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Questions Board
This is the Game8 Questions Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to ask some questions and get advice from other experienced players.

Pokemon UNITE Questions Board

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198 UNITE Walkthrough Team@Game8about 2 monthsReport

Hello! Limited licenses are stored in your Item Box and are categorized as Consumable Items, which means you have to activate them manually in order to play as the Pokemon. Go to Item Box -> Consumable Items, then select the Limited license you want to use and choose 'Use'. Note that Limited Licenses can't be used in Ranked Matches. We hope we answered your question.

197 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

I play since 4 days and because of the campaigns for new play I should get to test a lot of Pokémon with limited licenses. But I never get them. It worked on day one but since then I try to claim them and nothing happens, they are no where. Can someone help me? It's really frustrating that I couldn't try out the Zacian.

196 Anonymous4 monthsReport

How about using Muscle band, Float stone, Curse bangle? Isn't that better without stacking and flat damage boost?

195 Anonymous4 monthsReport

yup mewtwo needs a nerf

194 Just helping rn4 monthsReport

Which pokemon would you like to know how to face off against?

193 viber085 monthsReport

no cinderace tryanitar are best i know as i play with mewtwo

192 viber085 monthsReport

it is muscle band spoon

191 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Hi I use muscle band + razor claw with x speed zacian Please tell in detail how to deal with different pokemons

190 Anonymous5 monthsReport

when next boss rush is going to start

189 Anonymous5 monthsReport

no you can beat them with quick ranged attackers

188 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Nerf both mewtwos

187 Blaze350 6 monthsReport

So how do I start a tournament? I have a full team and everything but can’t couldn’t start it

185 Blaze350 7 monthsReport


184 Edward7 monthsReport

If buddy barrier is used with a movement unite like Dragonite do you share shield where you takeoff or where you land?

183 charmandys7 monthsReport

My guess is that if they couldn’t crit in the first place, the number won’t be negative.

182 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

I think the negative numbers mean different things the way you have a -2.9% black emblem, since it’s a black it would make moves come cooldown faster if that makes since. Then is you have a +3.7% white that means that it would increase your max health. Hope this helps…

181 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Can boost emblems give you negative number stats? I'm playing around with some -crit rate emblems and wanted to put them on some Pokemon that have 0% crit rate at all levels (according to UniteDB). Would putting these -crit rate emblems on these Pokemon give them a crit rate that is a negative number?

180 hhhalt7 monthsReport


179 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

Is it under the stickers you get fir the event?

178 hhhalt7 monthsReport

I'm trying to find out how to get a sticker that looks like a megaphone and is similar to the win with friends stickers how do I get it?

177 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

Asked him to just say no prob but he put the “Lemme know if you want to add me” lol

176 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

Texted that*

175 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

Friend texted lol

174 charmandys7 monthsReport

but we already are friends

173 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

No prob! Lemme know if you wanna friend me I’ll happily help if you want me to!

172 charmandys7 monthsReport

thank you for letting me know. I think they were near the bottom, so I couldn’t see them.

171 Blaze350 7 monthsReport

You cab get them with panic parade points! 10 points for one but 375 in stock

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