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This is a guide on the evolution mechanic in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn all about what evolution is, and how evolution works. The list of Pokemon evolutions is also available here.

How Evolution Works

Pokemon UNITE won't be a true Pokemon game without an evolution mechanic. However, since Pokemon UNITE is the first ever Pokemon MOBA game, the evolution mechanic has been tweaked a bit to match the gameplay.

Strengthens Pokemon

Stronger Pokemon.png
Similar to other Pokemon games, the core effect of evolution is a stronger Pokemon. In Pokemon UNITE, evolution increases a Pokemon's stats, and unlocks stronger moves/abilities.

Evolution Level Depends on Pokemon

The evolution timing varies for each Pokemon. Pokemon like Garchomp, which evolves twice, starts off as Gible, then evolves into Gabite at level 6, and eventually evolves into Garchomp at level 10. On the other hand, Talonflame starts off as Fletchling, then evolves into Fletchinder at level 5, and eventually evolves into Talonflame at level 7.

Pokemon 2nd Evolution Final Evolution
Level 1
Level 5
Level 7
Level 1
Level 6
Level 10

Passive EXP Gain Stops Before Evolving

All Pokemon gain experience points over time even without doing anything. However, the passive EXP gain stops just before levelling up if the next level would cause the Pokemon to evolve. When this happens, you need to take out a Wild Pokemon or enemy Pokemon to level up and evolve. Once this happens, the passive EXP gain should kick in again.

Not All Pokemon Evolve in Pokemon UNITE

Pikachu.png Lucario.png Cramorant.png

Pokemon like Pikachu, Lucario and Cramorant do not evolve but are actually evolved Pokemon already. It is important to know which Pokemon can or can't evolve before picking them.

How to Evolve Pokemon

How to Evolve.png
The only way for a Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon UNITE is by gaining experience points during a match and leveling up. There are several ways to gain experience points and level up in a match:

Efficient Ways to Gain Experience Points
CheckDefeat Wild Pokemon
CheckScore Goals
CheckDefeat Enemy Pokemon
CheckTime Elapsed

How to Level Up Fast: CS Guide

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon
Defeating Wild Pokemon scattered throughout the map will be your main source of experience points. The experience points they give vary depending on the Wild Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon Guide

Scoring Goals

Scoring goals is also an action that grants experience points. The amount of experience points you gain from scoring a goal increases based on the number of points you scored for that goal.

Best Goal Timing: When to Score

Defeat Enemy Pokemon

Enemy Pokemon
Defeating enemy Pokemon also grants experience points. Generally, the higher the enemy Pokemon's level, the higher the experience points given.

If taking down enemy Pokemon is your focus, you'll want to pick a strong Pokemon capable of taking your enemies out quickly and efficiently.
Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Time Elapsed

As time passes during matches, Pokemon gain experience points little by little. All Pokemon receive the same amount of experience points this way, and serves to help speed up the pacing of the game.

Pokemon Evolution List


Basic Form 1st Evolution Final Evolution
Level: 1
Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix
Level: 4
Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 7
Level: 1
- -
Level: 1
Level: 6
Level: 10
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 7
Level: 1
- -
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 9


Basic Form 1st Evolution Final Evolution
Level: 1
- -
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 9
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 7
Level: 1
- -


Basic Form 1st Evolution Final Evolution
Level: 1
Level: 4
Level: 9
Level: 1
Level: 6
Level: 10
Level: 1
- -
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 9


Basic Form 1st Evolution Final Evolution
Level: 1
Level: 5
Level: 9
Level: 1
Level: 4
Level: 1
Level: 4
Level: 1
- -


Basic Form 1st Evolution Final Evolution
Level: 1
Level: 4
Level: 1
Level: 4
Level: 1
Mr. MimeMr. Mime
- -
Level: 1
Level: 4

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