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The best guide on how to play Cramorant in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Check here for the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as the latest nerfs, buffs, counters, matchups, and more!

Cramorant Latest Nerfs & Buffs (04/28)

April 28 Update (Version

Cramorant Move Changes (Apri 28)
Air Slash Image
Air Slash
• Number of blades is increased from 4 to 5.
Gatling Gulp Missile Image
Gatling Gulp Missile
• Damage increased from 1188 to 1262 (+6%).
• Cooldown decreased from 134s to 124s (+7%).

Cramorant Previous Move Patches

Standard Attack Fixed a bug where the Boosted Attack did not cause critical damage. (Boosted Attack) Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon increased.

Hurricane Fixed a bug where Drednaw and Zapdos couldn't be damaged with this attack.

Whirlpool Total damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 2160 to 1856 (-14%).

Air Slash Cooldown increased from 5s to 7s. Number of blades is increased to 5.

Dive Cooldown reduced. Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon increased from 974 to 1219 (+25%). Fixed a bug where Cramorant may not be displayed correctly after the move is used. Damage decreased from 1219 to 719 (-41%). Boosted attacks after using the move strengthened.

Surf Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 2682 to 2477 (-7.6%).

Gatling Gulp Missile Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 2335 to 1188 (-49.1%). Damage increased from 1188 to 1262 (+6%). Cooldown decreased from 134s to 124s (+7%).

Cramorant Basic Info

Tier Rating: B Rank Icon

Role: Attacker
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Difficulty: Expert
"Cramorant is the Gulp Pokémon. Cramorant’s Ability, Gulp Missile, allows it to attack by spitting out prey it catches with Dive."

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Cramorant Best Lanes

Top Icon.pngTop Jungle Icon.pngJungle Bot Icon.pngBottom
5 Stars.png
3 Stars.png
4 Stars.png

Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ High Burst Damage
✔︎ Strong Early Game
✔︎ Powerful Unite move
✖︎ Needs to be accurate with moves
✖︎ Little to no mobility

Best Builds for Cramorant

Cramorant Builds

The Best Build for Cramorant is the one with the gold crown!

AoE Disabler Build

AoE Disabler Build
Pokemon UNITE - Best Build Icon
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects (at Level 30)
Sp. Atk: +78
Defense: +30
Sp. Def: +30
Recommended Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation No Jungle Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane

This build utilizes the Hurricane and Surf combo to cause havoc and knock enemies around in fights, making them vulnerable for follow-ups from allies. Though the moves can be interchangeable, we suggest using Surf first before Hurricane to slow targets long enough for Hurricane's disable to take effect and maximize the damage. If you successfully knock up enemies with Hurricane, the second wave from Surf will most likely hit targets as well.

Wise Glasses and Choice Specs give enough damage boost to make an impact in the game and can burst down low HP opponents. Focus Band gives Cramorant more durability when Surf pulls opponents towards you.

Eject Button gives Cramorant the mobility it needs to maneuver around fights. This is especially helpful if you miss your moves. Moreover, use it to get aggressive or escape from enemies.

Full Offense Build

Full Offense Build
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects (at Level 30)
Sp. Atk: +102
Cooldown: -4.50%
Recommended Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation Yes Top Lane Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation No Jungle Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane

This build is centered around using Dive to get close to targets, then following up with Air Slash, maximizing Air Slash's damage and cooldown reduction. Try to play around Dive's charges, using 1 charge against a target, damaging them using Air Slash, then retreating. Do this until the target's HP is low enough that you can commit for a knockdown.

For items, we are going all-in on increasing Cramorant's Sp. Attack with Wise Glasses, Choice Specs. The additional heal from Shell Bell gives Cramorant gives a bit of sustain when you hit opponents with moves. Alternatively, if you're capable of sneaking goals in the early game, you can replace Shell Bell with Sp. Atk. Specs, giving you more damage in the late game. The mobility you have from Dive should be enough to make sneaky plays to fully stack Sp. Atk. Specs.

Slow Smoke gives you a great disabling tool to contain opponents in one place to set up Dive hits. When things go awry, you can use it to get out of dangerous situations.

Unite Move Build

Unite Move Build
Moveset Held Items
Battle Item
Item Effects (at Level 30)
Sp. Atk: +39
HP: +450
Cooldown: -4.50%
Unite Move Charge Rate: +6%
Recommended Lane
Pokemon UNITE - Top Lane Recommendation No Top Lane Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Recommendation No Jungle Pokemon UNITE - Bot Lane Recommendation Yes Bot Lane

This build focuses on maximizing the damage of Cramorant's Unite Move, Gattling Gulp Missile. The downside to this build is it requires Cramorant to reach level 9 to take advantage of its held items, making the early game harder to endure.

