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Invite-a-Friend Campaign is an event in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile! Learn the start and end dates of this event, the rewards like the Bronze Mew Emblem, tips on how to complete this event, and more!

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Invite-a-Friend Campaign Duration

Start July 21, 2023
End September 7, 2023
12:00AM UTC
Event Timer

Invite-a-Friend Campaign List of Rewards

Rewards When Using an Invite Code

Ask or look for a code that an old player would provide then claim it in Invite-a-Friend. Note that this is only available to players within the following criteria:

  • Trainer Level is 20 or below
  • Have only created their account within the past 15 days

If you fit the critera above, you may claim a code provided by others.

Afterward, a new Friend Invitation Missions section will unlock. Use this to obtain rewards!

Mission Reward
Use the invite code
Aeos Coin IconAeos Coin x500
Win a ranked match 3 times
Pokemon UNITE - Holowear Selection Box Holowear Selection Box

Holowear Selection Box Contents

Choose one from the following:

Beach Style ImageBeach Style
Bonfire Style ImageBonfire Style
Fashionable Style ImageFashionable Style
Fashionable Style ImageFashionable Style
Bonfire Style ImageBonfire Style

Rewards When Your Code is Used

Provide a code to your new friends to get rewards, most notably the Mew Emblem. This is only available for players within the following criteria:

  • Trainer Level has reached Level 6

If you fit the only critera above, you may provide a code for newer players to use! Simply provide the code to other Trainers and ask them to claim it!

This is currently the only way of getting the much coveted Mew Boost Emblem so get inviting!

Criteria Reward
Friend used your Invite Code
Pokemon UNITE - Friend Invitation Gift Box Friend Invitation Gift Box

2x Item Enhancers: 85%
1x Fashion Ticket: 10%
1x Holowear Ticket: 5%
Max Limit: 50 Boxes
Your friend completed ALL their missions Pokemon UNITE - Mew Emblem.pngBronze Mew Emblem
Max Limit: 9 Mew Emblems

Rewards will be sent to you via in-game mail once your friend has completed their missions.

Mew Emblem Details

Emblem Color Bronze Silver Gold
Pokemon UNITE - Purple Boost Emblem IconMew Cooldown -0.30%
HP -30
Cooldown -0.50%
HP -40
Cooldown -0.60%
HP -50

List of All Boost Emblems

Invite-a-Friend Campaign Mechanics and Guidelines

Code Claiming Mechanics

Code Claiming Available to Recently Registered Accounts Only

Share your unique invite code to other players who have completed their Pokemon UNITE registration in the last 15 days and whose Trainer level is 20 or lower.

Can't Be Reused

Once a code from one Trainer has been claimed, it cannot be reused. Trainers with guest accounts can also use invite codes sent to them by others, but they will not count toward friend invitation missions' progress.

Code is Case Sensitive

You might be having trouble claiming a code because you're using smaller case letters. Note that the code is case sensitive so use capital letters only!

Code Sharing Mechanics

Share Your Codes by Reaching Level 6

The unique trainer code that you can share is only unlocked once you've reached Level 6!

Your Code Can Be Shared and Used Infinitely

Each Trainer can send as many as invite codes as they wish but will only be able to receive up to 50 of each type of Friend Invitation Gift.

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