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Boss Rush Guide: Mechanics and Event Dates

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Boss Rush is a temporary quick battle mode that has rerun for Pokemon UNITE! This mode features a new map where 5 players team up to defeat boss Pokemon in the fastest time! Read on to learn about Boss Rush's event dates and time, the mechanics, and the list of rewards!

Boss Rush Event Dates

Boss Rush Season is Up!

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush 2023 Zacian

The Boss Rush game mode will rerun for three more waves from February 27, 2023! It will run for three periods from February to April 2023 so plan ahead with your squads!

Past Boss Rush Dates

1st Rush July 21, 2022
12:00 AM PDT
July 24, 2022
4:59 PM PDT
2nd Rush July 31, 2022
5:00 PM PDT
August 7, 2022
4:59 PM PDT
3rd Rush August 14, 2022
5:00 PM PDT
August 21, 2022
4:59 PM PDT
4th Rush February 27, 2023
04:00AM UTC
March 5, 2023
11:59PM UTC
5th Rush March 13, 2023
04:00AM UTC
March 19, 2023
11:59PM UTC
6th Rush March 27, 2023
04:00AM UTC
April 2, 2023
11:59PM UTC

How to Start Boss Rush

Access From Home Screen

You can access Boss Rush by hitting on the Boss Rush icon beside UNITE Battle.

Access from UNITE Squad

You may also access Boss Rush by going to Menu > UNITE Squad > Boss Rush.

Boss Rush Mechanics and Features

New PvE Experience in Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Preview

Boss Rush is a new Quick Battle format that will be the first PvE (Player vs Environment) game mode in Pokemon UNITE. 5 players will team up to fight powerful Boss Pokemon and try to take all of them down within 5 minutes!

Earn Points by Defeating Bosses

Pokemon UNITE - Three Stages, Three Bosses.png

You earn points by defeating powerful bosses in this new game mode. Points earned will be added to the points pool of your current UNITE Squad so play with your mates to maximize rewards!

Unite Squad Integration

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Squad Ranking

Boss Rush makes use of the UNITE Squad Feature and employ a Rankings system that will display the Pokemon UNITE Squad with most points.

UNITE Squads: How to Create and Join Squads

More Points if You Play with Your Squadmates!

Playing with your squadmates gives you additional points based on how many members of your UNITE Squad are in your party!

Number of Squad Members in Party Points Bonus
Solo / 1 member No Bonus
2 members +40%
3 members +60%
4 members +80%
5 members +100%

Note that the members should be part of your UNITE Squad - not just friends, for the game to count the bonus.

Exclusive Rewards After the Event

After the event ends, UNITE Squads will earn exclusive rewards based on their ranking in the Boss Rush
leaderboard. Grind hard with your squad and prove the power of friendship!

You may check the ranking of your squad by going to the Boss Guide menu and hitting Rankings.

Three Stages, Three Bosses

Pokemon UNITE - Three Stages, Three Bosses.png

Boss Rush is composed of 3 stages, with each stage having different bosses. You are tasked to defeat three boss Pokemon within 5 minutes in the shortest time possible.

Two Sub Bosses and One Final Boss

For Waves 4 to 6 of Boss Rush, there will be a fixed roster of bosses per wave.

Wave Number Stage Boss Lineup
Wave 4
(Feb. 27 - Mar. 05)
Stage 1 Drednaw
Stage 2 Regirock
Stage 3 Zacian
Wave 5
(Mar. 13 - Mar. 20)
Stage 1 Araquanid
Stage 2 Registeel
Stage 3 Zacian
Wave 6
(Mar. 27 - Apr. 2)
Stage 1 Avalugg
Stage 2 Regice
Stage 3 Zacian

Boss Rush in Waves 1 to 3 had three stages: the first two stages have random bosses, and the final one will only be Regigigas.

Stage Possible Bosses
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3 Regigigas

Choose Between Three Difficulty Modes

Pokemon UNITE - Three Difficulty Modes Boss Rush.png

You may also choose between three difficulty modes, Casual, Intermediate, and Extreme each with their own unique modifier to make the fight harder!

Casual No modifiers
Up Arrow Boss Defense
Up Arrow Boss Defense
Up Arrow Boss Attack

Tips for Playing Boss Rush

Use the Aeos Shield Properly!

Zacian will periodically use its ultimate move, Behemoth Blade, to slice the whole arena and deal massive damage. To mitigate this, an Aeos Shield is provided at the center of the arena that one member of the team should use.

