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Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Guide: Builds and Best Items
The best guide on how to play Mr. Mime in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Check here for the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as the latest nerfs, buffs, counters, and more!

Latest Nerfs and Buffs (9/22)

Version Patch Note Updates (September 22 Update)

Wigglytuff Changes (September 22)
Barrier Image
• Adjusted the move so that when it is upgraded, it refilled the reserve uses to maximum.
Guard Swap Image
Guard Swap
• Fixed a bug affecting the swapping of Defense.

Mr. Mime Previous Move Patches

Barrier Adjusted the move so that when it is upgraded, it refilled the reserve uses to maximum.

Guard Swap Fixed a bug affecting the swapping of Defense.

Mr. Mime Basic Info

Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime.jpg
Tier Rating: SS Rank Icon

Role: Supporter
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Difficulty: Intermediate
"Mr. Mime specializes in hindering opposing Pokémon with its tricky moves."

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Mr. Mime Best Lanes

Top Icon.pngTop Jungle Icon.pngJungle Bot Icon.pngBottom
4 Stars.png
1 Star.png
4 Stars.png

Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ Stat reducing attacks
✔︎ Good durability
✖︎ Average attacks
✖︎ Needs a lot of support for abilities to be fully utilized

Best Builds for Mr. Mime


Confusion Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

This is an offensive build that is built around Confusion. This is a very aggressive build that turns Mr. Mime into a powerhouse as opposed to a traditional Supporter.

This setup helps Mr. Mime abuse Guard Swap's ability to increase damage by lowering your opponent's defenses. Confusion will take advantage of this and will stun opponents besides hitting high damage.

Alternatively, you can opt for Barrier over Guard Swap. Just make sure that once you use Confusion, it will shove them into the Barrier you created for the extra damage and stun.

Support Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

This is a setup that focuses on bolstering your allies' Defense and Special Defense through Guard Swap. This is extremely useful for keeping squishy allies alive like Cramorant and Cinderace. Confusion can be used to shove enemies away from your tethered ally if necessary. You can also use these moves offensively because using Confusion at a Guard Swapped enemy instantly stuns them.

Lane Control Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

Barrier is your best friend in this build - with the 2 charges it provides, it can function like a wall that blocks off the opponents' path similar like Crustle's Rock Tomb or Alolan Ninetales' Avalanche. With that you can employ similar tactics with Pokemon that take advantage of walls.

Further, each Barrier can serve as an offensive trap. Psychic doesn't just explode around Mr. Mime, but also explodes upon contact with any Barrier made. Ideally you'd want to build up the walls and use them to bombard your opponents. Your teammates should follow Psychic up with attacks as well since anyone hit with Psychic has their Sp. Def lowered as well.

Mr. Mime Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

Item Description
Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest When the Pokemon is not in combat, it is granted a shield that nullifies Sp. Atk damage equal to (9/12/15)% of its max HP.
Exp. Share.pngExp. Share While the Pokemon has the fewest Exp. Points on the team, it gains (2/3/4) Exp. Points per second. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokemon, that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.
Sp. Atk. Specs.pngSp. Atk. Specs When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Sp. Attack increases by (8/12/16).
Wise Glasses.pngWise Glasses Increases Sp Attack by (3/5/7)%.
Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs Increases the damage of moves by a minimum of (40/50/60) when they hit. The higher the Pokemon's SP. Atk. the more the damage is increased

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Equip

Offensive items like Muscle Band and Scope Lens maximize Mr. Mime's damage potential by focusing on empowering his basic attack as much as possible

Focus Band and Buddy Barrier allow Mr. Mime to stay in the fight longer to secure a KO, or to make an escape as safely as possible

Best Battle Items

Item Description
Eject Button.pngEject Button Makes your Pokemon move quickly in the specified direction.

Eject Button further pushes Mr. Mime's mobility up, making for quick getaways or tactical ganks.

Best Moveset

Move Description
Guard Swap ImageGuard Swap Swaps Mr. Mime's Defense and Sp. Defense with another Pokemon, also increasing your Movement Speed. Targeting an enemy Pokemon will damage and slow them. If ally is targeted, it increases ally Pokemon Movement Speed for a short time.
Upgrade: Continually restores the HP of Mr. Mime and the ally Pokemon while this Move's effect is active.
Confusion ImageConfusion Fires a psychic ball in front of you, knocking back enemies hit. If the Pokemon knocked back hits an obstacle, they will take increases damage get stunned. If the enemy Pokemon hit is Guard Swapped, they will not get shoved but will still take increased damage and get stunned.
Upgrade: The damage dealt is increased.

This is Mr. Mimes best supportive Moveset. You can support your teammates by buffing them or debuffing enemies using Guard Swap. Confusion is another supportive Move that doesn't only deal damage, but can also disable enemy Pokemon!

Which Moveset Do You Think is Best for Mr. Mime?

Let us know why in the comments!

How to Play Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is a versatile Supporter Pokemon that offers solid team utility. This particular Pokemon excels at weakening enemies via Special Defense Reductions and Slows. Mr. Mime can also create favorable positions for their allies by splitting fights up with walls or displacing enemies.