Energy Amplifier augments Gattling Gulp Missile's damage output and recharge rate. Buddy Barrier gives Cramorant and a teammate extra shields when activating its unite move, allowing it to sustain additional hits from enemies. Lastly, Wise Glasses adds to Cramorant's overall Sp. Attack.

Potion works well with the increase in HP given by Buddy Barrier, giving Cramorant extra survivability, especially after its Unite move is finished casting.

Cramorant Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

Item Explanation
Buddy Barrier.pngBuddy Barrier Buddy Barrier gives a shield that helps Cramorant survive while in stationary when activating its Unite Move.
Energy Amplifier.pngEnergy Amplifier Cramorant's Gatling Gulp Missile deals crazy damage so having Energy Amp equipped increases it even more!
Wise Glasses.pngWise Glasses Wise Glasses helps add more damage to Cramorant's Surf move. Making it a deadly werapon in its arsenal.
Shell Bell.pngShell Bell Shell Bell increases Cramorant's survivability since Shell Bell heals more when using Sp. Atk. based moves.
Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs Similar to Wise Glasses, Choice Specs gives Cramorant's moves an extra punch by adding extra damage per move hit.

List of Held Items

Best Battle Items

Item Explanation
Eject Button.pngEject Button Eject Button makes up for the fact that Cramorant has no mobility moves to evade skill shots against.

List of Battle Items

Best Moveset

Move Explanation
Hurricane ImageHurricane A well-placed Hurricane for Cramorant could mean the difference between being bursted down or punishing enemies that pushed too far.
Surf ImageSurf Surf not only deals good damage but also is a decent disabling move for enemies looking to burst down Cramorant. Surf also gives Cramorant a fish for gulp missile when entered.

A well-placed Hurricane followed by the crashing waves of Surf is a simple yet devastating combo that sets up easy knock downs. If that's not your style, trying out a more aggressive combo with Air Slash and Dive might be more your speed.

Which Moveset Do You Think is Better for Cramorant?

Why is it the best? Let us know in the comments!

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How to Play Cramorant

Cramorant is a long-ranged whiz who excels where enemies cannot touch him. His skills are all from afar and area of effect, so expect him to kill a crowd, not control it.

Get Presssure you Opponents with Whirlpool

Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Using Whirlpool to Farm Wild Pokemon

Whirlpool is the move you want to get at Lv. 1 as it allows you to farm Wild Pokemon and deal continous damage to your opponents from afar. Feather Dance can reduce your opponent's attack and movement speed, but it does not do any damage, so get Whirlpool instead.

Farm Wild Pokemon and get to Lv. 6

Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Learning Surf at Level 6.png

Farm every wild Pokemon you can so you quickly gain access to Cramorant's powerful moves. At Lv. 4, you can learn Hurricane which will be your main disabler. Then, at Lv. 6, you will learn Surf. From here, you can now pressure your opponent's HP from afar while also disrupting their positioning.

Stick with High HP Allies

Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Sticking with Crustle

Cramorant does not have a lot of health or survivability. It can be taken out of the fight quickly if target by high burst damage Pokemon like Lucario and Zeraora. Stick close to your Defenders like Snorlax, Crustle, and Slowbro, and use them as a shield while you deal damage behind them.

Burst Down Opponents Hurricane Surf Combo

Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Using Hurricane Surf Combo on Zeraora

Cramorant has a strong burst combo with Hurricane then Surf. Hitting Hurricane will knock the Pokemon into the air and make it easier to hit your Surf, dealing high burst damage and slowing the Pokemon. The combo is also a good way to set up offensive plays with allies as it disables opponents from the fight for a short time.

Combo Moves with Teammates

Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Using Whirlpool on Crustle while Immobilized

Try to work together with the other Pokemon in your team, especially when they have disables. Try to wait for your teammate to use these disables first and it will guarantee your Hurricane + Surf combo will hit. Examples of moves you can follow up are Snorlax's Heavy Slam, Pickachu's Electro Ball, and Slowbro's Telekinesis.

Use Gattling Gulp Missile at a Safe Position

Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Activating Unite Move Inside Tall Grass

When using Cramorant's Unite move, you are able to deal a ton of damage in a short amount of time, but at the cost of being unable to move. This can make it easy for other Pokemon to get to you and take you out during your Unite move. You will want to be at the back of your team when you use it to make it harder for the enemy team to reach you.