When holding the shield, don't forget to activate the shield in time for Behemoth Blade's swipe! Simply holding the shield does nothing, and can still damage your entire team.

How to Activate the Shield

To activate the shield, simply press Y on Switch or tap the Battle Item button on Mobile. You'll know the shield is activated when it glows yellow. The active window for the shield is really short however, so make sure to use it in time for Zacian's blade swipe.

Use Fluffy Tail

Boss Pokemon are considered wild Pokemon so Fluffy Tail would work on them. Use this to deal increased damage in this game mode.

Fluffy Tail Effect and How to Get

Take Berries from the Side!

Sitrus Berries will periodically spawn during the entire fight. Use it whenever you're low on health.

Have a Healer in Your Team

Pokemon with Heals
Blissey ImageBlissey Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Clefable ImageClefable Comfey ImageComfey

Healers are extremely important in this game mode. Boss Pokemon deal huge damage so a constant stream of healing would be really helpful.

Fill Up the Stun Meter to Stun the Boss Pokemon!

There is a special stun meter found below the Pokemon's HP that you need to fill up by attacking. Once filled up, the Boss Pokemon will be stunned for a short while and leaves it open for attacks!

Crowd Control Moves Does Not Work

Crowd Control from moves would not work on Boss Pokemon, as it always has even in the usual UNITE battle format.

Take Note of the Move Announcements

Upcoming Boss moves will be announced via a text below the Boss Pokemon health bar. Take note of the move to know how to respond!

Be Mindful of the Move Area of Effect Indicators

Some moves also have area of effect indicators, showing you which areas to avoid. Take note of this and evade them accordingly.

Best Pokemon to Use

Long Ranged Damage Dealers

Longe Ranged Damage Dealers
Cinderace ImageCinderace Greninja ImageGreninja Pikachu ImagePikachu
Decidueye ImageDecidueye Dragapult ImageDragapult Delphox ImageDelphox

Pokemon with long ranged moves or long attack range are great against the bosses in Boss Rush. Pokemon like Greninja and Cinderace can attack relatively safely from a distance and chip away the bosses' HP. Also, Sp. Atk type Pokemon like Pikachu and Delphox can bombard the bosses with their low-cooldown, burst damage moves from a distance.

Brawlers and Physical Burst

Melee Brawlers
Azumarill ImageAzumarill Garchomp ImageGarchomp Tsareena ImageTsareena Machamp ImageMachamp
Urshifu ImageUrshifu Zacian ImageZacian Scizor ImageScizor Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole

Brawler type Pokemon like Garchomp and Tsareena are also great picks for Boss Rush. They can pummel boss Pokemon with their attacks and/or combos while also tanking a bit of damage for the team.

Azumarill needs a special mention here as its unique passive Huge Power deals critical damage when facing one enemy. This is especially useful in this mode since you'll be facing one enemy Pokemon most of the time!

Mobile and High Burst Damage

Mobile & Burst Pokemon
Absol ImageAbsol Zeraora ImageZeraora Lucario ImageLucario
Dragonite ImageDragonite Urshifu ImageUrshifu Zoroark ImageZoroark

Mobile Pokemon with high physical burst damage output like Absol and Zeraora can also do great in Boss Rush. Their moveset allows them to quickly manuveur around the area to dodge bosses' moves while also dealing high burst damage.

Healers and Shielders

Strong Supports
Blissey ImageBlissey Hoopa ImageHoopa Clefable ImageClefable

Strong supports like Blissey, Clefable, and Hoopa, although they don't do much damage, can provide the team with healing, shielding, and buffs. Their constant support can prevent their allies from dying and having to go back to the base, wasting time as a result.

Boss Rush Rewards

Individual Points Reward

These are the rewards you will get for the total points you have earned individually as a player.

