreon Image Umbreon
Mean Look Build
Urshifu Image Urshifu
Rapid Strike Build
Urshifu Image Urshifu
Full Offense Build
Urshifu Image Urshifu
Single Strike Build
Zeraora Image Zeraora
Discharge AoE Build

Weakness Policy Test

Damage Stacking Test

Basic Attack Heavy Slam
Base Damage (Control) 345 1717
Attacked 1 time 351 1733
Attacked 2 times 358 1751
Attacked 3 times 365 1770
Attacked 4 times 372 1788
Attacked 5 times 372 1788

We verified how many times Weakness Policy's effect stacks when getting hit. This test was done using Snorlax to deal damage to the Substitute Doll with Basic Attacks and Heavy Slam, while getting hit by the Wild Pokemon nearby.

As a result, it was found that the damage increase stacks up to 4 times, and damage recieved after that will not count.

Pokemon with Special Attack Test

Basic Attack Dive
Base Damage (Control) 286 1219
Attacked 1 time 291 1219
Attacked 2 times 297 1219
Attacked 3 times 303 1219
Attacked 4 times 308 1219
Attacked 5 times 308 1219

We also verified whether Weakness Policy's damage bonus works when using Special Type Pokemon moves. For this test, we used Cramorant's move, Dive, to see if it is affected by the item.

The results show that the move's damage did not increase, even when hit multiple times. This makes the item only effective for Pokemon that have Physical Type attacks.

Attack Vs. Special Attack: Physical and Special Damage Explained

Damage Bonus Rate Test

When looking at the Pokemon's Basic Attacks, the damage increased by about 2% each time they get hit. However, the damage of the moves seem to only increase around 1.2% per hit.


Basic Attack Rate of Increase Heavy Slam Rate of Increase
Base 345 - 1717 -
351 1.017
1733 1.009
358 1.020
1751 1.010
365 1.020
1770 1.011
372 1.019
1788 1.010


Basic Attack Rate of Increase Water Shuriken Rate of Increase
Base 460 - 863 -
469 1.020
874 1.013
478 1.019
885 1.013
487 1.019
896 1.012
496 1.018
907 1.012


Basic Attack Rate of Increase
Base 286 -
1 Hit 291 1.017
2 Hits 297 1.021
3 Hits 303 1.020
4 Hits 308 1.017

Shield Test

Weakness Policy - Shield Test - Assault VestAssault Vest
Weakness Policy - Shield Test - Score ShieldScore Shield
Weakness Policy - Shield Test - Cotton GuardCotton Guard
Weakness Policy - Shield Test - Unite MoveUnite Move (Rubble Rouser)

We tested if Weakness Policy triggers when the bearer is shielded. We used various sources of shields for this test: (1) Assault Vest, (2) Score Shield, (3) Cotton Guard, and (4) Rubble Rouser (Unite move).

The result of the test confirmed that the effect from Weakness Policy still triggers when the bearer is shielded. Pokemon that have an innate source of shield from moves or passives have an extra edge against Pokemon who don't, allowing them to tank up damage while increasing their attack damage via Weakness Policy.

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