Try to stay in the thick of things during a clash with your opponents. Your passive ability gives you a surprisingly solid amount of Defense, allowing you to get in and support your Defenders or become that temporary shield for squishier teammates.

Secure Early Game KOs with Attackers

Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Using Light Screen

Using Light Screen to set up your Attacker or roaming Speedster for confirmed KOs can quickly put heavy pressure on whichever lane Mr. Mime is in. Skillful use of Light Screen placement early on can set up quick and easy scores for your team as well.

Let the Attacker Gain XP

Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Letting Lucario Gain XP

When supporting, let the attacker in lane get the last hit for the most XP. While Mr. Mime will gain a portion of the XP, supporting the attacker with Light Screens takes priority. Mr. Mime should be able to easily reach Level 4 about 1 minute into the match when played this way.

Get Aggressive Mid-Game

Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Engaging in a Teamfight

Once reaching Level 6, Mr. Mime can be played aggressively similar to Crustle by blocking off enemy retreat with Barrier and stunning by knocking them into the Barrier with Confusion. This combo typically won't do enough to KO, so it's best to engage with a high damage dealing back up.

Guard Swap for Max Aggression

Choosing Guard Swap over Barrier at Level 6 can easily change Mr. Mime to an Aggressive Support. Using Guard Swap + Confusion will not only stun any enemies hit, but also deals enough damage to one-shot most Wild Pokemon, allowing Mr. Mime a sudden mid-game jump in levels if allowed to farm. Mr. Mime can also easily solo Rotom with this combo.

Initiate Team Fights with Showtime!

Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Using Showtime!

While Mr. Mime's Unite Move, Showtime!, doesn't deal great damage, it is an AoE (area-of-effect) stun and is great for initiating team fights, especially when using Barrier right after to lock down the opposition or cut off their support.

Mr. Mime Combos

Confusion Burst Combo

Confusion Burst Combo
Guard Swap IconConfusion Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime  Confusion Burst Combo
This combo sets up Confusion's extra damage mechanic and maximize Mr. Mime's damage dealing capabilities. By activating Guard Swap first, Confusion's damage shoots up. Should Guard Swap remain in cooldown, you can stilll activate Confusion's extra damage by slamming the opponent to a wall.

Wall Block Combo

Wall Block Combo
Light Screen Icon or Barrier IconPsychic IconStandard Attack Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Barrier Block Combo
This is a a simple combo that allows you to trap opponents with a well-placed Light Screen or Barrier. This is great for setting up quick knock downs with allies as you burst down the opponent with a Psychic and attacks.

Debilitate Combo

Debilitate Combo
Guard Swap IconPsychic IconShowtime! Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Mr. Mime Debilitate Combo
This essentially brings down the defenses of a target Pokemon via Guard Swap. Then, using Psychic will further lower that allowing your allies to continuously hit it at an increased rate. Using Showtime! will then stun your opponents allowing your team more time to get in their attacks.

Matchups & Counters for Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime Matchups

Hard Counter
Fair Matchup
Good Matchup
Alolan NinetalesEldegossMamoswine

✘ : Counter | = : Even | : Advantageous
1. The chart is based on our own experience playing Mr. Mime.
2. Pokemon within each tier are unordered
3. Any Pokemon not shown here are still under investigation.

Counter With Heavy Crowd Control

Mr. Mime cannot easily KO other Pokemon if unable to move or hindered from using is high mobility movesets.

Best Counters

Pokemon Explanation
Machamp ImageMachamp Rating: ★★★★★
Machamp is the ultimate Mr. Mime off-setter. With Close Combat, Machamp nullifies all of Mr. Mime's barriers and closes in Mr. Mime fairly quickly. This sets up Machamp's other attacks and within seconds, can wipe Mr. Mime off the battle.
Zeraora ImageZeraora Rating: ★★★★
Zeraora's massive damage and blitzing charge attacks will spell doom to Mr. Mime. Unless you have your Unite move ready, Mr. Mime may not stand a chance.
Blastoise ImageBlastoise Rating: ★★★★
Disables are Mime's gameplay but Blastoise ignores it. It cant ignore your damage though so if you can find Blastoise on low HP, don't hesitate to try and burst it down for a kill.
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Rating: ★★★
Same with Cinderace, with its multiple ranged and charge attacks, Mr. Mime will find it quite hard to take this bird down unless coupled with teammates.

Even Matchups

Even matchups are always a matter of skill, luck and timing. Here are some tips to help push Mr. Mime ahead against other Pokemon on equal footing.

Stick with High Damage Teammates vs Durable Pokemon

Pokemon with High Durability
Slowbro Image Wigglytuff Image Blissey Image

Mr. Mime by itself does not have enough damage to deal with the durable tanky Pokemon. Having a teammate that can deal a lot of damage is ideal to deal with these enemy Pokemon. Use your Moves to help weaken the enemy Pokemon and let your High damage Pokemon do their job!

Time your Moves Against High Mobility Pokemon

High Moblity Pokemon
Absol Image Lucario Image Gengar Image

These Pokemon can be a problem for Mr. Mime if it does not have its move up, as they can get in close do damage and get out. Having your Moves available when they go in can be used to punish these high mobility Pokemon and maybe even disable them for your entire team to knock out before they can get away.