Accumulated Points Reward
100 Energy Boost Tank IconEnergy Boost Tank x1
200 Item Enhancer IconItem Enhancer x25
300 Aeos Ticket IconAeos Ticket x250
500 Energy Boost Tank IconEnergy Boost Tank x1
1,000 Item Enhancer IconItem Enhancer x50
1,500 Aeos Ticket IconAeos Ticket x300
2,000 3-Day Battle Point Boost Card Icon3-Day Battle Point Boost Card x1
4,000 Aeos Ticket IconAeos Ticket x300
6,000 Item Enhancer IconItem Enhancer x150
8,000 Aeos Ticket IconAeos Ticket x500
10,000 7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card Icon7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1
20,000 Extra-Energy Tank IconExtra-Energy Tank x1
25,000 Aeos Ticket IconAeos Ticket x500
50,000 Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Reward Zacian StickerSticker (Zacian)

Accumulated Points Reward
10,000 Item EnhancerItem Enhancer x10
25,000 Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x100
45,000 Battle Point Boost Card 3 DayBattle Point Boost Card
60,000 Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x300
75,000 Aeos Coin Boost Card 3 DayAeos Coin Boost Card

UNITE Squad Rewards

Ranking at a certain bracket in the Boss Squad Leaderboard will reward your squad with unique goodies based on your placement.

Ranking Bracket Rewards
Rank 1
Boss Rush - Sticker 1Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x500
2 - 10
Boss Rush - Sticker 2Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x450
11 - 20
Boss Rush - Sticker 2Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x400
21 - 100
Boss Rush - Sticker 3Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x350
101 - 500
Boss Rush - Sticker 3Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x250
501 - 1000
Boss Rush - Sticker 4Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x200
1001 - 2500
Boss Rush - Sticker 4Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x150
2501 - 5000
Boss Rush - Sticker 5Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x150
5001 - 10000
Boss Rush - Sticker 5Sticker
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x100
10001 - 999999
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x50

Stickers Change Per Rush

The stickers will change depending on the wave that you ranked in, as the ranks reset per wave. All other rewards are fixed though.

Wave Sticker Code
1st Rush S01
2nd Rush S02
3rd Rush S03
4th Rush S04
5th Rush S05
6th Rush S06

First Stage Boss Pokemon Moves

Araquanid Boss Rush Moves

Sticky Web

Sticky Web Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Araquanid Sticky Web.gif
Sticky Web: Araquanid scatters web all over the battlefield, slowing down any Pokemon caught in the area of effect.

· This move is pretty straightforward to avoid. Take note of the red indicator as Araquanid is about to throw its webs.
· The webs stay on the ground for a while so avoid them at all costs.

Hydro Pump

Hydro Pump Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Hydro Pump.gif
Hydro Pump: Araquanid charges water from its gut and lines up a strong water beam attack in a straight line.

· This move hits on a straight line so use the charge time to avoid the red hitzone.

Call to Family

Call to Family Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Call to Family.gif
Call to Family: Araquanid summons a hoard of Dewpider that works in unison to destroy anything on its patch.

· The Dewpiders can easily overwhelm you so try focusing on them before Araquanid.

Avalugg Boss Rush Moves

Iron Defense

Iron Defense Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Avalugg  Iron Defense.gif
Iron Defense: Avalugg summons huge shields to bolder its defense and survive attacks from its enemies.

· The move is used to protect Avalugg, not to be hit Pokemon. Just keep attacking while this move is up.

Icy Wind

Icy Wind Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Avalugg  Icy Wind.gif
Icy Wind: Avalugg summons frigid winds in a cone, dealing damage and freezing allied Pokemon caught in the area of effect.

· Run to the side of the cone or use Eject Button to quickly blink away!

Rapid Spin

Rapid Spin Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Avalugg Rapid Spin.gif
Rapid Spin: Avalugg spins around and sucks up anything caught in the area of effect. It then follows up with a huge shove attack that can push you far!

· Be careful when you're near Avalugg as it can execute this move anytime.
· When you see it doing this move though, do not approach Avalugg as it can pull you for the big finish!

Drednaw Boss Rush Moves

Rock Slide

Rock Slide Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Drednaw Rock Slide.gif
Rock Slide: Drednaw summons multiple rocks from the sky, targeting all allied Pokemon in the area.

· Take note that this move has multiple instances that tracks you down as you move.
· Always keep moving and get away from the red indicator.

Body Slam

Body Slam Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Drednaw Body Slam.gif
Body Slam: Drednaw slams its huge body on the ground twice creating two different hitzones for each.

· The first slam's hitzone is near Drednaw so keep your distance.
· The second slam has a wider hitzone but is safe below Drednaw, go near the Pokemon at this stage and go ham.

Hydro Pump

Hydro Pump Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Drednaw Hydro Pump.gif
Hydro Pump: Drednaw charges water from inside it and lines up a strong water beam attack in a straight line.

· This move hits on a straight line so use the charge time to avoid the red hitzone.

Second Stage Boss Pokemon Moves

Regirock Boss Rush Moves

Rock Blast

Rock Blast Attack Information

Rock Blast: Regirock hurls a series of rocks in a straight line.

