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Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Guide: Builds and Best Items
The best guide on how to play Machamp in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Check here for the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as the latest nerfs, buffs, counters, and more!

Machamp Latest Nerfs & Buffs (9/22)

Version Patch Note Updates (9/22)

Machamp Move Changes (September 22)
Barrage Blow Image
Barrage Blow
• Fixed a bug with the shove effect.
• Fixed a bug with the move being used on super jump spingboards.

Machamp Previous Move Patches

Standard Attack Basic Attack: Bug Fixes

Cross Chop Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 1322 to 941 (-29%).

Close Combat Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon increased from 2353 to 2521 (+7%) .

Barrage Blow • Fixed a bug with the shove effect.
• Fixed a bug with the move being used on super jump spingboards.

Machamp Basic Info

Tier Rating: B Rank Icon

Role: All-Rounder
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical
Difficulty: Intermediate
"Machamp is a Pokémon that specializes in melee combat, powered by its strong fighting moves."

Pokemon Unite Tier List

Machamp Best Lanes

Top Icon.pngTop Jungle Icon.pngJungle Bot Icon.pngBottom
2 Stars.png
5 Stars.png
3 Stars.png

Tips & Strategies for Every Lane

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
✔︎ High Critical Hit chance
✔︎ Can ignore hindrances
✖︎ Lacks range
✖︎ Gap closer is reliant on movespeed buff

Best Builds for Machamp


Crit Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

The point of this build is to go up close and use the empowered Standard Attacks to stack with critical hits.

You will be using Submission as either an escape tool, stop enemies from using moves, removing enemies from the Goal Zone Protection, or setting them up for your other teammates.

This is on top of its ability to increase your critical hit chance and movement speed after your grab an opponent.

Cross Chop will be used to increase your critical hit chance, go through walls, or catch up with the enemy so you're in range of Submission on top of increasing your basic/standard attack damage once fully upgraded.

The combination of these two abilities will give you a very high basic attack crit rate which will erase any low hp Pokemon unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of this combo.

All-Out Burst Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

Another damage fuel build. It loses Submission in favor of a faster gap closer. Harder to play but offers the same results as Machamp's Crit Build.

While the previous build focuses on critical hits, this build focuses on a single, close-range, all-out attack.

This is especially useful when you're with debuffing teammates such as Wigglytuff or Mr. Mime. Hide in grass while your teammates debuffs your opponents then unleash Dynamic Punch followed up by Close Combat.

If Barrage Blow is available, use it before unleashing your combo to deal more damage. This is particularly useful as well if you're alone in your lane which enables you to wipe out an opponent quickly then retreat as you wait for your teammates.

Tank DPS Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

A lower damage output build in favor of increasing Machamp's durability. It makes use of the damage and attack speed buffs Machamp gets from their moves to stay in a buffed form to dish out damage. This is particularly effective against team comps that excel at longer, drawn out fights.

Dynamic Punch offers an attack speed steroid when used. It also has a short stun which, if partnered with Cross Chop, will be easy to land against your targets.

Brawler Build

Moveset Held Items
Battle Item

A damage build with decent tanking capabilities, turning Machamp into a powerful brawler capable of winning a 1v1 against most Pokemon. Razor Claw, Weakness Policy, and X Attack have incredible synergy in terms of the damage output they can produce. Buddy Barrier gives you more tankiness through raw HP and the extra shield you get when casting your unite move.

Remember to make use of the buff from Barrage Blow to stay on top of enemies and burst them down quickly, only cast the second activation when the buff is about to expire. A well-placed Barrage Blow with maxed damage from the three damage items can destroy grouped up enemies quickly. If that's not enough, always follow up with Dynamic Punch and Close Combat to ensure a kill.

Machamp Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

Item Description
Energy Amplifier.pngEnergy Amplifier After the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, the damage the Pokemon deals is increased by (7/14/21)% for a short time.
Focus Band.pngFocus Band When the Pokemon drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds, it recovers (8/11/14)% of the HP it has lost.
Scope Lens.pngScope Lens Increases damage dealt by basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon's Attack, the more the damage increases.
Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1%/2%/3% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.
Razor Claw.pngRazor Claw After the Pokemon uses a move, its next basic attack deals a minimum of (10/15/20) damage. The higher the Pokemon's Attack, the more this damage increases. When this item is held by a melee Pokemon, this basic attack also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Equip

With Machamp's high crit rate potential and damage, items that improve these stat values like the Scope Lens and Muscle Band will be valuable items to add to your kit.

