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Questions Board
This is the Game8 Questions Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to ask some questions and get advice from other experienced players.

Pokemon UNITE Questions Board

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128 Anonymousabout 2 hoursReport

How is it that The bots get to revive back to back to back wo the same time limit we have to wait that's complete BS IMO?

127 Anonymous17 daysReport

Both are good moves. It depends on what you're going for. Flame charge is if you want to deal a lot of damage. And Fire Spin is to hinder opponents.

126 Anonymous28 daysReport

Which move is better for Delphox fire spin or flame charge?

125 Ibcnustare (gametag) about 2 monthsReport

I have 3 Pokemon that I ended up buying. Why is casual so much easier and I can usually end up with tons of wins? I know ranked are supposed to be challenging and harder, but my experience is ridiculous.My 3 pogo can get over 250 points in causal and in ranked, I get knocked out immediately.Whereas, casual, my endurance is maxed,using emblems and held items. How are ranked players’ Pogos so much better?! What could I do? Thanks

124 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

For Garchomp, you should use dragon rush and earthquake, and equip a full set of emblems to increase basic attack speed

123 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Hi can I ask on how to be better in lucario and garchomp. Lucario-bone rush and extreme Garchomp-dig and earthquake

122 Anonymous2 monthsReport


121 Anonymous3 monthsReport

i personaly did it with cinderace but that was some patches ago guess around season 8 but im not sure

120 Anonymous3 monthsReport

For sludge hex, I go energy amp and shell bell for cooldown. The last one for me is usually wise glasses. Pair it up with a full cooldown and sp Attk emblem set and your good to go

119 Anonymous4 monthsReport

I recommend either Absol, Gengar, or Buzzwole.

118 Anonymous4 monthsReport

I've been achievement hunting, and was wondering what the best pokemon for the 5 ko streak achievement is?

117 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Hi, I'm looking for a good build for Gengar, I usually jungle or go to bot lane.

115 Anonymous4 monthsReport

got it!

114 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Is there a changelog to track nerfs and buffs? Swear I've seen one around here somewhere

113 Anon65 monthsReport

Hi, I'd just like to ask when is the best time to play solo ranked for a Gardevoir main.

112 Iluvlucario 6 monthsReport

Can someone please help me with playing delphox

111 Iluvlucario 6 monthsReport

Stop spaming this chat

110 Board of dead6 monthsReport

This comment section has been announced DEAD (also, nobody cares about kewlboy)

109 kewlboi (he's kewler)7 monthsReport

Not anymore, his unite's been nerfed to 102 iirc

108 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Only basic attacks can crit.

107 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Can greninja crict 5000 ?

106 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Can greninja crict 5000 ?

105 Luxio_Absol7 monthsReport

Oh ok thx

104 Luxio_Absol7 monthsReport

Oh ok thx

103 Luxio_Absol7 monthsReport

Oh ok thx

102 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Talonflame gets no benefit from Attack Weight, his moves scale horribly with it. Float Stone can work if you're in a scoring comp. Otherwise... Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, and Razor Claw. Talon has the shortest Unite cooldown tied with Pikachu and Azumarill. Abuse this by giving shields to teammates constantly or to cheese 50 point dunks by stacking Buddy and Score Shields.

101 Anonymous7 monthsReport

No. Luca is a disgusting lane bully, he doesn't need the safe XP.

100 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Blaze Kick + Flame Charge Muscle Band, Scope Lens, Buddy Barrier Replace Buddy with Attack Weight if you go lane and want to stack with him. If you're going jungle though, don't pick Attack Weight because you're never going to get the chance to score as you should be farming all the time.

99 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Full Heal on ES + BR, Slow Smoke for PuP + CC. You do not need Eject/X-Speed, Luca already has a lot of mobility. Luca's weakness is stuns so Full Heal is required in order to land your combos.

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