Progression and Leveling Guide

Top or Bottom Lane Guide

Level Objectives
1 - 6 • Secure as many wild Pokemon as you can for exp. to get to level 6 fast
• Start to get aggressive once you get Dive and Air Slash or Surf and Hurricane
• Help out your allies in securing Rotom and/or Drednaw
7+ • Reach level 9 first to get Gatling Gulp Missile, then stick with your team
• Save your Unite Move for teamfights and securing objectives
• If you're using Dive and Air Slash, try to burst down isolated targets to get a numbers advantage during teamfights
• If you're using Surf and Hurricane, stay at the backlines and use them to control enemy movement

Cramorant Combos

Mid-Game Burst Combo

Mid-Game Burst Combo
Whirlpool IconHurricane Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Mid-Game Burst Combo
A combo you can do after reaching level 4 is the Whirlpool to Hurricane combo. Whirlpool deals a lot of damage but the enemy can just run out of the area to avoid the full damage. Using Hurricane right after Whirlpool will make them stand in it longer and take most of the damage.

Late-Game Ranged Burst Combo

Late-Game Burst Combo
Surf IconHurricane Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Late-Game Burst Combo
Similar to the early game combo, you will want to start with Surf to deal most of the damage, followed up with Hurricane. This combo is stronger as it is easier to hit enemies with Surf and will make it easier to follow up the Hurricane right after.

Late-Game Close Range Combo

Late-Game Close Range Combo
Dive IconAir Slash IconStandard Attack IconDive Icon
Pokemon UNITE - Cramorant Close Range Combo
This combo is for a more up-and-close offensive build that focuses on dealing damage with your moves then following up with basic attacks to finish them off. Dive will be your initiating move, allowing you to get up close to the enemy and knock them back. Following it up with Air Slash at point-blank range will maximize its damage and pushes you away from the enemy, to get some distance in between and allowing you to pelt them with your basic attacks from a safer distance.

Matchups & Counters for Cramorant

Cramorant Matchups

Hard Counter
Fair Matchup
Alolan NinetalesBlisseyCrustleDecidueyeEldegossGengarMamoswineMr. MimePikachuTrevenantWigglytuff
Good Matchup
Matchup Notes
Hard CounterHard Counter Even MatchupEven Matchup Easy MatchupEasy Matchup
1. The chart is based on our own experience playing Cramorant.
2. Pokemon within each tier are unordered
3. Any Pokemon not shown here are still under investigation.

Hard Counter With High Mobility and Burst Damage

Cramorant can quickly lose a fight when its opponent manages to get close and burst him down. Also, keep in mind that most of Cramorant's moves can be avoided if you can dodge them with quick reactions and good timing.

Best Counters

Pokemon Explanation
Zeraora ImageZeraora Rating: ★★★★★
• Can quickly get close to Cramorant using Spark or Volt Switch
• Has better burst damage via Discharge or Wild Charge, and Plasma Gale
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Rating: ★★★★★
• Can tank Cramorant's burst damage
• Can prevent Cramorant from getting a good position using Heavy Slam or Yawn, and Block
Sylveon ImageSylveon Rating: ★★★★★
• Can weaken Cramorant's offense using Mystical Fire
• Can turn Cramorant's offense against it thanks to Pixilate
Lucario ImageLucario Rating: ★★★★
• Can easily get out of range of Gatling Gulp Missile using its moves
• Has superior burst damage
Cinderace ImageCinderace Rating: ★★★★
• Has better range and damage output
• Can dodge or disengage Gatling Gulp Missile using Feint and/or Flame Charge

Even Matchups for Cramorant

Even matchups are always a matter of skill, luck and timing. Here are some tips to help push Cramorant ahead against other Pokemon on equal footing.

Outdamage Enemy Attackers

Pokemon with High DPS
Alolan Ninetales Image Pikachu Image Decidueye Image
How to Beat
• Burst from afar using Surf and Hurricane
• Strike only after they've used their moves
• Use Gatling Gulp Missile when they get close or engage

Burst Them Down Before They Can Get Close

Burst Damage Pokemon
Charizard Image Gengar Image Crustle Image Mamoswine Image Trevenant Image
How to Beat
• Use Surf and/or Hurricane when they charge at you
• Use Eject Button, if equipped, to escape

Disrupt Setups

Support Pokemon
Eldegoss Image Mr. Mime Image Wigglytuff Image Blissey Image
How to Beat
• Disrupt their setups and burst them down using Surf and/or Hurricane

Easy Matchups for Cramorant

Susceptible to Burst Damage

Susceptible to Burst Damage
Greninja Image
How to Beat
• Burst down using any combination of your moves
• Use Gatling Gulp Missile when it gets close