Energy Amplifier is also a good addition to your kit because the damage bonus will apply on both uses of your Unite Move, meaning Machamp can benefit from the damage bonus for much longer.

Focus Band is a good alternative item to add to your kit if you feel the meta has been revolving around burst-type Pokemon lately. You should only replace Energy Amplifier if you want to add this Held Item since the DPS loss isn't as big compared to the other items on this list.

Best Battle Items

Item Description
Eject Button.pngEject Button Makes your Pokemon move quickly in the specified direction.
X Attack.pngX Attack Increases your Pokemon's basic attack damage by 1.2x, and move damage by 1.05~1.15x for 8 seconds.

Machamp already has very good tools that can be used to get out of situations or catch up to enemies. However, it never hurts to add more to your kit. Eject Button will be one of the best items to add to your kit to fill that role.

If you feel that you've mastered Machamp's moveset already, you can choose to sacrifice the Eject Button for more damage with X Attack. Machamp can gain a lot of value for the entire duration of X Attack's bonus damage increase.

Best Moveset

Move Description
Submission ImageSubmission Machamp gains increased Movement Speed and becomes unstoppable for 5 Seconds. During the Move's duration Machamp's next basic attack grabs the target and throws itself up, stunning the enemy Pokemon. Machamp has increased critical hit chance and Movement Speed a short duration after throwing the enemy Pokemon.
Upgrading this Move increases critical hit chance and Movement Speed bonus.
Cross Chop ImageCross Chop Dashes forward with a cross chop, dealing damage to enemy Pokemon in the way and increasing your critical hit chance.
Upgrading this Move increases the Attack of each basic attack.

The most effective build to play for Machamp. Thanks to their innate endurance and immunity to disables, Machamp's only problem will be having enough damage to kill a chosen target.

With this moveset combo, you ensure that you can get away from any bad situation and also have all the tools you need to catch up to enemies and stop them in their tracks.

Which Moveset Do You Think Is Best For Machamp?

Let us know why in the comments!

How to Play Machamp

Machamp is a straight up fighter. He packs heavy firepower despite not being an attacker, and also comes with a bit of tankiness to him ensuring his survivability.

Machamp is a melee fighter, so try to close the gap to your opponent as quickly as possible before pounding them with your combos. Your goal is to knock out the enemy, then score points while they're respawning.

Force Engage Even On Early Levels

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Attacking Venusaur

The image above is from Practice Area, real enemies won't just stand in your range like this. But it's important to know that Machamp's damage comes from extended fights so stay on top of enemies as much as you can!

Machamp is a strong fighter that has a slowing effect in its boosted attacks. Together with Bulk Up, Machamp can run down enemies early on so force fights against enemies that are far from their goal zones as much as possible.

Burst Down Key Targets During Team Fights

Machamp can ignore the opponents' disables with Submission then jump straight to its targets. With empowered basic attacks and crits, bursting down targets is extremely easy.

When Engaging, Don't Dive in Headfirst

Machamp is tanky but not as durable as defenders like Snorlax and Crustle. Even if Machamp ignores disables, the damage from attackers can still quickly whittle its HP down. Approach from the grass or flank to easily reach enemy attackers without suffering lots of damage while trying to get in range.

Use Cross Chop together with Submission for Easy Engages

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Using Cross Chop and Submission

Submission is a buff and it is not canceled by using a different skill! Use Cross Chop to dash through enemy ranks then basic attack your key target while having the Submission buff to gain a huge amount of damage, critical chance, and attack speed while your target gets disabled for a few seconds!

Use Submission and Barrage Blow Buff Together

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Using Submission and Barrage Blow

These two buffs when used in tandem, turn you into an unstoppable source of damage. It grants you a massive source of damage and attack speed. Don't use Barrage Blow just for the finisher, it has a lengthy buff so use it at the beginning of the fight!

Machamp Combos

Early Game Combo

Early Game Combo
Bulk Up IconStandard Attack IconKarate Chop Icon

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Early Game Combo
This is Machamp's early game combo. Weaving in that extra basic attack before Karate Chop is not too crucial but it is needed if you want to maximize your early game damage due to Bulk Up's basic attack enhancement property.

