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List of Cooldown Emblems

Pokemon UNITE - Cooldown Emblems Article

Pokemon Boost Emblems is a mechanic added to Pokemon UNITE to augment the stats of your Pokemon. Read on to see the list of all Cooldown emblems, as well as their corresponding colors and stats!

List of Cooldown Boost Emblems

This list runs down down all emblems with positive Cooldown stats!

Emblem Color Bronze Silver Gold
Pokemon UNITE - Purple Boost Emblem IconMewtwo Cooldown -0.30%
HP -30
Cooldown -0.50%
HP -40
Cooldown -0.60%
HP -50
Pokemon UNITE - Purple Boost Emblem IconMew Cooldown -0.30%
HP -30
Cooldown -0.50%
HP -40
Cooldown -0.60%
HP -50

Some Emblems Are Still Missing

Our entire team is currently hard at work pulling for Emblems each day.

If you want to help us fill in some of the missing stats on the table, please do so in the comments down below! (Do provide screenshots though!)

Let us know in the comments section!

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Boost Emblems by Color

Emblems By Color
Red Emblem IconRed Blue Emblem IconBlue Green Emblem IconGreen Yellow Emblem IconYellow
Brown Emblem IconBrown Purple Emblem IconPurple Pink Emblem IconPink White Emblem IconWhite
Black Emblem IconBlack Navy Emblem IconNavy Pokemon UNITE - Gray Boost Emblem IconGray

Boost Emblems by Stats

Emblems by Stats
HP Attack Sp. Atk
Defense Sp. Def Movement Speed
Critical-Hit Rate Cooldown


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