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Held Item - Rocky Helmet Banner

Rocky Helmet is a Held Item found in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn more about the Rocky Helmet's stats and effects, how to get Rocky Helmet, and which Pokemon are best for Rocky Helmet!

Rocky Helmet Stats and Effect

Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet
Held Item
Tier Ranking
C Rank.png
Stat Boost 1 Stat Boost 2
HP + 270 Defense +42
When the Pokemon receives a certain amount of damage, damage is dealt to nearby opposing Pokemon equal to (3/4/5)% of those Pokemon's max HP.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Rocky Helmet Stats Per Level

Level 10 HP +90, Defense +14
Level 20 HP +180, Defense +28
Level 30 HP +270, Defense +42

How to Upgrade Items

Full Stat Table
Lvl. Stat Boosts
1 HP +18, Defense +0
2 HP +18, Defense +2.8
3 HP +36, Defense +2.8
4 HP +36, Defense +5.6
5 HP +54, Defense +5.6
6 HP +54, Defense +8.4
7 HP +72, Defense +8.4
8 HP +72, Defense +11.2
9 HP +90, Defense +11.2
10 HP +90, Defense +14
11 HP +108, Defense +14
12 HP +108, Defense +16.8
13 HP +126, Defense +16.8
14 HP +126, Defense +19.6
15 HP +144, Defense +19.6
16 HP +144, Defense +22.4
17 HP +162, Defense +22.4
18 HP +162, Defense +25.2
19 HP +180, Defense +25.2
20 HP +180, Defense +28
21 HP +198, Defense +28
22 HP +198, Defense +30.8
23 HP +216, Defense +30.8
24 HP +216, Defense +33.6
25 HP +234, Defense +33.6
26 HP +234, Defense +36.4
27 HP +252, Defense +36.4
28 HP +252, Defense +39.2
29 HP +270, Defense +39.2
30 HP +270, Defense +42

Activates When Dealt 10% of Max HP

Pokemon UNITE - Rocky Helmet Triggers Upon Knockdown

Rocky Helmet's effect activates every time your Pokemon is dealt 10% of its maximum HP. It will still activate if the damage goes beyond 10%, but the damage dealt back to the opponent does not scale up.

Can Still Trigger on Last Hit

Rocky Helmet's effect can still trigger when you deal the final hit on the opponent. Additionally, you can still get knockdown if your HP is low enough when an opponent has Rocky Helmet equipped!

2 to 3 Seconds Cooldown

Rocky Helmet has a cooldown of 2 to 3 seconds per activation. Though the cooldown is relatively short, it is still best not to engage opponents just to get the triggers as you may just get knocked down.

Does Not Trigger With Self-Inflicted Damage

Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant Wood Hammer Move Preview

Rocky Helmet does not trigger when the damage you receive is self-inflicted damage or recoil damage like in Wood Hammer or Brave Bird.

How to Get Rocky Helmet

Purchased in the Shop

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins x1000
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket x625

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

Best Pokemon for Rocky Helmet


All Builds for Rocky Helmet

Builds that Use this Held Item
Trevenant Image Trevenant
Displacer Build

Rocky Helmet Test

Damage Test

Max HP: 4162
Damage Dealt: 439
Damage Received: 167
Max HP: 4488
Damage Dealt: 424
Damage Received: 0

The purpose of this test is to determine how much damage a Pokemon must deal to activate Rocky Helmet's effect. We used the Practice Area and equipped the enemy Cinderace with a Rocky Helmet. We noted how much damage by gradually increasing Zeraora's level, which increases its attack damage.

Activates when Dealt 10% of Max HP

During testing, it was confirmed that Rocky Helmet activates when Cinderace was dealt 439 damage with 4162 HP , but failed to when HP was increased to 4488. From here, it can be said that the damage the description is referring to is around 10% of the Pokemon's max HP.

Cooldown Test

Time and No. of Attack Did it Trigger?
1st Attack
2nd Attack
3rd Attack
4th Attack
5th Attack

The purpose of this test was to determine if Rocky Helmet has a cooldown, and how long it is. The test was conducted by continuously attacking the AI-controlled Pokemon equipped with Rocky Helmet until it dies, assuring that the damage dealt satisfies the effect conditions, and noting the time that the effect occurred.

2 to 3 Second Cooldown

As a result of the test, it seems that the effect of Rocky Helmet has a cooldown of 2 to 3 seconds cooldown.

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