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This is a guide on how to recover HP in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn the different ways players can recover HP during matches, things that affect HP recovery in the game, and strategies for recovering HP efficiently!

How to Recover HP

Go Back to the Starting Point

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Go to Starting Point

The surest way to recover HP is by going to the starting point. The healing from the starting point is the fastest way to recover to full HP. If players are near the base, they can use the Flux Zones to get to the base faster. However, if they are far from the base, it is best to recall instead.

Recall Guide and Best Timing

Go Inside Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Go Inside Goal Zones

Allied goal zones provide constant healing and shielding to Pokemon who are inside it. At the early stages of the game, utilizing the healing from goal zones is the best means for survival in the lane.

The healing and shielding effects from goal zones are disabled when Rotom to reaches the goal, or when the enemy defeats Zapdos.

Pick Up Yellow Berries

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Pick Up Yellow Berries

Yellow berries instantly heals Pokemon that picks them up. They are found just behind the first goal of the top and bottom lanes. When the first goal of either lane is destroyed, the Yellow berries disappear, and no longer spawns. With this in mind, it is important to keep the first goals of either lane alive as long as possible to provide a constant source of healing for the team.

List of Berries and Effects

Use the Potion Battle Item

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Use Potion

Potion is the only battle item that provides a direct heal to Pokemon when used. Using potion at certain situations is key to using the item effeciently.

Potion Effect and How to Get

Use Moves

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Use Moves

Certain moves provide some form of healing. Recovery type moves are generally understood as the best move type for healing. However, there are moves of a different type that can provide healing.

Moves that Recover HP

Air Slash ImageAir Slash Amnesia  ImageAmnesia Cotton Cloud Crash ImageCotton Cloud Crash
Cotton Guard ImageCotton Guard Dream Eater ImageDream Eater Extreme Speed ImageExtreme Speed
Extreme Speed ImageExtreme Speed Feint ImageFeint Feint ImageFeint
Flail ImageFlail Giga Drain ImageGiga Drain Guard Swap ImageGuard Swap
Heal Pulse ImageHeal Pulse Night Slash ImageNight Slash Pollen Puff ImagePollen Puff
Power Nap ImagePower Nap Rest ImageRest Seismic Slam ImageSeismic Slam
Slack Off ImageSlack Off Soft-Boiled ImageSoft-Boiled Synthesis ImageSynthesis
Water Shuriken ImageWater Shuriken

Pokemon that Recovers HP with their Boosted Attack

Garchomp ImageGarchomp Zeraora ImageZeraora

Some Pokemon are able to recover HP when they hit a boosted attack.

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Defeat Wild Pokemon

Pokemon are able to recover HP equal to about 3% of their max HP when they defeat wild Pokemon. Defeating wild Pokemon that are grouped together like Vespiquen and Combee can provide tons of healing instantly.

List of Wild Pokemon and Spawn Times

Equip Held Items

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Equip Held Items

There are Held Items that provide some sort of healing to Pokemon when equipped. Choosing which Held Items to equip depends on a player's playstyle.

Held Items that Recover HP

Focus Band.pngFocus Band Leftovers.pngLeftovers Shell Bell.pngShell Bell

Score Goals

Pokemon UNITE - How to Recover HP - Score Goals

Successfully scoring points heals Pokemon for about 25% of its max HP. The amount of points scored does not affect the heal amount. This means that scoring low points can be an effective way to recover HP when no other way is available.

Tips and Tricks for Recovering HP

Utilize the Healing and Shielding from Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Tips and Tricks for Recovering HP - Utilize Goal Zones

Early into the match, players can utilize the healing and shielding from goal zones as means for survivability in their lanes. As much as possible, players should avoid going back to the starting point just to heal up.

The most important objective during the early stages is to get levels by defeating wild Pokemon. If Pokemon miss out on defeating wild Pokemon, it puts them at a disadvantage, making it harder for them to defend allied goals, and defeat enemy Pokemon.

Save Yellow Berries for Dire Situations

Pokemon UNITE - Tips and Tricks for Recovering HP - Save Berries

Often time players go straight for the Yellow berries to recover HP. However, it is best to save them for defending goal zones, or escpaing ganks from enemies, and find other means of healing, such as goal zones. Having them always available for dire scenarios like these is the most effecient way to use Yellow berries, and can even turn the outcome around.