Best Teammates for Cramorant

Pokemon Explanation
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Holds the front line
Cramorant's powerful Unite move is powerful, but leaves him vulnerable. Snorlax can disrupt and block the enemy Pokemon to keep Cramorant safe while using its Unite move.
Crustle ImageCrustle Great move synergy
Crustle and Cramorant's moves have got great synergy with each other. Crustle can help setup your combo with Rock Tomb or Rock Slide and you can also help make those moves hit easier with a Hurricane followed by a Surf.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Keeps you in the fight longer
One of Cramorant's weakness is how it has a lack of sustain and escape, and is pretty fragile. Eldegoss is a teammate that can help make up for Cramorant's weakness and keep Cramorant alive for longer in fights.

Looking for teammates to synergize with you? Head over to our Friend Request Board to find other trainers to join you in your grind or just to hang out with!

Friend Request Board

Cramorant Moves

Move Slot 1 (R)

Whirlpool ImageWhirlpool
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Area
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 5s
Total Damage: 1856
Creates a whirlpool that deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. This move's area of effect slowly shrinks, but the damage dealt slowly increases. Just before the whirlpool disappears, it decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon in the area of effect for a short time. The user can also catch Arrokuda or other prey by entering the whirlpool.
Dive ImageDive
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 1.5s (Charge time: ~5s, ~4s)
Total Damage: 546 / 1219
Changes the designated area into a puddle and has the user dive to that area, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and shoving them whenthey hit. The user also catches Arrokuda or other wild Pokemon as they emerge from the puddle. A maximum of three uses can be kept in reserve for this move. Upgrade: Increases damage dealt by this move.
Surf ImageSurf
(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 8s
Total Damage: 1356 / 2477
Attacks with a wave that deals damage to opposing Pokemon. Once the wave has traveled its full distance, it returns the way it came, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon once again and pulling them back with the wave. The user can also catch Arrokuda or other prey by entering the wave. Upgrade:When the first wave hits opposing Pokemon, it also decreases their movement speed for a short time.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Feather Dance ImageFeather Dance
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 8s
Decreases the Attack and movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time
Air Slash ImageAir Slash
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 7s
Total Damage: 1155 / 2460
Has the user shoot out many blades of air while moving backward to create distance. Deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and reduces this move's cooldown when it hits.. Upgrade: Restore the user's HP every time a blade of air hits an opposing Pokemon
Hurricane ImageHurricane
(Lv. 6)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 9s
Total Damage: 705 / 1455
Creates a fierce wind, throwing opposing Pokemon that get caught in it and throwing them. Upgrade: Increases the user's movement speed for a short time.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Gatling Gulp Missile ImageGatling Gulp Missile
(Lv. 9)
Move Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Cooldown: 124s
Total Damage: 796 / 1262
Creates a puddle at the user's current location. The user continuosly uses its mouth to grab Arrokuda from the puddle and spits them out to attack the nearest opposing Pokemon. The user cannot move or use other moves while this move is in effect.

Standard Attack

Standard Attack Image Standard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every fourth attack. This boosted attack spits Arrokuda or other Pokemon at opposing Pokemon and bounces towards any other neaby opponents dealing damage.

Ability (Passive)

Gulp Missile ImageGulp Missile
Cramorant IconCramorant

When the Pokemon uses certain moves, it catches some form of prey in its mouth. Afterward, when the Pokemon receives damage, it spits the prey out as a counterattack at an opposing Pokemon. The type of prey and effect differ based on the user's remaining HP

Cramorant Stats & Evolutions

Cramorant Evolutions

This Pokémon does not evolve.

Cramorant Stats

Level HP Defense Special Defense Attack Damage
1 3292 60 40 134
2 3399 69 46 139
3 3517 78 52 145
4 3647 88 59 151
5 3789 99 67 158
6 3946 112 75 166
7 4118 126 84 175
8 4308 141 94 185
9 4517 158 105 196
10 4748 176 117 208
11 5002 196 131 221
12 5281 218 146 235
13 5589 243 162 250
14 5928 270 180 267
15 6301 300 200 286

Attack Damage is the damage of the Basic Attack as tested against the Training Dummy.

Cramorant In-Game Stats Listing

Offense Endurance Mobility Scoring Support
4 Stars.png 3 Stars.png 3 Stars.png 1.5 Stars.png 1 Star.png

Cramorant Skins (Holowear)

CramorantCook StyleCook Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 400
CramorantFrontier StyleFrontier Style
Zirco Trading:
Aeos Gems 2199

All Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

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