· A straight-line indicator will show up for this move. Avoid it when you can!

Stone Edge

Stone Edge Attack Information

Stone Edge: Regirock randomly targets three opponents, then summons rock pillars in a huge area around them.

· This move can't be avoided if you're targeted, unless you can be shielded or healed by yourself or an ally. Damage negating abilities / moves will also help.

Earth Power

Earth Power Attack Information

Earth Power: Regirock summons stone pillars that propagate in an outward circular pattern.

· Avoid the inner circular area because that will trigger first. Once it's done, try dashing inward as soon as it's done to avoid the outer circular area!


Earthquake Attack Information

Earthquake: Regirock shakes the ground and deals damage to everyone in the arena.

· There is no counterplay for this move, but to only try to shield/heal yourself or your allies.
· If you're low on health, chances are you will be KO'd. Try to keep your health topped up at all times!

Ancient Power

Ancient Power Attack Information

Ancient Power: Regirock sends out a huge shockwave that pushes all Pokemon to the side of the arena. It will then summon multiple rock pillars that will move in a circular direction as indicated by an arrow.

· Try to avoid the first shockwave using shields and moves that will render you unstoppable.
· Then, look out for pillars that will move in a circular line around the arena and avoid them at all costs.
· They can either spawn in the outer parts or the inner parts of the arena so take note!

Registeel Boss Rush Moves


Bulldoze Attack Information

Bulldoze: Registeel charges up then explodes, dealing damage is a huge area around it.

· All healers and shielders should focus on topping up their allies during the charge time. Make sure you all have enough HP to tank the hit!

Steel Roller

Steel Roller Attack Information

Steel Roller: Registeel charges on a random player, knocking them back and stunning them for a few seconds.

· Stay alive by topping up your health. If you're a supporter, focus on healing or shielding your teammates, especially those that are being targeted.

Magnet Rise

Magnet Rise Attack Information

Magnet Rise: Registeel summons pillars arranged in a circular array around the battlefield. The pillars does not deal damage, but can act as a reflector for its Focus Blast attack.

· Always be wary that when Registeel does this move, it will follow it up with Focus Blast and Steel Roller.
· The pillars can deflect its Focus Blast attacks in a random direction, so always be aware of your surroundings!

Focus Blast

Focus Blast Attack Information

Focus Blast: Registeel targets a direction and sends out a ball of energy. The ball will bounce around the battlefield until it hits an allied Pokemon, dealing huge damage.

· Always be wary of this move as it can look like Registeel is aiming at nothing, but can actually bounce back later on.
· Try to visualize where the ball would bounce towards, and avoid the area at all costs.
· Registeel can use this after Magnet Rise, where the spikes can affect the direction of the ball and add to the chaos.

Regice Boss Rush Moves


Blizzard Attack Information

Blizzard: Regice summons frigid winds in a circle near it or far from it. The move area of effect is noted by the red areas.

· This move is pretty easy to avoid so try getting away from the red area as much as possible.
· Regice can also randomly choose to summon winds near or far from the Pokemon. It can also do it one after the other so stay on your toes!


Hail Attack Information

Hail: Regice summons a hail storm on one side of the map that lasts a very long time. It usually follows it up with Frost Breath.

· Frost Breath makes the battlefield to be really slippery causing all allied Pokemon to slid until it hits a wall or boundary.
· Regice uses this tactic so players would slide towards Hail for free damage. Always be mindful of Hail's location.

Frost Breath

Frost Breath Attack Information

Frost Breath: Regice expels ice energy that causes the ground to freeze and become slippery. Moving in one direction will cause Pokemon to slide in a straight line until it hits a wall or boundary.

· Regice uses this move to cause chaos and panic
· Players who mindlessly slide in random directions will find themselves in Regice's Hail attack, so be alert at all times.

Icicle Spear

Icicle Spear Attack Information

Icicle Spear: Regice summons two icicles that targets two random direction. It will attempt to target two Pokemon, so always be alert.

· The best way to avoid this is to keep on moving and stay away from Regice.
· The icicles have a long travel time, so walking parallel to the direction of the attack will effectively nullify this attack.

Icy Wind

Icy Wind Attack Information

Icy Wind: Regice charges up and expels frigid winds from itself in a huge area.

· There is no counterplay with this move - just keep your health topped up or use your shields to be able to survive this move.

