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Currently, players can't see how many points their team has scored during the match. This guide shows different ways players can get an idea of their team score while playing. Find out how to effectively track how well your team is doing to win more games!

How to Check Team Score

Team Score is Only Seen After the Match

Pokemon UNITE - New Score Screen

The team score cannot be viewed during a battle. It is only displayed at the end of the match. Players can see the breakdown of the team score at the results screen.

Use Spectator Mode

Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode

When using Spectator Mode, you can see the total scores of each team in real time at the top part of the screen.

Spectate Feature Guide

Estimating Team Score

Goal Zones Show An Estimation of Team Score

Pokemon UNITE - Goal Zone Point Capacity

Goal Zones can give an estimation of how many points a team has scored so far. Goal Zones require 80 - 100 (based on location) points to be captured. Players can see how many remaining points are needed to capture a Goal Zone under each Goal Zone. Additionally, players can score more than the required points to capture the goal, and the excess points are still counted towards the team score.

Players can see an indicator of how many points a teammate or opponent made upon scoring a goal.

Goal Locations and Points
Pokemon UNITE - Remoat Stadium Goal Zones
Location Points Needed to Capture
A 80
B 100
C No Limit

Check Goal Zones on Your Minimap

Pokemon UNITE - Goal Zones in Minimap

Players can always refer to the minimap to see how many goal zones are left. This can give an estimation of the team score.

Best Goal Timing: When to Score

A Message Shows Up Telling How the Team is Doing

Pokemon UNITE - In-game Score Lead Message

At the start of the 5 minute mark, and every minute afterward, teams receive messages or notifications about how well they are doing. These messages can tell the team if they are leading or falling behind.

Condition Message
0-20 Point Difference "It's a close battle!"
21-99 Points Ahead "We're in the lead!"
100 Points Ahead and Above "We have a huge lead!"
21-99 Points Behind "We're struggling to keep up!"
100 Points Behind or Above "We're REALLY struggling!"

How to Collect Points

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Aipom and Corphish

The simplest way to collect points to score is by defeating wild Pokemon. The Pokemon that landed the killing blow on the wild Pokemon will be the one who receives the points, be sure that there are no enemy Pokemon nearby that might steal the wild Pokemon.

List of Wild Pokemon and Spawn Times

Points are Displayed Above the Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Wild Pokemon Points Display

The amount of points a wild Pokemon gives is displayed above it. As the game progresses, some wild Pokemon will evolve which increases the points they give.

Defeat Enemy Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Pokeballs Dropped When Pokemon are Defeated

Another way to collect points is by defeating enemy Pokemon. When a Pokemon is defeated, it drops Pokeballs which can be picked up by other Pokemon. The amount of points a single Pokeball gives depends on its size.

Points are Displayed Beside the Health Bar

Pokemon UNITE - Points Pokemon are Carrying

The amount of points Pokemon are currently carrying is displayed just beside their HP bar. The points are reduced to 0 when a Pokemon is defeated, so be sure not to get killed if you have high points.

Points are Also Displayed in the Minimap

Pokemon UNITE - Points are Shown in the Minimap

How many points Pokemon are carrying is also displayed in the minimap. However, only 40 and above points are shown.

Prioritize Defeating Pokemon with High Points

Pokemon UNITE - Prioritize Defeating Pokemon with High Points

It is important to prioritize defeating enemy Pokemon with high points. This is an effective tactic to control how much points the enemy can score. When you manage to defeat the Pokemon with high points, the best course of action is to pick up the points scattered on the ground where the Pokemon died, then score goals.

Advantages of Checking / Estimating Team Score

Estimating Odds of Victory

Keeping tabs on both teams' scores helps determine how close you are to winning or losing. For instance if you're 7 minutes into a match and all your goal zones are captured while the enemies' goal zones remain untouched, that tells a lot about your team's odds of winning. It helps make decisions such as continuing with the match or surrendering much easier to make.

Adjusting Team Strategy

The play style of you and your teammates can vary greatly depending on how far ahead or behind you are in terms of score. If your team is in the lead you might consider preserving your lead by playing defensively and preventing your enemies from scoring. If your team is behind you might want to assign a few teammates to defend the goals while the others contest objectives such as Goal Zones or Zapdos. In summary, estimating your team's score can help you determine what course of action your team should take to achieve victory.

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