Best Matchups for Mr. Mime

Pokemon with low mobility, low health or no way to effectively crowd control are easy pickings for greninja.

Pokemon Explanation
Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Alolan Ninetales' Aurora Veil can easily be countered by Mr. Mime's Guard Swap which will then set up his Confusion, dealing great damage to Alolan Ninetales.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Eldegoss' main advantage is healing which will offset Mr. Mime's average attack. But, other than that, Eldegoss should not pose much of a challenge once its defenses are down.
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine Mamoswine's initiating moves can be put to a halt by Mr. Mime's Light Screens or Barriers. Additionally, Guard Swap will render Mamoswine's bulk almost completely useless.

Best Teammates for Mr. Mime

Pokemon Explanation
Crustle ImageCrustle Can create walls to combo with Confusion
Crustle's Rock Tomb will not just allow Mr. Mime to chase down its opponents, it will also allow Confusion to hit its bonus mechanic almost all the time since Rock Tomb counts as a wall.
Pikachu ImagePikachu Can combo their moves pretty well
Mr. Mime's main problem is that its abilities have a short range. With Pikachu's stun moves, it will allow Mr. Mime to have some time to get into attacking range. With Guard Swap in play, Pikachu's attacks will also deal extra damage allowing him and Mr. Mime to essentially bring down an opponent quickly.

Looking for teammates to synergize with you? Head over to our Friend Request Board to find other trainers to join you in your grind or just to hang out with!

Friend Request Board

Mr. Mime Moves

Move Slot 1 (R)

Fake Out ImageFake Out
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 7s
Total Damage: 669 (Lv. 3)
Mr. Mine claps their hands, dealing damage and knocking back the enemy in front of you.
Psychic ImagePsychic
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Debuff
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 6s
Total Damage: 559 (Lv. 4) / 1223 (Lv. 15)
Psychic energy is charged up and blasted out around Mr. Mime, and around any Light Screen, Barrier, or a Guard-Swapped enemy Pokemon. Enemy Pokemon hit by this Move will have their Sp. Defense lowered, and if hit twice simultaneously, becomes stunned.
Upgrade: The Movement Speed of the enemy Pokemon is also decreased.
Confusion ImageConfusion
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 6s
Total Damage: 1489 (Lv. 4) / 3761 (Lv. 15)
Fires a psychic ball in front of you, knocking back enemies hit. If the Pokemon knocked back hits an obstacle, they will take increases damage get stunned. If the enemy Pokemon hit is Guard Swapped, they will not get shoved but will still take increased damage and get stunned.
Upgrade: The damage dealt is increased.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Light Screen ImageLight Screen
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 8s
Places down a wall in the area that blocks enemy Pokemon from passing. Allied Pokemon can walk through the wall.
Guard Swap ImageGuard Swap
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Debuff
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 4.5s
Total Damage: 588 (Lv. 6) / 1092 (Lv. 15)
Swaps Mr. Mime's Defense and Sp. Defense with another Pokemon, also increasing your Movement Speed. Targeting an enemy Pokemon will damage and slow them. If ally is targeted, it increases ally Pokemon Movement Speed for a short time.
Upgrade: Continually restores the HP of Mr. Mime and the ally Pokemon while this Move's effect is active.
Barrier ImageBarrier
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 2s
Places a translucent wall in the designated area that prevents enemy Pokemon from passing through. Allied Pokemon can walk through the walls. This Move has 2 charges.
Upgrade: Increases this Move's number of charges.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Showtime! ImageShowtime!
(Lv. 9)
Move Type: Area
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 100s
Total Damage: 2822 (Lv. 9) / 4084 (Lv. 15)
Leaps towards target location and performs a mime show that stuns nearby opponents while dealing damage for the duration of the Move.

Standard Attack

Standard Attack Image Standard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage and throwing opposing Pokemon up when it hits.

Ability (Passive)

Filter ImageFilter After using a Move, Mr. Mime will take decreased damage.

Mr. Mime Stats & Evolutions

Mr. Mime Evolutions

Mr. Mime.pngMr. Mime
This Pokémon does not evolve.

Mr. Mime Stats

Level HP Defense Special Defense Attack Damage
1 3225 70 60 150
2 3445 82 71 155
3 3687 96 83 161
4 3953 111 96 167
5 4245 128 110 174
6 4567 146 126 181
7 4921 166 143 189
8 5311 188 162 198
9 5741 212 183 208
10 6215 239 206 219
11 6737 269 231 231
12 7311 302 259 244
13 7942 338 290 259
14 8639 377 324 275
15 9402 420 361 296

Attack Damage is the damage of the Basic Attack as tested against the Training Dummy.

Mr. Mime In-Game Stat Listings

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
1.5 Stars.png 4 Stars.png 1 Star.png 1.5 Stars.png 4 Stars.png

Mr. Mime Skins (Holowear)

Magician Style
Mr. MimeMagician Style

Aeos Gems 1200

All Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

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