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This is Game8's tier list for the best Supporters in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know each Supporter's strengths, weaknesses, and how they measure up against each other in the current meta!

Supporter Tier List

Wigglytuff Image
S Rank Icon
Mr. Mime Image
A Rank Icon
Eldegoss Image Blissey Image
B Rank Icon
C Rank Icon

SS Tier Supporters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff S Rank Icon Bot
Wigglytuff excels at setting enemies up for its team. With clever positioning and movement, Wigglytuff can disable targets with effects such as Stun and Sleep. Wigglytuff's Passive Ability and Starlight Recital give it and its teammates an extra layer of protection against aggressive Pokemon as well, making it a decent threat overall in any stage of the game.

S Tier Supporters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime S Rank Icon Bot
Walls and Disables Everywhere!
Mr. Mime's moveset offers great utility for the team. This Supporter can split fights up with barriers or manipulate the Defense and Special Defense of allies and enemies to its advantage. Mr. Mime's offensive capabilities shouldn't be underestimated as well, as hyperaggressive players often fall to its devastating disables and surprising burst damage. This strong moveset needs time and mastery to utilize properly in team fights, which ultimately holds Mr. Mime back from reaching SS Tier.

A Tier Supporters

Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Blissey ImageBlissey A Rank Icon Bot
Heals? Immunity? Hindrance? More Damage? Blissey Has it all!
Blissey is perhaps one of the most flexible supports in the game. It can prevent and cleanse debuffs, disable enemies, provide heals, and even boost your damage! Its core flaw is its need to be together with allies unlike other supports that can put up a decent fight even when fighting alone.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss A Rank Icon Top/Bot
Shields and Heals!
Eldegoss is the picture perfect idea of a support. It can dish out shields and heals but it took a massive nerf in With Blissey's arrival as a new healer, Eldegoss' identity takes a hit which plummets it down to B-tier. It's still a great support if you have a key person on your team you need to keep alive at all costs.

Pokemon Roster Tier List

Lucario Image Blastoise Image Wigglytuff Image Snorlax Image Cramorant Image
S Rank Icon
Crustle Image Zeraora Image Greninja Image Mr. Mime Image Pikachu Image Alolan Ninetales Image
A Rank Icon
Blissey Image Slowbro Image Eldegoss Image Talonflame Image Machamp Image Cinderace Image Absol Image
B Rank Icon
Gengar Image Venusaur Image Gardevoir Image Garchomp Image
C Rank Icon
Charizard Image

Roster Tier List and Evaluations

Tier List Criteria

Full Criteria

Power Level Team Impact Ease-of-Use Rank Usage

Each of these factors determine the Pokemon's place within the tier list. Read on to learn what they refer to exactly:

  • Power Level: Determines how strong a Pokemon is in theory (when its potential is realized; optimized itemization and playstyle).
  • Team Impact: Determines how instrumental a Pokemon is from a team's perspective. What does the Pokemon bring to the table and how effective is this to achieve victory?
  • Ease-Of-Use: When two things perform at roughly the same power level, the one that's easier to use is always better. We always have to consider the amount of effort it takes to play certain Pokemon into account.
  • Rank Usage: We kept a close eye on a Pokemon's performance in high rank matches to get a better glimpse at its overall potential in certain high-level match ups and scenarios.

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