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Vision Guide: How Does Vision (Sight) Work?

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Knowing where your enemies are is crucial in making better decisions and winning in Pokemon UNITE. This page is a guide about how the vision mechanic works in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn about what vision is, how it works, and how to take advantage of it.

The Vision Mechanic

Pokemon UNITE - How Vision Works

Vision is a common game mechanic found in MOBA games. It refers to what players can and can't see on their screens and provides significant information to players, affecting their decision-making throughout the game.

The mechanic works the same in all maps in Pokemon UNITE.

List of Maps

How Vision Works

The Range of View is Wider than the Screen

Pokemon UNITE - Estimating Vision Range Using Venusaur

Unlike most MOBAs, where players have limited range of view, in Pokemon UNITE the range of view is slightly wider than the screen if the camera is centered on the Pokemon. As a general reference, Venusaur's Unite Move is approximately the range of view.

Visible Pokemon are Displayed in the Minimap

Pokemon UNITE - Visible Pokemon are Displayed in the Minimap

All opponents that are visible to any teammate are displayed on their minimap via their icons. Watch the minimap consistently to keep track of the position of opponents.

Goals Give Vision

Pokemon UNITE - Goal Zones Provide Vision

Enemy Pokemon who approach allied goals become visible. Inversely, allied Pokemon who approach enemy goals become visible to the enemy team. The vision goals give is not that wide, enabling the enemy to exploit ir and try to sneak a goal. Be sure to constantly check the minimap to try to defend goals.

How to Defend and Block Goals

Boss Pokemon are Visible to Both Teams

Boss Pokemon like Rotom, Regieleki, Zapdos, and Rayquaza are visible to both teams. Players can know if their opponents are trying to secure boss Pokemon even if they're far away simply by moving their camera to their respective location.

Take note that although you have vision on the boss Pokemon, you can't see your opponents who are in that area.

Jump to Free Camera Movement

Range of View is Universal

Pokemon UNITE - Range of View is Universal

The range of vision is the same for all Pokemon. Having vision on an opponent means that opponent gains the same vision on the other player.

Grass Provides Concealment

Pokemon UNITE - Grass Provides Concealment

Grass is everywhere on the map, such as the sides of the lane and the jungle. Grass provides concealment to Pokemon inside it, making them invisible only to the enemy team. Opposing players who enter the same grass area will have vision of each other. There is a lot of grass near the center of the map, so always be careful and avoid getting ambushed.

Grass Guide: How Does Grass Work?

Walls Do Not Block Vision

Pokemon UNITE - Walls Do Not Block Vision

Objects like trees, walls, and cliffs in most MOBAs blocks vision. However, in Pokemon Unite, this is not the case. Walls do not block vision, but they definitely block a Pokemon's path, so avoid positioning yourself behind walls or you might get surrounded by enemies. There are certain walls in the map that can be traversed using Dash moves or Eject Button.

Certain Moves Affect Vision

Pokemon UNITE - Garchomp Sand Attack Vision Obstruction

Pokemon like Garchomp and Greninja have moves that affect the target's vision. As seen in the image above, Garchomp's Sand Attack covers a significant amount of screen space with a black mask, drastically limiting a player's vision. The only way to remove the obsctruction on the screen is to wait until the debuff expires or is removed.

Moves that Affect Vision
Pokemon Move
Greninja ImageGreninja Smokescreen ImageSmokescreen
Garchomp ImageGarchomp Sand Attack ImageSand Attack

How to Freely Move the Camera

Pokemon UNITE - Free Camera Movement

During the match, players can move the camera freely and check around them with the L button on the Nintendo Switch while mobile players can drag the camera when they press and hold the screen. Players should use this when they want to check the situation outside their line of sight.

It is important to note that players can still move their Pokemon even when moving the camera freely.

