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Spectator Mode: Features and How to Use

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If you don't feel like playing a match, you can always just watch matches live in Pokemon UNITE using the Spectator Mode feature! You might just learn something new, especially from top players in the world. This is a guide on the Spectate Feature in Pokemon UNITE. Learn more about how to use the Spectate feature, Spectate feature controls, and more!

How to Access the Spectator Mode

How to Spectate Players

How to Spectate Players
1 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Spectate Mode - Select Spectate in Menu
Open the Trainer Menu, and select the Spectate option.
2 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Spectator Mode - Choose Who to Spectate
Choose Top-Ranking Trainer's or Friend's matches to view.
3 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Spectator Mode - Choose Game Mode
Select game mode to watch.
4 Pokemon UNITE - How to Access Spectate Mode - Choose the Trainer You Want to Spectate
Select Trainer you wish to spectate.

Spectate Top-Rank or Friends

You can only spectate either Top-ranking trainers or trainers in your friends list that are currently playing. You can also choose whether the matches you want to watch are Ranked Matches, Standard Matches or Quick Battles.

Live Matches have Buffer Time

Do take note that if you want to watch an ongoing match, you have to wait for the match to run for 2 minutes before you can start spectating. This is to prevent cheating via stream sniping.

How to Use the Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode Switch Controls

Button Function
Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode Controls - Y Button Switch Fast Forward
Allows you to fast forward the match. Available in 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x options. Will be disabled once you reach the latest time possible.
Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode Controls - X Button Switch Pause
Pauses the replay. Press again to resume playback.
Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode Controls - Up D-Pad Switch Score Board
Opens up the Score Board
Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode Controls - L Button SwitchR Button Switch Switch Camera View
Fixes your camera view on the previous or next Pokemon in the match.
Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode Controls - Minus Button (While Scoreboard is open) Settings
Opens up the Settings Menu. You can change your system settings and audio options here.
Pokemon UNITE - Spectator Mode Controls - X Button Switch (While Settings is open) Exit Spectator Mode

Change Game Speed, Pause and Play

Version Controls

Nintendo Switch
Press the Y button to increase the speed of the match. Pressing it again when at max speed will return it to You can also pause the match by pressing the X button.

Tap the - to decrease the speed or the + to increase the speed at the bottom of the screen

You can watch the matches at 1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x speed until you reach the latest point of the match. You will then be forced to watch it at 1x speed, unless you pause and let the match playout. Pausing will allow you to freeze the match, but still allow you to swap between each Pokemon.

Cycle Between Players

Version Controls

Nintendo Switch
You can spectate the other players in the match and cycle between them with the L and R buttons.

Tap the Pokemon icon on the left or right side of the screen of the Pokemon you wish to spectate.

You can cycle between the Pokemon in the match you are watching, allowing you spectate all the players on both teams.

Check Player Score

Version Controls

Nintendo Switch
Press the Up button on the d-pad to bring up the scoreboard.

Tap the bar icon on the upper right of the screen to bring up the scoreboard.

The number above the Pokemon Icons shows the player's scored points. You can also view each player's battle record by bringing up the scoreboard. Here, you can check the number of knockdowns, support times, and the battle items and techniques each player used.

Exit Specate Feature

Version Controls

Nintendo Switch
Open the scoreboard then press the - button to open the settings. Press X button to quit spectating.

Tap the gear icon on the upper right of the screen to bring up the settings. Press the Stop Spectating button to quit.

If you are done watching the match you can quit spectating at anytime!

What is the Spectator Mode?

Spectate other Trainer's Matches

Spectator Mode is a mode used to view other trainer's matches live! It can be one of your friends or a random top-ranking trainer. This is a staple feature in other competitive games and is mostly used for improvement. You can watch players at the top level and learn builds, strategies, and techniques that got them to the top!

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