Zapdos Boss Rush Moves


Shockwave Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Zapdos Shockwave.gif
Shockwave: Zapdos electrifies its enemies, creating a zone of electricity around them. When electrified enemies go near their allies, it can deal huge damage.

· Always avoid your teammates whenever Zapdos does this move!

Brave Bird

Brave Bird Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Zapdos  Brave Bird.gif
Brave Bird: Zapdos targets a specific area in the map, then swoops down to knock up anything caught in the hitzone.

· When targeted by this move, towards the outside of the circle! You usually have enough time to do so so just keep moving!

Charge Beam

Charge Beam Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Zapdos Charge Beam .gif
Charge Beam: Zapdos quickly charges to let out a quick thunder beam attack from its mouth. This doesn't show any hitzone so you can't prepare for it!

· Yes the move does not show any hitzone, but it's quite easy to avoid by staying behind Zapdos at all times.

Random Thunder Attacks

Random Thunder Attacks Information
Pokemon UNITE - Random Thunder Attack
Random Thunder Attacks: Zapdos will periodically let out random Thunder attacks from the skies, denoted by a red hitzone appearing out of nowhere.

· Keep moving because Zapdos will do this move periodically during the course of your battle!

Articuno Boss Rush Moves


Blizzard Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Articuno Blizzard.gif
Blizzard: Articuno first summons huge ice rocks then hurls a powerful Blizzard that covers the whole battlefield.

· This move has a huge wind up time to give you time to run behind the ice rocks.
· The direction of the blizzard is the same direction Articuno is facing, so get behind the rock face opposite the oncoming wind.

Ice Beam

Ice Beam Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Articuno Ice Beam.gif
Ice Beam: Articuno charges up and sweeps an ice beam from left to right. The hitzone is conical but only beam has the hitbox.

· Evade this move by going behind Articuno as it charges up. It's the safest area.

Powder Snow

Powder Snow Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Articuno Powder Snow.gif
Powder Snow: Articuno quickly charges up and scatters icy powder in front of it.

· Always stay behind Articuno as its moves are front facing!
· Avoid this move by going behind Articuno.


Avalanche Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Articuno Avalanche.gif
Avalanche: Articuno charges up then blows icy wind in a straight line, summoning an icy rock at the end of the hitzone.

· The rock can serve as a zoning tool so be careful.
· This move hits in a straight line so evading sideways does the trick.


Freeze-Dry Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Articuno  Freeze-Dry.gif
Freeze-Dry: Articuno charges frigid air inside its body, then lets out a huge attack that pushes opponents back!

· Get away when you see Articuno charging. It is pretty quick so a prompt reaction time is needed!

Final Stage Boss Pokemon Moves

Zacian Boss Rush Moves

Crowned Sword Mode

Fairy King's Sword Mode Information

Crowned Sword Mode: When reduced to around 70% health, Zacian transforms and enters the Crowned Sword Mode. During this time, it has access to more moves including the devastatingly powerful Behemoth Blade attack.

Iron Head

Iron Head Attack Information

Iron Head: Zacian jumps on the side then targets a random Pokemon before following it up with a headbutt. Zacian will do this twice for a total of two targeted Pokemon.

· There is no counterplay against this but to keep your health / shields topped up.
· Supporters should try to focus their healing and/or shielding towards the Pokemon that's being targeted by Zacian.

Psycho Cut

Psycho Cut Attack Information

Psycho Cut: Zacian summons three blades of psychic energy and throws it in a cone. The blades will continue spinning on the sideskirts of the arena for a short time or until Zacian summons it back with Metal Claw.

· Take note of the red cone indicator and avoid the attack. Remember that the blades persists in the outskirts of the arena, so avoid them at all costs.

Metal Claw

Metal Claw Attack Information

Metal Claw: Zacian charges then swipes a huge area infront of it with its sharp claws. Psycho Cut blades hovering behind Zacian during this move can be summoned back to Zacian, dealing damage to anyone behind it.

· Take note of the huge, rectangular indicator for this move. Once the indicator has reached the end of the move, that's when Zacian will execute Metal Claw.
· Also, when Zacian faces an area opposite lingering Psycho Cut blades, most often that not it's trying to summon those blades back so be careful and stay away from Zacian's back.

Psycho-Metal Claw Combo

Psycho-Metal Claw Combo Attack Information

Psycho-Metal Claw Combo: Zacian faces a direction opposite lingering Psycho Cut blades to perform Metal Claw. After the move, the lingering Psycho Cut blades will return to Zacian, dealing damage to Pokemon behind it.

