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Regieleki Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

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Regieleki is a Boss Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know what buff Regieleki gives, its spawn time, spawn locations, the effective strategy to take Regieleki, and more!

Regieleki Wild Pokemon Information

Pokemon UNITE - Regieleki Icon Points Generated:
20 pts
Wild Pokemon Type:
Effects / Description Heads towards an enemy goal zone to make it defenseless for 25 seconds. Aids the allied team while pushing.
Spawn Time / Conditions 7:00
Respawn Timer 3:00
Map Availability Theia Sky Ruins

Regieleki Spawn Details

Regieleki Detailed Spawn Location

Theia Sky Ruins

See Full Image
Red IndicatorRed Spawns at the upper-middle area at the Top Lane.

Regieleki Spawn Time

Spawn Time 7:00

Regieleki spawns at the upper-middle area at the Top Lane when the match timer reaches the seven-minute (7:00) mark. It spawns at the same time with the tri-Regis at the bottom - Registeel, Regice, or Regirock.

Regieleki Respawn Details

Respawn Time 120 seconds

Regieleki will respawn 120 seconds after being defeated. It is possible to get up to three (3) objective spawns in one match if you manage to defeat it quickly.

Respawn Timer Starts When Captured

Regieleki's respawn timer will start ticking after it is secured by a team which means the spawn timer counts down even if it is traveling in a lane.

It will eventually stop respawning when the battle time reaches the last 2:00 minutes of the match.

Regieleki Buffs and Rewards

Points 20
Effect Fights for your team until it reaches an enemy goal, then makes it vulnerable for 25 seconds.

Makes a Goal Zone Vulnerable

Pokemon UNITE - Makes Goal Zone Vulnerable for 25 Seconds

Capturing Regieleki will make it fight for the team that captures it. As it travels to the nearest goal zone, it will attack any opposing Pokemon that it comes in contact with.

Once it reaches a goal zone, it will make it vulnerable for 25 seconds and any scoring of goals during this time will be instant - regardless of how much points are dunked.

Disables Goal Zone HP Recovery and Shields

While the goal zone is vulnerable, HP recovery and shield effects for the goal zone's allied team are disabled. This makes it much harder for the affected team to defend the goal zone for the duration of the effect.

Damaging Regieleki Reduces its Points

The points that Regieleki carries while it pushes a lane can be reduced if it takes too much damage. Fortunately, the time it will make a goal zone vulnerable will not change, even if Regieleki enters a goal zone with low health.

Points Only Given to Final Hit

The points dropped by Regieleki will only be given to the player who deals with the final hit. However, if that player's Aeos Energy is at full capacity when it defeats Regieleki, the points are dropped instead and can be picked up by other players.

Strategy to Beat Regieleki

Play Around its Attacks

Though it is important to maintain aggression and defeat Regieleki as quickly as possible, Regieleki's attacks are powerful enough to pressure your HP easily. Because of this, it is best to contest Regieleki while keeping defense in mind to not get ganked by the enemy team.

Take Note of the Red Reticles

Pokemon UNITE - Red Reticles

Before Regieleki performs a move, it will telegraph where the attack will hit. Use this to evade its attacks and avoid sustaining damage. Depending on the Pokemon you are using, you should use dash moves to steer clear of any AoE attacks.

Fight Within Range to Maintain Aggro

Like other objectives, Regieleki will go back to its spawn area and regenerate all the HP it sustained when it loses aggression. So, when contesting Regieleki, it is best to maintain a good distance between you and it so it won't revert, especially if you are using a ranged Pokemon.

How to Steal Regieleki

Regieleki is a big and wide target, which makes it easy to hit. However, the objective packs a decent punch, it is still best to rally all your teammates if you want the best chance to secure it.

Snipe Down From Long Ranged

Move Pokemon Strategy
Spirit Shackle ImageSpirit Shackle Decidueye ImageDecidueye Take advantage of Spirit Shackles multiple charges to deplete the objective's health. When its HP is low enough, shoot them down with a fully charged shot for a clean steal.
Pyro Ball ImagePyro Ball Cinderace ImageCinderace Bombard the objective with Standard Attacks. When its HP is low enough, shoot them down with a Pyro Ball. It is best to aim for getting Blaze stacks first before using Pyro Ball.

Easy Secure With Burst Moves

Move Pokemon Strategy
Hyper Beam ImageHyper Beam Dragonite ImageDragonite Cycle between Boosted Attacks and Dragon Dance to charge up Hyper Beam to the max before bursting down the objective.
Brave Bird ImageBrave Bird Talonflame ImageTalonflame Utilize Brave Bird's long range to target the objective from afar and let the enemy do all the work. When the objective's HP is low enough, activate Brave Bird to swoop down and steal the objective.
Solar Beam ImageSolar Beam Venusaur ImageVenusaur Maneuver around the objective and constantly deal Standard Attacks. Once the objectives HP is low enough, burst them down with a Solar Beam. You can also line up the shot to hit the enemy team to get more value.
Solar Beam ImageSolar Beam Mew ImageMew Like with Venusaur, Mew's Solar Beam functions the same way. We suggest dropping Light Screen first before shooting the beam to amplify the damage.

When to Take Regieleki

Always Secure When Up

With how the current meta now shifting to taking Regieleki than taking the Regis in the bottom lane, always be aware of Regieleki's spawn time (and timer that will show in-game) and position yourself near it so your team can take it.

It always spawn at 7:00, then respawns after exactly 120 seconds!

Recapture if Failed the First Time

If your team fails to capture the Regieleki spawn, you may find that your team is missing one goal zone. It is best to prepare for the next Regieleki spawn and try your best to secure it to even out the odds!

Pushing the Top Lane

Pokemon UNITE - Rally Regieleki in the Last Minutes

Having Regieleki fight for your team drastically increases your power when pushing the Top Lane. If you want to get ahead in points in the early game, as well as cut-off benefits that come with goal zones, securing Regieleki can help you and your team achieve that.

Defeat Near Raquaza's Spawn Time

Pokemon UNITE - Defeat Near the Final Stretch

Though the objective's respawn time gets cut off at 2:00 of the match, Regieleki does not disappear if it is captured before Rayquaza spawns. It will still fight for your team and make a goal zone vulnerable if it reaches one.

This strategy can be used as a distraction at the Top Lane during the final stretch, allowing you to focus on scoring goals or taking Rayquaza while giving the opposing team a dilemma!

Regieleki Moves

Ranged Attack

If a Pokemon gets close, Regieleki will shoot it down with a ball of energy. Although this attack may not deal significant damage, taking too many hits can be dangerous if you are not careful.


Regieleki shoots three (3) electric webs in triangular directions, dealing damage and slowing each Pokemon it hits. When dodging this move, it is best to move toward the side of the attack, rather than away from it.

Thunder Cage

Regieleki engulfs an area in electricity that deals damage and stuns Pokemon that are caught within it. Since this move has a wide area, it is best to stop attacking and quickly use a dash move to evade the attack.

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