Critical Burst Build Combo

Critical Burst Build Combo
Submission IconCross Chop IconStandard Attack Icon

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Cross Chop Submission Combo
This is your single target burst combo. Submission is a lengthy dash move that allows you to somersault an enemy by using your basic attack while in your Submission buff. This buff is not canceled by Cross Chop and can be used in conjunction. Buff with Submission, dash into your target with Cross Chop, then basic attack them to oblivion.

All-Out Burst Build Combo

All-Out Burst Build Combo
Dynamic Punch IconClose Combat IconStandard Attack Icon

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp All-Out Burst Build Combo
This combo focuses on pushing the enemy Pokemon away after using Dynamic Punch. If the enemy tries to reposition themselves after landing Dynamic Punch, make sure to adjust your Pokemon accordingly for Close Combat and push them back!

Tank DPS Build Combo

Tank DPS Build Combo
Barrage Blow IconDynamic Punch IconCross Chop IconBarrage Blow IconStandard Attack Icon

Pokemon UNITE - Machamp Tank DPS Build Combo
Since the Tank DPS build is tailored for you to be an off-tank during team fights, your goal will be controlling the enemies' movement and repositioning them with your Barrage Blow and Dynamic Punch. After activating Barrage blow, jump on the enemies with Dynamic punch. After that, get behind them with Cross Chomp and then use Barrage Blow again to bring them closer to your teammates.

Matchups & Counters for Machamp

Machamp Matchups

Hard Counter
Fair Matchup
Good Matchup
Alolan NinetalesBlisseyCharizardCramorantEldegossGardevoirGreninjaMr. MimePikachuSlowbroSylveonTalonflameWigglytuffZeraora

✘ : Counter | = : Even | : Advantageous
1. The chart is based on our own experience playing Machamp.
2. Pokemon within each tier are unordered
3. Any Pokemon not shown here are still under investigation.

Counter With Evasive or Tanky Pokemon

Since Machamp can't usually be stopped by normal means because of Submission, the best alternative is to be evasive or be able to go to to toe and survive.

Best Counters

Pokemon Explanation
Crustle ImageCrustle Rating: ★★★★
Machamp is a close range fighter, but Crustle can stop them from getting close with either Rock Tomb or Stealth Rock.
Cinderace ImageCinderace Rating: ★★★
Cinderace is a long range damage dealer that can pick up evasive moves like Feint to prevent themselves from getting grappled by Submission and your other moves.

Even Matchups

Even matchups are always a matter of skill, luck, and timing. Here are some tips to help push Machamp ahead against other Pokemon on equal footing.

Can Counter Submission or Play Keep Away

Pokemon with High Crowd Control
Blastoise Image Snorlax Image Venusaur Image Mamoswine Image

Pokemon in this category usually only have one or two moves that can counter Submission, prevent you from getting close, or bulk up to prevent damage.

Pokemon that can counter submission or do entry of denial like Venusaur's Sludge Bomb can be waited out before committing your full damage combo.

However, there are some Pokemon that are just too tanky to deal with. Make the decision if it's worth trying to fight these types of Pokemon or avoid them to opt for their teammates instead.

Bait or Wait Against Mobile Pokemon Pokemon

Mobile Pokemon
Absol Image Gengar Image Garchomp Image Lucario Image

These Pokemon are more agile than you, so you need to keep track which moves they've already used before engaging. The time to strike is when they can't get away!

Best Matchups for Machamp

Pokemon with no mobility or are completely shut down with Machamp's Submission move. Pokemon listed here are easy pickings when you do a full combo.

Pokemon Explanation
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Talonflame is one of the most fragile Pokemon in the game. He can run away using Brave Bird so wait for him to use it first before engaging on him for a kill. Fly is also an escape tool but you can outrun it with Submission.
Cramorant ImageCramorant One of the easiest target to chase down and burst. Make sure to focus Cramorant in teamfights unless there are more valuable targets (like Eldegoss).
Zeraora ImageZeraora You out damage Zeraora and their escape tool has a long cooldown. Use Submission to chase or run away and if they exhausts all mobility skills, turn and fight them for an easy win.
Slowbro ImageSlowbro Machamp ignores all disables and Slowbro's three abilities all focus on this. Machamp is one of the hardest counters to Slowbro.

