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Espeon joins the Pokemon UNITE roster on May 16, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and Mobile! Read on to learn the release date and time, its evolutions, stats, and some basic information!

Espeon Pokemon Pages
Pokemon UNITE - Espeon Release Date Top Link BannerEspeon Release Date Pokemon UNITE - Espeon Top Banner.pngEspeon Builds

Espeon Release Date and Time

Released on May 16, 2022

Espeon was released on May 16, 2022 at 7:00AM UTC / 12:00AM PDT.

Released at 12:00 AM (PDT)

Espeon was release at around 12:00AM PDT or 7:00AM UTC.

The table below shows the date and times of different regions when Espeon released:

Region Local Time /
US West Coast
12:00 AM
May 16, 2022
7:00 AM
May 16, 2022
US East Coast
3:00 AM
May 16, 2022
7:00 AM
May 16, 2022
8:00 AM
May 16, 2022
7:00 AM
May 16, 2022
4:00 PM
May 16, 2022
7:00 AM
May 16, 2022

Free Espeon via an Event

Espeon Event: UBC Special Missions Event Guide

It is confirmed that Espeon is obtainable for free by participating in an even from May 16 to June 13th! Otherwise, Espeon can only be obtained via Aeos Gems.

Completing Daily and Weekly Missions are required so that you get Mission Points! You can then exchange these mission points for an Espeon License!

Players who bought Espeon's UNITE License via Gems will be reinbursed with 10,000 Aeos Coins when they obtain the free Espeon UNITE License via the Event.

Espeon Event: UBC Special Missions Event Guide

Follow Twitter Accounts for Release Details

It's best to keep a sharp eye on both the English and Japanese Twitter accounts for Pokemon UNITE. There might be more news that follows!

▶︎Pokemon UNITE English Twitter
▶︎Pokemon UNITE Japanese Twitter

Espeon Builds

Pokemon UNITE - Espeon Article Banner.png

The new Attacker Espeon blasts its way in Aeos Island! You can check out the best builds and Moves in the link below!

Espeon Guide: Builds and Best Items

Espeon Character Spotlight

Espeon's Character Spotlight was finally revealed after three days of move teases on May 14, 2022!

Espeon Basic Information

Confirmed to be an Attacker

According to the tweet, Espeon will be a ranged Attacker. Since it will evolve from Eevee, we expect that Espeon will have similar gameplay with Sylveon. Any new mechanics, however, are yet to be determined!

List of Upcoming and New Pokemon

Espeon Stats

High Sp. Atk. Stat

Based on the Pokemon games, Espeon has a high Sp. Atk. stat. We also expect it to have similar stats with Sylveon since it's one of Eevee's evolutions.

List of Attackers: All Attacker Pokemon

Pre-Release Moves and Abilities News


Pokemon UNITE - Espeon Psybeam Preview

The first official move revealed for Espeon is Psybeam. It is shown that hitting an opposing Pokemon with the ray will cause it to split into smaller rays. Additionally, it is confirmed that the damage dealt by the rays is based on the max HP of the first Pokemon it hits.


Pokemon UNITE - Espeon Psyshock Preview

The second official move revealed for Espeon is Psyshock. Espeon materializes multiple psychic projectiles to hurl at an opponent. Hitting all projectiles will stun the target for a short duration.

UNITE Move: Psychic Solare

Pokemon UNITE - Espeon Psychic Solare Move Preview

The third move revealed is Psychic Solare. The preview shows Espeon lifting the opposing Pokemon into the air with psychic energy then knocking them down with an explosion. Since Espeon looks to be empowered after using the move, there is no doubt that this is the Pokemon's Unite Move!

Espeon Evolutions

1st Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 4)

All Pokemon Evolutions

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Top 5 Master Rank Picks & Win Rate

All data is based on Season 04 Master Rank Top 100.
Last Updated: June 28, 2022
Pokemon Tier Most Played % Average Win %
Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa Icon Hoopa SS Tier 19% 74.4%
Pokemon UNITE - Greninja Icon Greninja SS Tier 13% 76.3%
Pokemon UNITE - Blissey Icon Blissey SS Tier 11% 79%
Pokemon UNITE - Lucario Icon Lucario SS Tier 10% 71.4%
Pokemon UNITE - Defender Greedent IconGreedent SS Tier 7% 75.6%

Top Picked Pokemon Per Role

Attacker Supporter All-
Defender Speedster
Pokemon UNITE - Greninja Icon Greninja Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa Icon Hoopa Pokemon UNITE - Lucario Icon Lucario Pokemon UNITE - Greedent Icon Greedent Pokemon UNITE - Zeraora Icon Zeraora

Master Rank: Top Ranked Win Rates

Pokemon by Role

All Pokemon Roles
Attacker IconAttackers All-Rounder IconAll-Rounders Defender IconDefenders
Speedster IconSpeedsters Supporter IconSupporters

Pokemon by Characteristics

Attack Type
Pokemon UNITE - Melee Type Partial BannerMelee Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Ranged Type Partial BannerRanged Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Physical Type Partial BannerPhysical Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Special Type Partial BannerSpecial Pokemon
Stat Rankings
Pokemon UNITE - HP Ranking Partial BannerHP Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Defense Ranking Partial BannerDefense Ranking
Pokemon UNITE - Special Defense Ranking Partial BannerSp. Def. Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Basic Attack Ranking Partial BannerBasic Attack Ranking
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