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This guide will teach players how to level up fast in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn about the ways to earn EXP and the fastest ways to level up.

How to Level Up

How to Level Up Checklist

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Level Up Gengar Levels up after Defeating Ludicolo

Defeating Wild Pokemon that are scattered all over the map is the easiest way to gain EXP in the game. They're spawn points can easily be seen at small dots when you look at the minimap. Check out our Wild Pokemon guide below to know more about their spawn location and timing.

Wild Pokemon Guide and Spawn Timings

Stay Near Your Teammates

Pokemon UNITE - Level Up Slowbro shares EXP with Pikachu

Stay near your allies as they defeat Wild Pokemon. You'll receive a portion of the EXP when your teammate defeats a wild Pokemon near you. The same can be said the other way around, so try to stay close to your teammates to get EXP fast while also increasing your survivability.

Defeat Opposing Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Pikachu Defeats Bulbasuar and Levels Up

Defeating Opposing Pokemon will also reward you with EXP in the game. The EXP you get will depend on the current level of the opposing Pokemon that you or your team have defeated. The EXP you get will be higher if the enemy Pokemon you took out has a higher level than you.

Score Points in Enemy Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Level Up Garchomp Scoring a Goal

Scoring goals in this game will also reward you with EXP, with the EXP amount increasing the more points you score in a single goal. Whenever you see an opening, make sure to deposit your Aeos Energy in the enemy goals to get a hefty chunk of EXP!

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Passive EXP Over Time

Exp Share Test (With).png
All players gradually earn EXP, even if they're not defeating other Pokemon or scoring goals. If you find yourself a few EXP short of leveling up, just wait a few seconds for the EXP before you proceed with important objectives like goals and team fights. While the passive EXP gain is nice, the rate you gain EXP from this is really slow so it's not recommended to solely rely on this for leveling up.

Passive EXP Stops Before Evolving

It's important to note that the passive EXP gain stops just before levelling up if the next level is an evolution, so be sure to hunt a few Wild Pokemon every now and then to prevent hindering your growth.

How to Farm EXP

Deal the Finishing Blow

Pokemon UNITE - Venusaur Getting the Last Hit to Get EXP

If you find yourself attacking the same Wild Pokemon with an ally, you'll earn much more EXP from the Wild Pokemon compared to your allies if you deal the final blow to it. Wait until the Wild Pokemon's health is low, then time your attacks or Moves to finish it off.

Unload Damage Quickly Using Combos

Pokemon UNITE - Level Up Charizard Using Flamethrower to Farm

Taking out Wild Pokemon is important, but so is taking them out quickly. Chain combos with your basic attacks and moves to quickly pile on the damage and take out Wild Pokemon fast. This lets you move on to other Wild Pokemon faster and speeds up your levelling.

Best Farming Strategies

Wild Pokemon are located at strategic areas of the map with specific spawn times. Since it important to get ahead in EXP all throughout the game, it will be beneficial to have a farming route for the lane you are taking. This way, you can farm efficiently and get fed with the necessary EXP at all times.

Best Farming Route

Lane Farming

1 lane farming 1.pngStarting from your base, move towards a lane, defeating any Wild Pokemon in your way.
2 lane farming 2.pngDefeat the Combees and Vespiqueen at the middle of the lane.
3 lane farming 3.pngDefeat any Wild Pokemon you find near the edges of the lane.
4 lane farming 4.pngTake out Rotom if you're at the Top lane, or Drednaw if you're at the bottom lane.
5 jungle farming 7.pngWhen the endgame draws near, team up and defeat Zapdos.

Jungle Farming

1 jungle farming 1.pngStarting from your base, defeat the Lilipup located in the jungle close to your base.
2 jungle farming 2.pngDefeat Ludicolo next. You'll get a buff that lets you deal more damage to Wild pokemon with low health.
3 jungle farming 3.pngDefeat Bouffalant next. You'll get a buff that lets you slow enemies with your regular attacks.
4 jungle farming 4.pngHunt Wild Pokemon as you assist your teammates in the lane.
5 jungle farming 5.pngHunt for Corphish in the middle of the jungle.
6 jungle farming 6.pngTake out Rotom if you're at the Top lane, or Drednaw if you're at the bottom lane.
7 jungle farming 7.pngWhen the endgame draws near, team up and defeat Zapdos.

Benefits of Leveling Up

Unlocks Powerful Moves

Pokemon UNITE - Level Up Pikachu Learns New Moves

As you level up in the game, you will get to unlock stronger Moves in your arsenal. Moreover, when your Pokemon reaches a certain level, you will unlock its Unite Move- a powerful skill that can change the course of the fight.

Unite Moves Guide: How to Use

Raises Your Pokemon's Stats

As your Pokemon's level goes up, so does its stats. The increases to your Pokemon's health, offensive stats (Attack and Sp. Attack) and defensive stats (Defense and Sp. Defense) make them hit harder and tougher to take out.

Stats Explanation: Effects of Each Stat

Win Fights More Often

Pokemon UNITE - Dragonite Pushing a Goal Zone with Outrage

Unlike most MOBA games, level differences are strongly felt in Pokemon UNITE. You'll find that most 1-on-1 fights tend to swing greatly towards the Pokemon with the higher level, even if the level difference is only by 1. It's therefore important to level up quickly through efficient farming, so that you can dominate your opponents through superior power.

What to Do When Underleveled

Pull Back and Farm Wild Pokemon

When you see your opponents have a level advantage over you, it's best to refrain from being aggressive and pull back to farm more wild Pokemon. Doing this will ensure your safety against high level opponents and catch up to any level disparity.

Get Within EXP Range

There will be times when you don't get EXP when your team defeats an enemy Pokemon. This is because you are not within the range of the EXP reward. It is important to get within the EXP range of any Wild Pokemon you assisted in defeating in order to gain part of the EXP from that Pokemon.

Equip the Exp. Share Item

Item Effect
Exp. Share.pngExp. Share While the Pokemon has the fewest Exp. Points on the team, it gains (2/3/4) Exp. Points per second. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokemon, that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.

If you find yourself having trouble securing Wild Pokemon takedowns, the Exp. Share item is a great tool to assist in levelling up. It's especially useful for Supporter-type Pokemon, as they can worry less about defeating Wild Pokemon and spend more time assisting their teammates.

Exp. Share Effect and How to Get

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