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The first season of Pokemon UNITE has now ended! Been climbing the Ranked Ladder? Find out what rewards you will get after season 1 ends with this guide as well as if the season reward bug is already fixed.

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When Will Ranked Season 1 End?

Ended Last November 7, 2021 at 11:59PM UTC

Pokemon UNITE - Veteran Class 3 After Reset

Ranked Season 1 has officially ended last November 7, 2021 at 11:59AM UTC! Rewards has been distributed to players according to their highest attained rank!

Region Local time UTC
US West Coast 4:59 PM
November 7th
11:59 PM
November 7th
US East Coast 7:59 PM
November 7th
11:59 PM
November 7th
UK 12:59 AM
November 8th
11:59 PM
November 7th
Japan 8:59 AM
November 8th
11:59 PM
November 7th

Ranked Guide: All Ranks and Season Rewards

Climb the Ranked Ladder With Our Guides!

Pokemon UNITE - Garchomp with Held Items

Looking to reach a higher rank placement before the end of the season? We got you covered! Check out our ranked guide and best build guide below for extra tips on grinding the ranked ladder.

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Guide.pngRanked Guide Pokemon UNITE - Best Builds for Every Pokemon.pngBest Builds for Each Pokemon

Ranked Season 2 Has Now Started!

Immediately after Season 01, Ranked Season 02 followed suit! This comes with new rewards so continue grinding those ranks, Trainers!

When Will Ranked Season 2 End?
Season 2 Ranked Rewards

Ranked Season 1 Rewards List

Pokemon UNITE - Rank Season 1 Rewards

There are currently two rewards for the first Ranked Season of Pokemon UNITE:

Work Set

Pokemon UNITE - Work Set Obtained By Reaching Expert

Conditions ・Play 20 ranked matches.
・Reach Expert Rank at least once.

One of the rewards you can get is the Work Set Trainer outfit. You don't have to wait for the end of the season to get this - just reach the Expert rank and play 20 ranked matches and you'll get it instantly as a testament of your hardwork!

Work Set Trainer Outfit Details

Aeos Tickets

Rank Reward

At the end of this season, you will be rewarded Aeos Tickets according to your highest rank reached during this season. Strive for the top rank and get the maximum reward!

Wanna know where to best spend all these juicy tickets on? Check out the guide below:

What to Best Spend Aeos Tickets On

Season Reward Bug is Now Fixed

We have seen reports that some players are not getting Aeos Tickets according to their highest Season Rank. This has been confirmed and since has been fixed by the Pokemon UNITE Team according to a recent tweet! Players affected will be compensated at a later date.

List of Bugs and Errors

Look Back on Season 01!

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 1 Recap

What a journey it has been, Trainers! Take a step back and look at the past season as we recap Season 01. Check out which Pokemon earned the Most Valuable Pokemon (MVP) recognition from our team!

Game8 Ranked Season 1 Recap

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