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Trainer Level: How to Get Battle Points Fast

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Battle Points are in-game experiences that increase your Trainer Level. Check out how to get battle points fast, the benefits of increasing your trainer level, and the rewards you get every time you level up!

Trainer Level and Season Points Guides
07 - Raise Trainer Level FastTrainer Level Guide Pokemon UNITE - Season Points and Rewards Partial BannerSeason Points Guide
Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Points and Battle Ribbons Partial BannerWhat are Pokemon Points?

How to Get Battle Points

Ways to Level Up Faster
CheckWin matches
CheckBuy Battle Point Boost cards
CheckChoose a Pokemon Marked with a Bonus

Win Matches

Pokemon UNITE - Victorious Result Screen

Result Battle Points
Win 150
Lose 100

The simplest way to raise trainer levels is through winning matches. Winning matches gives 150 Battle Points while losing only gives 100 points. It is a difficult task to win matches as there are multiple factors that are at play. In this case, it is best to know and understand the fundamentals of the game, and the strategies that could affect the match, such as knowing which Pokemon to use.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Also Adds to Pokemon Points

Battle Points earned by playing UNITE matches will also count towards your Pokemon Points. Pokemon Points were added in the anniversary update and is the accumulated battle points you earned using that Pokemon. The trainer level is basically the total of all the Pokemon Points you have since Day 1.

Buy Battle Point Boost Cards

Booster Card Recommendation
Battle Point Boost Card 1 Day IconBattle Point Boost Card
This is not a thrifty booster card to buy. It is quite expensive for only one day of use.

Daily Cost:
Aeos Ticket Icon 100 per day or Aeos Gems Icon 10 per day
Battle Point Boost Card 3 Day IconBattle Point Boost Card
Compared to the 1-day booster card, buying this card is the better option. It costs only twice as much as the 1-day booster card but lasts 3 times longer.

Daily Cost:
Aeos Ticket Icon 66.6 per day or Aeos Gems Icon 6.66 per day
Battle Point Boost Card 7 Day IconBattle Point Boost Card
This booster card is the best option. It saves players more Aeos Gems and Aeos Tickets, as well as real money.

Daily Cost:
Aeos Ticket Icon 57.14 per day or Aeos Gems Icon 5.71 per day

The most efficient way to get Battle Points and raise your trainer level fast is to buy Battle Point Boost Cards. They can be bought at the Aeos Emporium in shopping and is one of the best way to spend your Aeos Tickets in the game. It is also possible to use Aeos Gems to buy booster cards. However, since Aeos Gems require real money to have, it can be really expensive for players.

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

Choose a Pokemon Marked With a Bonus

When choosing a Pokemon to use in matches, pick the Pokemon that has the Double Arrow icon. This gives an extra 50 Battle Points points after the battle.

What is Trainer Level?

Total Battle Points

The trainer level refers to the player's overall progression in the game. Trainer levels can only be raised by playing matches. As the number goes up, the experience points needed to go to the next level also increases.

It is important to note that a player's trainer level does not define how good they are in playing the game. Although, it does mean that they have access to more in-game features and game modes.

Calculated Based on Pokemon Points

As of the 1st anniversary update on July 21, 2022, Battle Points are now connected to Pokemon Points. Pokemon Points are basically the experience gained by a trainer while using that Pokemon!

Rewards are Independent from Season Points

Pokemon UNITE - Cumulative Pokemon Points

The rewards in Total Season Points (Trainer Level) are independent from the Season Points rewards you get from seasonal Battle Points.

Remember, Season Points is only for the current season while Total Season Points (Trainer Level) is from when you started playing Pokemon UNITE.

Season Points: Rewards and Features

Effects of Raising Trainer Level

Poemon UNITE - Trainer Level 6 Unlocks Ranked Matches

Aside from getting rewards, raising you trainer level also unlocks in-game features. This includes being able to use extra items in a match, unlock in-game features, and participate in other game modes!

Unlock Battle Items at Level 4

At level 4, players have access to Battle Items. Battle Items are active items used during matches, such as healing Pokemon, and strengthening their abilities. Players can get access to more Battle Items as their trainer level goes up.

List of Battle Items

Unlock Ranked Matches at Level 6

Pokemon UNITE - Enables Ranked Matches

At level 6, players can now play Ranked Matches. Ranked Matches are more competitive than casual matches because players are matched according to their rank. The higher the rank the stronger the opponents potentially become.

Ranked Match: How to Unlock and Rules

Unlock Energy Rewards at Level 6

Pokemon UNITE - Energy Rewards Screen

Another feature that unlocks at trainer level 6 are Energy Rewards. This is Pokemon UNITE's Gacha system where players can get extra rewards through spending Aeos Energy.

Add Held Item Slots at Level 7 and 9

Reaching level 7 and level 9 unlocks the 2nd and 3rd Held Item slots respectively. Held Items are items that give passive bonus effects to Pokemon holding them. Having more Held Items equipped means a stronger Pokemon.

List of Held Items

Unlocks Quick Battle at Level 8

Level 8 unlocks Quick Battle. Quick Battle is a 4v4 or 3v3 match with a significantly shorter timer than regular matches. Quick Battles can be a good way to practice Pokemon, and test out different strategies.

Quick Battle: How to Unlock and Rules

Enables Held Item Upgrades at Level 9

Pokemon UNITE - Enables Item Upgrades.png

When you reach level 9, your Held Items can now be upgraded. Upgrading Held Items increases their effectiveness in matches, and, as a result, significantly benefits Pokemon that are holding them.

How to Upgrade Items

Trainer Level Rewards List

Total Trainer

Level Reward Battle Points per Level
1 --- 0
2 100
3 250
4 450
5 700
6 950
7 1400
8 2050
9 2900
10 3950
11 5200
12 6650
13 8300
14 10150
15 12200
16 14400
17 16750
18 19250
19 21900
20 24700
21 28050
22 31950
23 36400
24 41400
25 46950
26 52550
27 58200
28 63900
29 69650
30 75450
31 81350
32 87350
33 93450
34 99650
35 105950
36 112300
37 118700
38 125150
39 131650
40 138600
41 147600
42 158100
43 170100
44 183600
45 198600
46 215100
47 233100
48 252600
49 273600
50 296100

Trainer Level Rewards Summary

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins x5,700
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket x2,400
Item Enhancers
Item Enhancer x2,130
Battle Items
UNITE Licenses
Game Modes

Max Trainer Level Now Lv. 50 as of the Anniversary Update

Pokemon UNITE - Level 50 Max Trainer Level.png

As of the Anniversary Update, max trainer level is now at Level 50! Get grinding for additional rewards!

1st Anniversary Balance Patch Notes
(July 21 Update)

Battle Points are Retroactive

If you have reached Level 40 before the anniversary and have been playing continuously, the Battle Points gained during those times will count towards to the new max level! You might have jumped right to Level 50 if you're a super dedicated player!

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