How to Move the Camera Freely

Nintendo Switch
1 Hold down the L button to enable View Map. A pop-up will appear at the right side of the screen that indicates the View Map is enabled.
2 To move the camera around, use the right joy stick.
3 To put the camera back to its default position (centered at Pokemon), release the L button.
1 Tap and hold anywhere near the center of the screen.
2 Drag your finger along the screen to move the camera

Move Camera Freely Using the Minimap

Pokemon UNITE - Free Camera Movement Using Minimap

Players can also move the camera freely by touching anywhere on the minimap. This moves the camera to that specific point in the minimap instantly.

Note that if players have the minimap expanded, they will ping the location instead.

How to Change Minimap Position

Nintendo Switch

1 Pokemon UNITE - Trainer Menu Main Screen.pngSelect the Trainer Menu.
2 Pokemon UNITE - Settings in Trainer Menu.pngGo to settings in the Menu Sidebar.
3 Pokemon UNITE - Controls Settings.pngSelect Controls
4 Pokemon UNITE - Change Minimap Position.pngScroll to Minimap Position, then select Bottom Right of Screen

If players want to utilize the touchscreen, it is best to move the minimap to the right side of the screen since it is most likely that players use the left joy-con to move their Pokemon.


Unfortunately, due to the layout of the controls for the mobile version, changing the minimap position is currently not possible.

Taking Advantage of Vision

Use Grass for Surprise Attacks

Best Way to Enter the L Shaped Grass
1 Enter from the upper tip of the L shaped grass
2 Approach while staying within the grass
3 Get out from under the grass and ambush the enemy.

Grass is the only object that affects vision in Pokemon UNITE. Knowing how to utilize them can be advantageous to the team. Use grass to do a surprise attack on the enemy.

Always enter from the upper tip of the L shaped grass. The enemy might have vision on the team when entering from the bottom.

Note that this strategy applies to all maps, particularly for Remoat Stadium and Theia Sky Ruins.

Use the Free Camera to Scout Ahead

Pokemon UNITE - Scouting Ahead Using Free Camera

Players can use the free camera to scout ahead, look for opportunities to score, and defeat wandering enemy Pokemon. However, players need to be cautious of their Pokemon when moving the camera freely. This could put their Pokemon in a vulnerable position, making it prone to enemy attacks. It is best not to use the free camera for too long.

Jump to Free Camera Movement

Use Moves to See a Wider Area

Pokemon UNITE - Talonflame Using Fly to See a Wider Area

Certain moves are able to expand the vision range. Once used, there is a noticeable expansion of the vision range, allowing players to see enemy movements.

Moves that Expand Vision
Pokemon Move
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Fly ImageFly
Decidueye ImageDecidueye Spirit Shackle ImageSpirit Shackle Nock Nock ImageNock Nock

Use Dash Type Moves to Get Away from Enemy Vision

Pokemon UNITE - Talonflame Using Flame Charge

Dash type moves are the best for getting away from enemy vision fast. Talonflame is an excellent example of a Pokemon that can create a huge distance between it and enemy Pokemon. This is due to the fact that majority of Talonflame's moves are Dash type.

Move Types and When To Use

Use Buff Type Moves to Get Away from Enemy Vision

Pokemon UNITE - Crustle Using Shell Smash

Certain Buff type moves boosts a Pokemon's movement speed enough to create distance between Pokemon, discouraging the enemy from pursuing any further. As shown above, Shell Smash is a good example of a move that gives enough movement speed boost to quickly get away from the enemy vision.

List of Status Effects: Buffs and Debuffs

Use Eject Button or X-Speed to Get Away from Enemy Vision

Pokemon UNITE - Eject Button and X Speed

Eject ButtonEject Button X SpeedX Speed

The Eject Button and X-Speed battle items can create a big enough distance between Pokemon to discourage the enemy from pursuing any further.

Always Refer to the Minimap

Pokemon UNITE - Goals in Minimap.png

Players can always look at the mini map if they do not know what to do. Any information about the enemy movement leads to better decision-making.

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