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This guide will teach players how to level up fast in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn about the ways to earn EXP and the fastest ways to level up.

How to Level Up

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Defeat Wild Pokemon.jpg
Defeating Wild Pokemon is the easiest way to gain EXP in the game. The Wild Pokemon are scattered all around the map, and can easily be seen at small dots when you look at the minimap.

Stay Near Your Team

Huddle Up.jpg
Stay near your your allies as they defeat Wild Pokemon. This is because you receive a little bit of EXP when your team defeats a wild Pokemon near you.

Defeat Opposing Pokemon

Steal Aeos Energy.jpg
Defeating Opposing Pokemon will also reward you with EXP in the game. The EXP you get will depend on the current level of the opposing Pokemon that you or your team have defeated. If you have defeated an enemy Pokemon the EXP you get will be higher if the enemy Pokemon has a higher level than you.

Score Points

Unlike other MOBAs, contributing to the main objective doesn't reward the player with EXP. However, in Pokemon UNITE scoring points rewards you with EXP depending on how much you score with.

Keep Playing

All players gradually earn EXP over time even if they're not defeating other Pokemon or scoring goals. If you find yourself a few EXP short of leveling up, just wait a few seconds for the EXP before you proceed with important objectives like goals and teamfights.

Best EXP Farming Methods

Use Your Moves

Use Moves.jpg
Your Moves will most likely deal the highest damage in your kit. Knowing this, you should use your moves often since they have a low cooldown and deal high damage to Wild Pokemon especially when they are in groups.

Deal the Finishing Blow

Bottom Lane - Venasaur.png
If you find yourself attacking the same Wild Pokemon with an ally, you'll earn much more EXP from the Wild Pokemon compared to your allies if you deal the final blow to it. Wait until the Wild Pokemon's health is low, then time your attacks or Moves to finish it off.

Farming Strategies

Top/Bottom Lanes

1 lane farming 1.pngStarting from your base, move towards a lane, defeating any Wild Pokemon in your way.
2 lane farming 2.pngDefeat the Combees and Vespiqueen at the middle of the lane.
3 lane farming 3.pngDefeat any Wild Pokemon you find near the edges of the lane.
4 lane farming 4.pngTake out Rotom if you're at the Top lane, or Drednaw if you're at the bottom lane.
5 jungle farming 7.pngWhen the endgame draws near, team up and defeat Zapdos.


1 jungle farming 1.pngStarting from your base, defeat the Lilipup located in the jungle close to your base.
2 jungle farming 2.pngDefeat Ludicolo next. You'll get a buff that lets you deal more damage to Wild pokemon with low health.
3 jungle farming 3.pngDefeat Bouffalant next. You'll get a buff that lets you slow enemies with your regular attacks.
4 jungle farming 4.pngHunt Wild Pokemon as you assist your teammates in the lane.
5 jungle farming 5.pngHunt for Corphish in the middle of the jungle.
6 jungle farming 6.pngTake out Rotom if you're at the Top lane, or Drednaw if you're at the bottom lane.
7 jungle farming 7.pngWhen the endgame draws near, team up and defeat Zapdos.

Benefits of Leveling Up

Unlock More Moves

More Moves.jpg
As you level up in the game, you will get to unlock more Moves in your arsenal. When you reach level 9 you will unlock your Unite Move which is arguably your strongest Move.

Win Fights More Often

Unlike most MOBA games, level differences are strongly felt in Pokemon UNITE. You'll find that most 1-on-1 fights tend to swing greatly towards the Pokemon with the higher level, even if the level difference is only by 1. It's therefore important to level up quickly through efficient farming, so that you can dominate your opponents through superior power.

Gain More Stats

As your Pokemon's level goes up, so does its stats. While you can't view your Pokemon's stats in-game, rest assured that levelling up gives them increased parameters such as health, offensive stats (Attack and Sp. Attack) and defensive stats (Defense and Sp. Defense) which make them tougher to beat.

What to Do When Underleveled

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Defeat Wild Pokemon first when you are Under-Leveled. Doing this while avoiding the enemy Pokemon will assure your safety and your Experience gain.

Get in EXP Range

There will be times when you don't get EXP when your team defeats an enemy Pokemon. This is because you are not within the range of the EXP reward. It is important to get within the EXP range of any Wild Pokemon you assisted in defeating in order to gain part of the EXP from that Pokemon.

Equip the Exp. Share Item

exp share.png

If you find yourself having trouble securing Wild Pokemon takedowns, the Exp. Share item is a great tool to assist in levelling up. It's especially useful for Supporter-type Pokemon, as they can worry less about defeating Wild Pokemon and spend more time assisting their teammates.

Exp. Share Effect and How to Get

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