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Mer Stadium Map Guide

This is a guide for Mer Stadium in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to learn unique map features of Mer Stadium, Mer Stadium rules, all Wild Pokemon found in Mer Stadium, and events related to this map.

Mer Stadium Latest Map Changes

February 24 Patch Notes Ver. (03/24/2022)

February 24 Update Patch Notes

Mer Stadium Map Changes (February 24)
Wild Pokemon Changes Zapdos: Now first appears later in the battle
Rotom: Now appears on the upper and lower paths 1 minute after the start of the match.
Aipom: Stat increased
• When a goal zone is destroyed, wild Audino now appear on the map's path's parameters.
Aeos Energy Changes • Amount of Aeos Energy dropped by opposing Pokemon when knocked out adjusted.
EXP. Gain Changes • Exp. Points gained by Pokemon that are very far behind in level adjusted.

Mer Stadium Map Layout

Mer Stadium Minimap Clean

Mer Stadium's layout is a slightly smaller version of Remoat Stadium. Wild Pokemon found in Mer Stadium can also be found in Remoat Stadium.

Mer Stadium Rules

Game Mode

Match Type

Number of Players 4v4
Match Type Quick Battle

Mer Stadium sports the 4v4 game mode, common in Quick Battle Maps.

Match Time

Match Length 5 minutes
Wild Pokemon Evolution 1 minute left

Aligning with the Quck Match type, Mer Stadium's match length is only 5 minutes. Players can expect Wild Pokemon to start evolving when there's only 1 minute left.

Map Mechanics

Goal Zones

All Goal Zones in Mer Stadium

Mer Stadium has a total of 3 Goal Zones per team. There are 2 Outer Goal Zones (marked as A on the image above) and 1 Base Goal Zone (marked as B).

Standing underneath these Goal Zones will give you a small shield and also slowly heal your Pokemon.

Active Goal Zones

You can only score points in Active Goal Zones, which will be highlighted on your minimap.

Outer Goal Zone Base Goal Zone
Mer Stadium Outer Goal Zone.png Base Goal Zone
60 Indesctructible

Outer Goal Zones will have a total of 60HP before they're destroyed. Destroying an Outer Goal Zone will activate the Base Goal Zone.

Base Goal Zones are located right outside the respawn area and cannot be destroyed.

Double Points at 1 Minute Left
Base Goal Zone x2 score

When there is only 1 minute left in the game, any points scored in a Goal Zone will be doubled.

Take this opportunity to steal the game by waiting and stacking points before the 1 minute mark!

Speed Lanes

Team Speed Lane Buff
Speed Lane Buff Mer Stadium

Each lane leading to an outer Goal Zone will give a speed boost to the allied Pokemon standing on it, indicated by blue streaks of light on the Pokemon.

This speed buff will disappear if the Outer Goal Zone leading to it gets destroyed.

Enemy Speed Lane Debuff
Speed Lane Debuff Mer Stadium

Being in the Enemy Speed Lane will reduce your movement speed, indicated by an orange circle around your Pokemon.

This will also expose your character to the enemy team, indicated by the pink eye icon on top of your Pokemon.


Yellow Berry in-gameYellow Berry Spawn Locations
Spawn 4:30
Respawn 15 seconds
Effect Heals Pokemon for 1500 HP
Green Berry in-gameGreen Berry Spawn Locations
Spawn 4:30
Respawn 20 seconds
Effect Gives Pokemon a speed boost

Mer Stadium will have Berries scattered around that can give buffs or heal Pokemon that pick them up.

Super Jump Pad

Super Jump Pad Mer Stadium

Mer Stadium has a Super Jump pad that spawns at 2:30.

Super Jump Pad Interaction
Super Jump Pad Mer Stadium Inerraction

Trainers can use this to travel to key positions on the map to get back into the fight.

Base Protection

Mer Stadium Base Protection

Your base will have a shield that will prevent any attacks and enemy Pokemon from getting inside.

The base will constantly heal your HP until you're back to full. Respawning will let your Pokemon be invulnerable for a short time.

Mer Stadium Wild Pokemon

All Wild Pokemon Loactions

Spawn Location


Pokemon UNITE Zapdos.pngZapdos
Spawn Time 4:00
Respawn Time 1 minute
Points Earned 20 - 30
20 for all teamates
Effect Provides points for the team that defeats it. Also charges enemy Goal Zones

Zapdos Buff

Enemy Goal Zone Effect
Zapdos Charged Goal

Aside from the extra Aeos Energy from defeating Zapdos, the remaining enemy Goal Zones on the minimap will have a timer placed on them. This indicates that you can instantly score without the need to charge.


Spawn Time 4:35
Respawn Time 1 minute
Points Earned 4 - 7
Effect Grants a buff that increases attack power of the Pokemon against Wild Pokemon with low HP.

Ludicolo Buff

Ludicolo With the Buff Icon
Ludicolo Location Mer Stadium

When you defeat Ludicolo, an aura will be visible around your Pokemon.

This aura indicates that you will do increased damage to Wild Pokemon with low HP.


Spawn Time 4:35
Respawn Time 1 minute
Points Earned 4 - 7
Effect Grants a buff that makes attacks reduce enemy movement speed.

Bouffalant Buff

Bouffalant With the Buff Icon
Bouffalant Location Mer Stadium

When you defeat Bouffalant, an aura will be visible around your Pokemon.

This buff indicates that any basic attack will reduce enemy movement speed.


Pokemon UNITE - Mer Stadium AudinoAudino
Spawn Time 4:32
Respawn Time 1 minute
Points Earned 4 - 7
Effect Grants EXP. and Aeos Energy!

A new addition to Mer Stadium, Audino now spawn in when a goal zone is destroyed!

Related Events

Mer Stadium Quick Battle Challenges

Rewards Mission
Aeos Ticket.png 90 Aeos Tickets in Mer Stadium, Participate in 3 Quick Battles.
Aeos Ticket.png 90 Aeos Tickets In Mer Stadium, win 2 Quick Battles.
Aeos Ticket.png 90 Aeos Tickets In Mer Stadium, score a total of 100 points.
Culottes and Belt Orange.pngCulottes and Belt (Orange) In Mer Stadium, knock out a total of 10 opposing Pokemon.

This event just centers around playing Mer Stadium. Remember that assists counts towards the goal of knocking out opposing Pokemon!

Mer Stadium Quick Battle Challenges

Mer Stadium Tips

Learn Wild Pokemon Spawn Timings

Zapdos In-Game.png

With points being tied to defeating Wild Pokemon, knowing when they're spawning can give you an edge over the enemy team.

Even though you find the same Wild Pokemon here compared to Remoat Stadium; they will, however, have different spawn timers.

Get familiar with them! This mode only last for 5 minutes, so every minute counts!

Save Points Right Before the 1 Minute Mark

Goal Zones will receive a x2 buff when there is only 1 minute left in the game. This buff will double the number of points scored.

We have been in multiple situations where the x2 effect of scoring in a Goal Zone helped us steal wins from right under the enemy.

Take advantage of the value gained in holding your stack of 50 points at around the match time of 1:30 left and then waiting for just 30 seconds to double that amount!

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