· Always be mindful if Zacian suddenly uses Metal Claw after using Psycho Cut. More often than not, it's trying to catch Pokemon camping on its back.

Play Rough

Play Rough Attack Information

Play Rough: Zacian charges to deal damage in an area around it.

· A pretty straight-forward move that is easy to dodge. Simply get away from Zacian as it charges this move.

Brutal Swing

Brutal Swing Attack Information

Brutal Swing: Zacian charges its sword then swings it in a wide area around it. This can usually execute low health Pokemon so be careful.

· The attack only affects Pokemon in the outer circle, so try to get as close as possible to Zacian when it does this move.

Behemoth Blade

Behemoth Blade Attack Information

Behemoth Blade: Considered to be Zacian's ultimate move, it charges up then swings a sword of pure energy that has an area of effects as big as the arena.

· When Zacian starts using the move, the stage will spawn an Aeos Shield that one Pokemon from the party can use.
· If you're the one holding the shield, point it towards Zacian & don't forget to activate the shield using the Battle Item button (press Y for Switch) in time for Zacian's big sword swipe! You'll know the timing from the red indicator on the stage.
· If you're not the one holding the shield, stay behind the Pokemon holding it and pray that they time it right. Else, it can deal huge damage to everyone - no questions asked.

Regigigas Boss Rush Moves

Slow Start

Slow Start Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Regigigas Slow Start
Slow Start: Like the mainline Pokemon games, Regigigas seems to have Slow Start in Boss Rush - starting really slow then ramping up its speed as the battle ensues.

・ Be careful when it roars and glow red, this means it's overcoming this detriment and is ready to pounce!
・ This will be the best time to use any dash move your Pokemon has to keep your distance away from Regigigas. Otherwise, you can use an Eject Button or X Speed to retreat.

Crush Grip

Crush Grip Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Regigigas Crush Grip
Crush Grip: Regigigas grabs a Pokemon and crushes it continously.

・ The remaining team will be able to break Regigiga's grip if they deal enough damage. If it is available, this is a good time to use your Unite Move to deal high amounts of damage to save your ally.


Shockwave Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Regigigas Shockwave .gif
Shockwave: Regigigas selects three (3) allied Pokemon and generates field of electricity around them. Pokemon that are caught within the electric field will receive damage continously.

・ Once you are targeted, make sure to clear out and avoid sticking to your teammates before the move takes effect.
・ If you using a ranged Pokemon, you can still get in position and deal attacks. Otherwise, it is best to stay out of the fight completely if you are using a melee Pokemon.

Rock Tomb

Rock Tomb Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Regigigas Rock Tomb.gif
Rock Tomb: Regigigas summons boulders and crushes Pokemon. It then lets out a snow storm that deals damage to all Pokemon that are not taking cover.

・ When you see the red reticles below your Pokemon, stop attacking and evade the rocks that will fall. This is the best time to use any dash moves your Pokemon have.

Rock Tomb + Icy Wind

Rock Tomb + Icy Wind Attack Information
Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Regigigas Rock Tomb Icy Wind.gif
Rock Tomb + Icy Wind: Regigigas summons boulders and crushes Pokemon. It then lets out a snow storm that deals damage to all Pokemon that are not taking cover.

・ When the tall rocks land, quickly move towards them. Then, look at where Regigigas is facing as that will be the direction in which the blizzard will go.

Boss Rush Challenge Missions

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Challenge Missions

Start Date March 27, 2023
End Date April 2, 2023
11:59PM UTC

This event is tied to every wave of the Boss Rush. It will also reset for each wave.

In addition to rewards obtained with the Boss Rush event, challenge missions are available to take for extra loot! These are very easy to accomplish and will be passively completed if you play the Boss Rush mode enough.

Boss Rush Challenge Missions Rewards

Mission Reward
Join 1 UNITE Squad
Complete Boss Rush on any difficulty level 1 time.
Complete Boss Rush on any difficulty level 3 times.
Complete Boss Rush on any difficulty level 5 times.

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8 Anonymous Omarabout 1 year


4 Anonymousabout 1 year

Fun fact I found when using dragonite in boss rush, he doesn't slip from frost breath. I guess because Dragonite is levitating so he isn't touching the ground. This also works on other levitating pokemon, like talonflame, Gengar (I haven't tested it yet but it shouldn't affect Gengar because he naturally has the levitate ability), and dragapult.


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