Steal Yellow Berries from the Enemy's Side

Pokemon UNITE - Tips and Tricks for Recovering HP - Steal Yellow Berries

When diving enemies in their outer goal zones, they will not hesitate to pick up the Yellow berries just behind the goal to instantly heal, and force the other team to retreat. To prevent this from happening, try to be ahead of the enemy to steal the Yellow berries behind their goal, and ensure that they won't have any additional means of healing.

This forces them to either retreat back to their base to heal, or risk getting killed should they decide to go inside their goal zone for healing instead.

Score Low Points for Fast Healing

Pokemon UNITE - Tips and Tricks for Recovering HP - Score Low Points

Since the amount of points scored does not affect the heal amount when scoring, an effective strategy to recover HP is to score low points. The lower the points, the faster the scoring guage fills up.

This can be accomplished even when there are enemies gaurding the goal zone. Equipping Score Shield makes this startegy easier since the shield given by the item buys enough time for the Pokemon to score and recover HP.

Use Potion Only During Fights

Pokemon UNITE - Tips and Tricks for Recovering HP - Use Potion in Fights

The most effecient way to use the Potion battle item during a close fight. The trick is to keep trading blows with the enemy, luring them into a false sense of security, then use the potion to heal up instantly. This ensures that the player gets the HP advantage at the final moments of the fight, and that the enemy gets defeated.

Equip Complementary Held and Battle Items

Without X Attack With X Attack
Healing is 511 Healing is 598
Healing increased by about 17%.

Certain combinations of Held Items can improve the healing they provide during fights. The key is to understand how those Held Items that provide healing work, and what factors like stats affect their healing. However, some combinations might not exactly the best combination.

Held Item Combinations that Improve Healing

Combination Explanation
Shell Bell.pngShell Bell
+ Sp. Atk. Specs.pngSp. Atk. Specs
Shell Bell's healing depends on a Pokemon's Sp.Atk. stat. Sp.Atk. Specs increases a Pokemon's Sp.Atk. stat. Therefore, Shell Bell's healing is improved by Sp.Atk. Specs.
Focus Band.pngFocus Band
+ Aeos Cookie.pngAeos Cookie
Focus Band's healing is based on a percentage of a Pokemon's max HP. Aeos Cookie boosts a Pokemon's max HP passively and for each successful goal.
Although Aeos Cookie does not improve Focus Band's percentage healing, the bonus HP from it drastically increases Focus Band's actual healing value.
+ Aeos Cookie.pngAeos Cookie
Leftovers' healing is based on a percentage of a Pokemon's max HP. Aeos Cookie boosts a Pokemon's max HP passively and for each successful goal.
Much like Focus Band, Aeos Cookie does not improve Leftovers' percentage healing. However, the bonus HP from Aeos Cookie increases Leftovers' actual healing value.

Held Item and Battle Item Combinations that Improve Healing

Combination Explanation
Shell Bell.pngShell Bell
+ X Attack.pngX Attack
Shell Bell's healing depends on a Pokemon's Sp.Atk. stat. X Attack increases both Pokemon's attack and Sp. Atk for a duration. When X Attack is activated with Shell Bell equipped, it increases Shell Bell's healing by about 17%.
Aeos Cookie.pngAeos Cookie
+ Potion.pngPotion
Potion's healing is based on a percentage of a Pokemon's max HP. Aeos Cookie passively increases a Pokemon's max HP and for each successful goal. The bonus HP from Aeos Cookie improves the raw healing value from Potion.

Stack Shields to Act as Bonus HP

Score Shield Only Buddy Barrier Only
Score Shield with Buddy Barrier

Shields can act as a 'temporary bonus HP' for Pokemon, enabling them to survive longer in fights. The best way to utilize shields during battles is by stacking as many sources of shields as possible. This can theoretically double the amount of HP a Pokemon can have in an instant.

Shields from Moves

Cotton Guard ImageCotton Guard Discharge ImageDischarge Rubble Rouser ImageRubble Rouser
Safeguard ImageSafeguard Starlight Recital ImageStarlight Recital Steadfast ImageSteadfast

Shields from Items

Assault Vest ImageAssault Vest Buddy Barrier ImageBuddy Barrier Score Shield ImageScore Shield

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