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Tournament Mode Guide - Custom Rules and How to Use

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Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode

Pokemon UNITE has added a new Tournament Mode that Trainers can use to host tournament-style games. Read on to know what tournament mode is, how tournament mode works, what rules can be imposed, who can be added as admin and their responsibilities, and more!

2023 World Championships Links
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In-Game Tournament Starts on September 16!

Pokemon UNITE - In-Game Tournament.png

An in-game tournament will be held from September 16, 2023 to September 17, 2023. Players can form a team of 5 and participate in the tournament. Registration starts on September 7, 2023 and ends on September 16, 2023.

Tournament Details
Map Pokemon UNITE - Theia Sky Ruins Map OverviewTheia Sky Ruins
Participants Only 5-person teams can participate.
Rules • Draft mode
• All Held Items are Level 30
• No Boost Emblems
Start: September 7, 2023 (10 PM UTC, prev. day)
End: September 16, 2023 (2:59 PM UTC)
Start: September 16, 2023 (3 PM UTC)
End: September 17, 2023 (2:59 PM UTC)

The shcedule is subject to change without notice.

How to Join the In-game Tournament

Procedure for Team Leaders

Procedure for Team Leaders
1 Select the In-game Tournament in the main lobby.
2 Go to the Manage Teams tab, then select Create Team and enter a team name.

3 Add players to your team by sending an invite to a player in your friends list. Once your team is complete, you will be able to enter a tournament from the Tournament List tab.

Once you've entered a tournament, you can't cancel your entry or change your team.

Procedure for Team Members

Procedure for Team Members
1 Select the In-game Tournament in the main lobby.
2 Go to the Manage Teams tab, then select Invites to check for any invites.

What is Tournament Mode?

An All-New Game Mode

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode - All-New Game Mode.png

Tournament Mode is an all-new game mode that allows players to create custom lobbies with five watchers (or Admins) to watch and/or broadcast the game in real time. This mode does not differ much with Friendly Matches in the past except that Admins can now spectate the match in real time.

Will Be Used in the 2022 World Championship Series

Pokemon UNITE - 2022 Championship Series Banner

This is UNITE's game mode for when they decide to start qualifier tournaments for the Pokemon UNITE World Championship series! For more information, check out our article:

2022 World Championship Qualifiers Mechanics and Rules

Has Three Different Roles

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode - Tournament Mode Roles.png

There are three roles that you can have when you start a battle in tournament mode: Admin, Player, and Team Leader.


Admins are the watchers of the game. They will not participate in the match but will be able to spectate the game in real time. Broadcasters, shoutcasters, and referees should take this role to watch the battle!


Players are people that participate in tournaments. They see the game like how we usually do whenever we play without any special permissions.

Team Leader

The team leader has the most control in Tournament Mode. They are the only one capable of setting and changing the custom rules for the tournament. Team Leaders are denoted by a star under their name/icon.

Add Custom Tournament Rules

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode Custom Rules

Tournament Mode would add custom Tournament rules that only the Team Leader can change. Only the team leader can choose to check all rules to apply them or just pick any combination of rules!

Icon Description
Pokemon UNITE - Held Items Max Grade All held items at max grade
Pokemon UNITE - Held Items All Unlocked All held items unlocked
Pokemon UNITE - UNITE Licenses All Unlocked All UNITE licenses unlocked
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Items All Unlocked All battle items unlocked

Draft Pick now Available

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode - Draft Pick.png

Draft Pick mode is now available in Tournament Mode. It was added on December 1, 2022. Learn all the details in the page below.

Draft Pick Guide - Mechanics and Features

Real-Time Spectate Mode

Pokemon UNITE - Real Time Spectate Mode

Tournament Mode offers something quite unique - real time spectate mode. In the usual spectate mode, there is a mandatory delay to avoid stream sniping. Here, the Admins can watch the game in real time - seeing the action and the state of the game in great detail.

No Random Matchmaking Features

This mode is only useable if you want to host your own custom tournament. Matchmaking with other players will only happen on the usual Ranked, Standard, and Quick Battle game modes.

Game Modes:
Standard, Ranked, and Quick Battle

How to Use Tournament Mode

Access From the Home Screen

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode -Select from Home Screen

Tournament Mode is accessible from the Home Screen by choosing the Pokemon UNITE Championship Series icon beside Unite Battle.

Invite Players to the Lobby

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode - Invite Players.png

You can invite your friends to join the lobby by clicking any slot with a plus sign on it or the blue friends icon on the left. You can also invite other players by sharing the Lobby ID.

How to Get the Lobby ID

Get the room's Lobby ID by clicking the blue friend icon on the left and choosing Invite Other Friends. The Lobby ID should show!

You May Also Add Bots!

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode - Add Bots.png

If you're missing players, you can opt to add bots if you're the Team Leader!

Assign Roles

Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode - Assign Player Roles.png

As a team leader, you may assign roles to people in your lobby. You may assign admins, players, and also give the team leadership to someone else!

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