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Pokemon Points: Battle Ribbons Explained

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Pokemon Points is a recently added mechanic during Pokemon UNITE's first-anniversary celebration. This shows the total battle points earned while using that Pokemon! Learn more about this new mechanic, what are Battle Ribbons, as well as how to increase Pokemon Points!

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Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Points and Battle Ribbons Partial BannerWhat are Pokemon Points?

What are Pokemon Points?

Get Rewards by Accumulating Pokemon Points

Both Season Point Rewards & Total Season Point (Trainer Level) Rewards pull their calculations from the cumulative Pokemon Points you have earned for the current season & from when you started playing UNITE respectively.

Trainer Level and Season Point Rewards
07 - Raise Trainer Level FastTrainer Level Reards Pokemon UNITE - Season Points and Rewards Partial BannerSeason Points Rewards

Earned Per Pokemon

Pokemon Points are earned per Pokemon. These are Battle Points you have earned when you use that specific Pokemon in UNITE Battles.

Pokemon Roster - All Character List

Battle Points are Cumulative Pokemon Points

Pokemon UNITE - Cumulative Pokemon Points.png

Your Trainer Level earned via Battle Points is also the cumulative Pokemon Points you have used across all Pokemon in the roster.

For example, you might have 15,000 Pokemon Points for Lucario but only 5,000 Pokemon Points for Venusaur. This will total to 1500 Battle Points that will count towards your Trainer Level.

Pokemon Pokemon Points
Lucario Points 15,000
Venusaur Points 5,000
Battle Points 20,000

Trainer Level: How to Get Battle Points Fast

Earned Like Battle Points

Pokemon Points are earned like Battle Points - only that it is more targeted for a specific Pokemon. It can be earned by participating in UNITE Battles whether in Standard Battle, Quick Battles, or Ranked.

Game Modes: Standard, Ranked, Custom Battle, and Quick Battle

Earn Battle Ribbons

Usage Metric For Each Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Usage Metric For Each Pokemon.png

Battle Ribbons serves as the metric that is used to measure your mileage with that Pokemon.

It shows how many Pokemon Points you have earned which can roughly be translated to your overall mastery of the Pokemon. Reaching a specific Pokemon Point milestone will give that specific Pokemon a Battle Ribbon.

Three Tiers

Battle Ribbons have three tiers with increasing Pokemon Point requirements.

Color Pokemon Points Required
Pokemon UNITE - Green Battle RibbonsGreen 30,000
Pokemon UNITE - Blue Battle RibbonsBlue 85,000
Pokemon UNITE - Gold Battle RibbonsGold 165,000

How to Earn Pokemon Points

Play UNITE Battles

Pokemon UNITE - Victorious Result Screen

The simplest way to raise Pokemon Points for a specific Pokemon is to play UNITE Battles with that Pokemon! This effectively funnels or focuses all the Battle Points earned while playing Pokemon UNITE to that specific Pokemon.

For the best Pokemon to use, check out this article:

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Fast Track With Battle Point Booster Cards

Booster Card Recommendation
Battle Point Boost Card 1 Day IconBattle Point Boost Card
This is not a thrifty booster card to buy. It is quite expensive for only one day of use.

Daily Cost:
Aeos Ticket Icon 100 per day or Aeos Gems Icon 10 per day
Battle Point Boost Card 3 Day IconBattle Point Boost Card
Compared to the 1-day booster card, buying this card is the better option. It costs only twice as much as the 1-day booster card but lasts 3 times longer.

Daily Cost:
Aeos Ticket Icon 66.6 per day or Aeos Gems Icon 6.66 per day
Battle Point Boost Card 7 Day IconBattle Point Boost Card
This booster card is the best option. It saves players more Aeos Gems and Aeos Tickets, as well as real money.

Daily Cost:
Aeos Ticket Icon 57.14 per day or Aeos Gems Icon 5.71 per day

Most economical boost card to buy is the 7-Day version.

It is also great to fast-track Pokemon Points earned by using Battle Point Boost Cards. This is not free though and only be obtained two ways:

  • purchased using Gems
  • obtained from specific events.

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