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Regigigas Buff and Spawn Time

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This is a guide on the Wild Pokemon Regigigas in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn Regigigas' spawn time, how and when to beat Regigigas, what moves Regigigas has, what buff and rewards Regigigas gives, and more!

Regigigas Catch 'Em Battles Info

A new game mode called Catch 'Em Battles, allows players to catch Wild Pokemon like Regigigas and use them in battle!

Catch 'Em Battles Moves and Details
Regigigas Wild Pokemon IconRegigigas Moves
Regigigas Wild Pokemon IconHyper Beam
Regigigas Wild Pokemon IconBulldoze
Points 30
Spawn Details Spawns at 1:30
Spawn Location Jungle
Spawns at the direct center of the jungle, where Zapdos is usually found.

Catch ’Em Battles Guide

Regigigas Spawn Time

Regigigas Spawn At 3:00 at the Center of Auroma Park

Auroma Park
Auroma ParkRegigas Location
Spawn Time: 3:00
Respawn Time: 2:00

Regigigas Buffs and Rewards

Increases Scoring Speed and Prevents Scoring Interruption

Regigigas Aurora Park.png

As of Version, Regigigas now grants a buff that speeds up your goal scoring and prevents scoring interruption for a short time. This makes it virtually impossible for the enemy to stop you from scoring goals within this duration.

Offers Massive Amount of Points

Purple x2 Goal Zone.png

Regigigas also provides a massive amount of points to the team that takes it down. This is especially helpful in Auroma Park where you can double your score by scoring at a Goal Zone that your ally has scored with recently. The combination of Regigigas's buff with the massive amount of points you get from defeating it allows your team to score a large amount of points in one go if you all head towards the same Goal Zone.

If Your Ally Took Regigigas, Score Your Goal To Grant Double Points!

Scoring First After Regigigas

If your ally is the one to take down Regigigas, make sure to head to a goal post and score a goal to double the points your ally can get from the dunk!

How to Beat Regigigas


Quickly Burst it Down

Taking Regigigas Fast

Despite being a hulking behemoth in the central Area, Regigigas actually isn't as durable as it looks. Focusing your DPS on Regigigas as a group can quickly take it down. Even soloing it with a strong dueling pokemon like Garchomp or Lucario is perfectly doable!

Fight as Soon as it Spawns

Regigigas spawns at 3:00 and has a spawn timer of 2:00. This means that it is possible to make Regigigas spawn twice in one match! Taking Regigigas down twice is a sure fire way to secure a massive amount of lead so prioritize taking it down as soon as it spawns!

How to Steal Regigigas

Use AoE Moves

Since Regigigas is in an area surrounded by a Conveyor belt, all Pokemon that are trying to take it will be compressed in one small area. Using a Unite Move like Gardevoir's Black Hole or Cramorant's Unite Move can make quick work of all enemies in the area, leaving Regigigas free for the taking.

Snipe it With a Long-Ranged Move.

Moves like Talonflame's Brave Bird or Venusaur's Solar Beam can be used to take down Regigigas from afar. Make sure to steal Regigigas if defeating all enemies in the area is impossible.

When to Not Fight Regigigas

If You're Out of Reach

If you find yourself on the edge of the map and Regigigas' HP is below half already or you have recently died from an enemy, it's best to not go for Regigigas as you'll be wasting time moving instead of farming EXP and Aeos Energy.

If You Have Max Aeos Energy Already

Unless your aim is to deny the opponents Aeos Energy, going for Regigigas while you have max Aeos Energy already will be excessive and unnecessary. Instead, it's better to score together with an ally to gain points and start getting more!

If Your Team is Weaker Early Game

Picking a fight with Regigigas as soon as it spawns is a bad move if your team is weaker in the early game. This will put your team at risk of getting wiped out by the enemy team if they catch you trying to take Regigigas. An even worse scenario is if your team gets wiped out trying to take Regigigas and the enemy swoops in and takes it for themselves. If your team is stronger in the late game, it is better to try and deny Regigigas until a minute has passed since its spawn.

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