Best Teammates for Machamp

Pokemon Explanation
Lucario ImageLucario
Gengar ImageGengar
Can eliminate any Pokemon almost instantly
With a combination of Submission and Cross Chop, you can easily stun an opponent in place which will allow melee fighters such as Lucario and Gengar to wipe out the rest of the group.
Snorlax ImageSnorlax
Crustle ImageCrustle
Can prevent Pokemon from escaping
Pokemon that can block or prevent Pokemon from escaping while you smack the unfortunate Pokemon trapped will work well with an basic attack based Pokemon like Machamp.
Blissey ImageBlissey Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Pokemon that provide shields or heals
Thankfully, Machamp is tough enough in that they can't be burst down like other Pokemon. But this is why you will need healers or shielders that can top you back up to keep you in the fight. The longer you stay, the more sustained damage you can do.

Looking for teammates to synergize with you? Head over to our Friend Request Board to find other trainers to join you in your grind or just to hang out with!

Friend Request Board

Machamp Moves

Move Slot 1 (R)

Karate Chop ImageKarate Chop
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 6s
Total Damage: 658 (Lv. 3)
Performs a damaging karate chop.
Cross Chop ImageCross Chop
(Lv. 7)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 6s
Total Damage: 588 (Lv. 7) / 941 (Lv. 15)
Dashes forward with a cross chop, dealing damage to enemy Pokemon in the way and increasing your critical hit chance.
Upgrading this Move increases the Attack of each basic attack.
Close Combat ImageClose Combat
(Lv. 7)
Upgrade Lv. 11
Move Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 7s
Total Damage: 1360 (Lv. 7) / 2521 (Lv. 15)
Machamp throws multiple punches in the chosen direction while being able to Move, and becomes immune to hindraces.
Afflicted enemy Pokemon takes extra damage from Close Combat when upgraded.

Move Slot 2 (ZR)

Bulk Up ImageBulk Up
(Lv. 1 or 3)
Move Type: Buff
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 10s
Machamp's next basic attack becomes empowered, increases Movement Speed, attack speed, and grants immunity from hindrances.
Submission ImageSubmission
(Lv. 5)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Hindrance
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 11s
Machamp gains increased Movement Speed and becomes unstoppable for 5 Seconds. During the Move's duration Machamp's next basic attack grabs the target and throws itself up, stunning the enemy Pokemon. Machamp has increased critical hit chance and Movement Speed a short duration after throwing the enemy Pokemon.
Upgrading this Move increases critical hit chance and Movement Speed bonus.
Dynamic Punch ImageDynamic Punch
(Lv. 5)
Upgrade Lv. 13
Move Type: Dash
Damage Type: Physical
Cooldown: 9s
Total Damage: 656 (Lv. 5) / 1240 (Lv. 15)
Leaps towards target location, damaging and stunning enemy Pokemon nearby. After landing, Machamp's next basic attack is boosted, gains increased Movement Speed, increased attack speed, and immunity.
Upgrading this Move increases the attack speed and Movement Speed bonus from the Move.

Unite Moves (ZL)

Barrage Blow ImageBarrage Blow
(Lv. 9)
Move Type: Buff
Damage Type: Status
Cooldown: 134s
Increases Movement Speed, attack, Defense, Sp. Defense for 10 seconds. Upon second activation, Machamp will unleash a powerful combo of punches that deals damage and knock back enemy Pokemon hit. The final hit of the combo deals a large amount of damage.

Standard Attack

Standard Attack Image Standard Attack Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage and slowing Movement Speed of the target when it hits.

Ability (Passive)

Guts ImageGuts Machamp's attack is increased when affected by a status effect.

Machamp Stats & Evolutions

Machamp Evolutions

1st Evolution 2nd Evolution Final Evolution
(Lv. 1)
(Lv. 5)
(Lv. 9)

Machamp Stats

Level HP Defense Special Defense Attack Damage
1 3250 98 64 165
2 3313 104 68 170
3 3389 111 72 175
4 3480 118 77 181
5 3809 148 96 205
6 3940 160 104 214
7 4097 174 113 225
8 4286 191 124 239
9 4953 250 163 287
10 5225 274 179 306
11 5551 303 198 329
12 5942 338 221 357
13 6411 380 248 391
14 6974 430 281 431
15 7650 490 320 479

Attack Damage is the damage of the Basic Attack as tested against the Training Dummy.

Machamp Skins (Holowear)

Beach Style
MachampBeach Style

Aeos Gems 350

All Pokemon Skins (Holowear)

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