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Questions Board
This is the Game8 Questions Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to ask some questions and get advice from other experienced players.

Pokemon UNITE Questions Board

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151 snarkypuppy2 daysReport

Trying to make an urshifu build, requesting ideas

150 Anonymous13 daysReport

scither all the way great for taking enemy's down individually just don't try to fight to many at once

149 snarkypuppy26 daysReport

what do you think zacian will be allrounder, speedster, etc?

148  ESPbbcabout 1 monthReport

how can I get the chat going

147 Hellkelsiaabout 2 monthsReport

scither because of new patch,incredibly good really recommend. true ace ♤

146 Dragonite933about 2 monthsReport

Who is the best, Scizor or Scither ?

145 Hellroad2 monthsReport

the first one was really bad so revised version this : I'm rank veatran I want to get scope lens muscle band and razor claw to level 30 with super item enhancers should I start a save (items for devidueye

144 Hellroad2 monthsReport

I really want to get my items to level 30 with super item enhanceresults so should I start a new save edit the items are scope lens muscle band and razor claw for decideeye jungle I'm experts rank

143 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Can you make Espeon and Glaceon male? It feels wrong for only Sylveon to be male.

142 Anonymous2 monthsReport

i wouldnt rec playing solo try to get people to join u

141 Anonymous2 monthsReport

for sure its random

140 Anonymous2 monthsReport

if nobody has told u this already it goes beginner great expert veteran ultra then master

139 Anonymous2 monthsReport

After a battle , post game battle data , is there a 2nd place ,3rd place , etc. , or is it all random how each person stands behind the MVP?

138 snarkypuppy2 monthsReport

I can help you if you want to rank up

137 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Does my master points affect who i'm playing with? My current master rating is 2080. Will I play with people with a similar rating, or does it not matter based on matchmaking?

136 Anonymous3 monthsReport

@snarkypuppy I am the worst player so I’m only expert rank

135 Anonymous3 monthsReport

his boosted basic is surf only

134 snarkypuppy3 monthsReport

How much ranks till u reach master?, im currently veteran

133 Anonymous3 monthsReport

When I use Surf for Greninja sometimes, it doesn't eliminate the player, but if I follow up with a basic attack immediately afterwards (which eliminates the player), the cooldown for Surf resets. Does anyone know exactly how this mechanic works?

132 UNITE Walkthrough Team@Game83 monthsReport

Completely possible but sadly going to be rare, Kichi. Dark Suit Style Absol is a Battle Pass Holowear, and UNITE doesn't seem to rerun Battle Pass Holowears outside Battle Pass shops that are rare in itself (it has only shown up once). Don't lose hope though! We might get it back in the future.

131 Kichi3 monthsReport

i was wondering, is it possible for absol’s dark suit style holowear to return in the future?

130 Anonymous3 monthsReport

yea buzz is cool and more reliable ! But need to add more movement speed or x-speed. But the speedsters require more skill when compared to buzz

129 Anonymous3 monthsReport

had the same feelings... My absol was dealing ton of damage in normal matches & recently I realized it was majorly Bots or some weired newbies with no knowledge of held items and emblems. But in ranked matches it's mainly the skilled players and your team mates are super important to play with

128 Anonymous4 monthsReport

How is it that The bots get to revive back to back to back wo the same time limit we have to wait that's complete BS IMO?

127 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Both are good moves. It depends on what you're going for. Flame charge is if you want to deal a lot of damage. And Fire Spin is to hinder opponents.

126 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Which move is better for Delphox fire spin or flame charge?

125 Ibcnustare (gametag) 6 monthsReport

I have 3 Pokemon that I ended up buying. Why is casual so much easier and I can usually end up with tons of wins? I know ranked are supposed to be challenging and harder, but my experience is ridiculous.My 3 pogo can get over 250 points in causal and in ranked, I get knocked out immediately.Whereas, casual, my endurance is maxed,using emblems and held items. How are ranked players’ Pogos so much better?! What could I do? Thanks

124 Anonymous6 monthsReport

For Garchomp, you should use dragon rush and earthquake, and equip a full set of emblems to increase basic attack speed

123 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Hi can I ask on how to be better in lucario and garchomp. Lucario-bone rush and extreme Garchomp-dig and earthquake

122 Anonymous6 monthsReport


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