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Questions Board
This is the Game8 Questions Message Board for Pokemon UNITE. Use this board to ask some questions and get advice from other experienced players.

Pokemon UNITE Questions Board

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29 Anonymous7 daysReport


28 Anonymous26 daysReport

Can you use a vpn in Pokemon unite or is it a no ? I'm asking this because i don't want to get banned after the hours and effort I've put into this game. So please help.

27 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

Hello and thank you for your comment. If you're referring to the Trainer Level, then yes, there are no more rewards after reaching Level 40 (Max level).

26 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

no more rewards after hit level 40? whats next after level 40? no aeos ticket, no experience point. basically nothing more to continue playing?

25 darkabout 1 monthReport

can someone tell me when will the bug that garchomp cant crit will be fixed

24 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

I mean Snorlax for Offense.

23 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

If you want offense, choose Eldegoss. But if you wanna live in the fight, choose Snorlax. But overall, Snorlax is better because he has better offense than Eldegoss.

22 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Which All-Rounder should I choose between Machamp and Garchomp based on early to late game scaling, how good it actually is during objectives.

21 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Even though they're nothing alike who would be a better option to buy? Snorlax or eldegoss? I'm stuck in between them

20 Shockelectrodonabout 2 monthsReport

Do you mean trainer level battle points? if so, then yes, they do

19 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

one question: do ranked matches give you exp?

17 Anonymous@Game83 monthsReport

Hi! Thank you for your comments. 1. Yes! Leaf Torndao is great offensively and defensively. Cotton Guard is great for prolonging fights and saving allies in general. 2. It depends what build you are using for Crustle. Please refer to our Crustle page: 3. Best Pokemon for each role: Speedster -> Zeraora Defender -> Snorlax Supporter -> Mr. Mime Please visit our Speedster, Defender, and Supporter Tier-List pages to know more!

16 Dexter993323 monthsReport

I need to know the best pokemon of these roles: -speedster -defender -supporter

15 Dexter993323 monthsReport

Idk what moveset is the best for crustle. Can somebody help me out? At the moment I use shell smash and X-scissor. Is this good enough or can I improve?

14 Dexter993323 monthsReport

Probably machamp. He is a amazing all rounder. If you want to look cool, edit your avatar!

13 Dexter993323 monthsReport

I just started using eldegoss. I think she's amazing! I use leaf tornado and cotton guard. Does anybody agree that this is a good move set?

12 E11lie3 monthsReport

What should I buy next? A: Pikachu B: Machamp C: Save up for better and new Pokemon D: Edit my avatar more or less

11 Jamie3 monthsReport

I agree

10 Anonymous Pro3 monthsReport

I totally agree, but I would chose Eldegloss because she’s amazing.

9 Anonymous Pro3 monthsReport

I honestly, would chose Blissey if you are really into healing your teammates. As Anonymous 8 said, Blissy needs to heavily rely on other teammates to survive. Eldegloss is a great support, she can heal teammates and can defend for a bit will the other teammates are respawning. Eldegloss’s unite move can really help you teammates in a tough time. You chose which one is better based off of this information.

8 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Eldegloss can support well, and their unite move can really pack a punch. Blissey is a great supporter too! But, Blissey needs to rely on other teammates.

7 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I Want To Buy My First Support but Im confused which one to buy Blissey Or Eldegoss Pls Answer

6 Anonymous@Game84 monthsReport

Hi! Thank you for your question. The closest thing to the 'mastery' that you speak of is the Battle Record found in your Trainer Info. You can also see the win rate of all the Pokemon you have used since the beginning in the Favorite Pokemon section. Please follow this link to learn how to access your Trainer Info:

5 Anonymous4 monthsReport

How do you know the mastery with the pokemon that i'm using????

4 Anonymous@Game84 monthsReport

Hi! We appreciate your questions. 1. We recommend Muscle Band, Focus Band, Scope Lens, and Buddy Barrier. We based our recommendation around winning team fights in order to secure objectives like Drednaw, Zapdos, and scoring points. 2. We've updated all builds to the current version ( 3. We try to make builds that are useful in a variety of situations. Niche builds are only viable under very specific conditions or team compositions so you'll seldom ever use them

3 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Hi, I appreciate your Pokemon Unite Guides - clear and precise. Moreover your mobile website is pretty optimised on my iphone. 3 questions : 1. Are they any items worth updating to level 30 ? 2. You didn't update all Pokemons' build right ? I still see some Rocky Helmets and many Float Stones 3. Are they any atypic/ niche gameplay that you didn't mention because they use low Tier Object ? Or Ultra Defensive Build with Assault Vest + Rocky Helmet + Focus Band

2 Anonymous@Game85 monthsReport

Hi! Thank you for your comment. As of now, what we can confirm is that it has something to do with the number of Ranked, Standard: Random Matches, and Quick Battles you played, whether you won or lost. There are speculations that it also has something to do with the number of praises, although we cannot confirm this. We do not know how the actual computation for that number is made. If we find any news regarding your question, we will post it here.

1 MrThrall335 monthsReport

I'd like to know if anyone could figure out what the Flame icon next to your profile picture actually means.

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      A bit late, but could I join? I’m relatively new to masters, but I play Snorlax, Eldegoss and Dragonite decently well. My trainer code is KTRH0GF and my discord is IDunno#2708 (y’know, just in case).

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      Cuz it isn't good and that's what many people think. It also takes his only mobility move he has

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