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In this guide, we will show you how to customize your Trainer in Character Creation in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to learn how to create a character, how to change outfits, and how to change your looks after character creation!

Character Creation Guide and Steps

Character Creation
Pokemon UNITE - Character Creation - Select Gender and Skin Tone
Select your gender and skin tone.
Permanent Choice: Yes
Pokemon UNITE - Character Creation - Select Eyes Shape
Select your eyes shape
Permanent Choice: No
Pokemon UNITE - Character Creation - Select Hairstyle
Select your hairstyle
Permanent Choice: No
Pokemon UNITE - Character Creation - Select Hair Color
Select your hair color
Permanent Choice: No
Pokemon UNITE - Character Creation - Select Trainer Outfit
Select your trainer outfit
Permanent Choice: No

Unchangeable Features and Missables

Character Customization - Skins and Outfits

Changing Trainer Facial Features

Pokemon UNITE - Character Appearance Change

After creating your Trainer, you can change the shape of your eyes, eye color, hairstyle and hair color at any time at the cost of Aeos Tickets. When changing these features, you can only have one at a time and will have to buy the new trait every time.

There are even unique options you can select that weren't available in the first character creation process!

Step How to Change Facial Features
1 Pokemon UNITE - Change Facial Features - Select Closet in Main Menu
Select the Closet tab in the Main Menu.
2 Pokemon UNITE - Change Facial Features - Choose Makeover
Choose the Makeover option
3 Pokemon UNITE - Change Facial Features - Change Your Appearance
Choose the changes for your Trainer's appearance.
4 Pokemon UNITE - Change Facial Features - Confirm Changes
Confirm your selected changes.
5 Pokemon UNITE - Change Facial Features - Confirm Total Amount
Confirm the amount that will be spent that's displayed.

Spend every time you change

When changing your Trainer's features, you will have to spend Aeos Tickets every time. Purchasing a trait does not mean you permanently own it, so you will lose access to your previous trait unless you pay to change again. Make sure you are sure when you are changing your appearance to minimize how many Tickets you will spend!

How to Farm Aeos Tickets

Cannot Change Skin Color and Gender

Unfortunately, you won't be able to change your skin color and gender after the character creation process and will be permanent for your trainer.

Both Skin Color and Gender can only be changed by creating a new account by starting again on a different user on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Change Your Gender

Changing your Trainer Outfit

Pokemon UNITE - Change Your Outfit

You can change your trainer's outfit with clothing you can purchase, or unlock as rewards from missions or the energy gacha. This is one of the other ways of customizing your trainer besides their facial features!

Step How to Change Outfits
1 Pokemon UNITE - Change Facial Features - Select Closet in Main Menu
Select the Closet tab in the Main Menu
2 Pokemon UNITE - Chang Trainer Outfit - Select Outfits
Choose which clothing piece you would like to change and the clothing you would like to equip.

In-Game Purchases Guide and Price List

8 clothing pieces

There are 8 pieces of clothing you can change on your trainer. If you have a clothing set, you can equip them and it will automatically equip the clothing pieces for that set. You can also just mix and match each piece to personalize your trainer!

Body Part Clothing Piece
Head Hat
Torso Jacket
Top (Innerwear)
Top and Bottom (Overalls)
Legs and Feet Bottom
Top and Bottom (Overalls)
Misc Accessories
Multi-Pieces Full Set

Fashion List: All Trainer Skins and Clothing

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