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Questions Board
This is the Game8 Questions Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to ask some questions and get advice from other experienced players.

Pokemon UNITE Questions Board

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113 Anon66 daysReport

Hi, I'd just like to ask when is the best time to play solo ranked for a Gardevoir main.

112 Iluvlucario 12 daysReport

Can someone please help me with playing delphox

111 Iluvlucario 12 daysReport

Stop spaming this chat

110 Board of dead13 daysReport

This comment section has been announced DEAD (also, nobody cares about kewlboy)

109 kewlboi (he's kewler)about 1 monthReport

Not anymore, his unite's been nerfed to 102 iirc

108 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Only basic attacks can crit.

107 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Can greninja crict 5000 ?

106 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Can greninja crict 5000 ?

105 Luxio_Absol2 monthsReport

Oh ok thx

104 Luxio_Absol2 monthsReport

Oh ok thx

103 Luxio_Absol2 monthsReport

Oh ok thx

102 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Talonflame gets no benefit from Attack Weight, his moves scale horribly with it. Float Stone can work if you're in a scoring comp. Otherwise... Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, and Razor Claw. Talon has the shortest Unite cooldown tied with Pikachu and Azumarill. Abuse this by giving shields to teammates constantly or to cheese 50 point dunks by stacking Buddy and Score Shields.

101 Anonymous2 monthsReport

No. Luca is a disgusting lane bully, he doesn't need the safe XP.

100 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Blaze Kick + Flame Charge Muscle Band, Scope Lens, Buddy Barrier Replace Buddy with Attack Weight if you go lane and want to stack with him. If you're going jungle though, don't pick Attack Weight because you're never going to get the chance to score as you should be farming all the time.

99 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Full Heal on ES + BR, Slow Smoke for PuP + CC. You do not need Eject/X-Speed, Luca already has a lot of mobility. Luca's weakness is stuns so Full Heal is required in order to land your combos.

98 Anonymous2 monthsReport

PuP + CC has been nerfed and it honestly doesn't hit as hard as it used to. It relies too much on Slow Smoke and can easily be read and avoided. The only good thing it has going for it is PuP secures objectives very well but that's it. Unless your team comp has no objective secure, I recommend all Lucas to go ES + BR. Also please don't use ES + CC. For battle item, use Full Heal on ES + BR,

97 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Don't use Scope Lens. Attack Weight, Razor Claw, and Buddy Barrier/Muscle Band/Score Shield/Weakness Policy. Buddy for teamfights, Muscle for clearing wild mons faster, Score Shield if you're not confident in scoring, Weakness Policy for more damage. I highly recommend ditching Score Shield because you don't need it to stack as long as you carry no more than 5 points at a time.

96 Luxio_Absol2 monthsReport

I recently have started using lucario lots since I got to master so I need some good builds. I currently have power up punch and close combat for moves, score shield, attack weight and scope lens for held items and eject button as battle item

95 Absolitary3 monthsReport

Biggest bruh ever

94 Luxio_Absol3 monthsReport

Wait I just noticed I've been commenting on everything as anoymous

93 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Ok thanks a lot :)

92 Absolitary3 monthsReport

Also for pyro ball builds try float stone razor claw scope lens

91 Absolitary3 monthsReport

Ur welcome

90 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Ok thanks a lot I'll try it later

89 Absolitary3 monthsReport

Cinderace isnt too good at scoring if you wanna play cinderace attack weight score shield use blaze kick instead of pyro ball

88 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Does anyone have any good builds for cinderace? I keep on losing using my current build which is pyro ball and flame charge for moves, scope lens, attack weight and score shield for held items and eject button for battle item

87 Absolitary3 monthsReport

Duraladon is out and hes dominating games Makes me remember bitter memories of sylveon killing me everywhere i go when she was released

86 ShinyMewtwo33 monthsReport

Thats what I want! I main Lucario close combat

85 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Lucario is cringe. They keep nerfing him and he still dominates games

84 ShinyMewtwo33 monthsReport

is lucario SICK?

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