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This is the hub for all Roles and Playstyle guides in Pokemon UNITE, available for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Read on to know the different roles and playstyles available in the game, and how you can master each of them!

What are Roles?

Roles dictate your Pokemon's overall function in a battle. Since Pokemon UNITE matches rely heavily on teamwork and synergy, knowing your role means knowing what your duties and responsibilities are in order to achieve your team's objective. Simply put, roles ensure that players have a general idea of what they are suppose to do as part of a team.

Lane Roles

Map with highlight.png
Pokemon Unite's arena is divided into strategic areas that varies in size and scope, as well as the wild Pokemon that appears within it. While players can practically take any path they want, some Pokemon can operate more effectively depending on where they are positioned.

Since it is not possible to be everywhere at once, knowing which specific lanes to attack or defend make sure that time is spent efficiently. This will be helpful as you communicate with your team when doing mini skirmishes, tactical pushes, and, eventually, scoring goals. Overall, players who know how to utilize the lanes to their advantage will have a better chance of winning.

Playstyle Roles

Pokemon Unite's roles are based around common MOBA archetypes - Attacker, Speedster, All-Rounder, Defender, and Supporter. They offer a variety of playstyles that have their own set of abilities, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses for players to master. Teamwork is key, and knowing how your Pokemon can contribute in terms of offense and defense can affect your team's effectiveness in battle. So, it is important to have a general idea of what roles are needed beforehand to synergize well with your team's composition, especially in competitive play.

All Lane Roles

How to Play Top Lane

Top Lane Objectives.png
The Top Lane is about farming Aeos Energy as fast as possible and scoring goals consistently. It is best to defeat every wild Pokemon you come across - even wild Pokemon on the enemy's side to steal Aeos energy.

Great for Generating Score Advantage

Defeating Rotom will be key in gaining the score advantage in the early game as it will open up the enemy's goal for easy scoring. It is important to always keep Rotom in check, whether it is being contested or open to capture.

Top Lane Guide

How to Play Jungle

Jungle - Talonflame Farming.png
The Jungle area of the arena does not have any goals to defend or oppose. However, controlling the central area and its wild Pokemon is key when you want to get the upper hand on your enemies.

Great Role for Speedster Assassins

Because of their high mobility, Speedsters can easily transition between lanes and perform surprise attacks to unsuspecting enemies for easy take downs.

Jungle Guide

How to Play Bottom Lane

Bottom Lane - Venasaur.png
The Bottom Lane is all about outplaying and outlasting your opponents. Expect a lot of clashes with the opposing team as you do skirmishes while preventing them to score goals and attacking when there is an opening.

Great for Leveling Up Fast

Since the Bottom Lane has slightly more wild Pokemon spawns in the area, it is easy to amass Aeos Energy and level up fast. It is best to use Pokemon that have strong moveset in the late game for this lane. Defeating wild Pokemon is key in learning moves fast so you can get strong enough to make pushes in the late game.

Bottom Lane Guide

All Playstyle Roles

How to Play Attacker

Attacker Role Front.png
Attackers focus on dealing massive damage from long range. They may be glass canons, but good positioning and well-timed attacks will make them a deadly force.

Great for Farming

Because of their high damage output, Attackers can quickly take down wild Pokemon with hard-hitting ranged attacks. Pair up with teammates that lack offensive capabilities so you can help them farm faster!

Attacker Guide

How to Play Speedster

Speedster Role Front.png
Speedsters utilize their high mobility to deal quick attacks and score easy points. Take advantage of their fast movement speed to go in and out of goals and outmaneuver your enemies.

Great for Hit and Run Tactics

Speedsters have blink moves that can be used to close the distance between you and your enemies and allow you to deal damage from out of nowhere. These moves are also useful for evasion or getting out of tricky situations.

Speedster Guide

How to Play All-Rounder

All-Rounder Role Front.png
All-Rounders are dependable Pokemon that can operate on their own. Because of their balanced stats, you can easily adapt into offensive and defensive roles when the situation demands it.

Great for the Frontline

By having high enough endurance and moves that pack a punch, All-Rounders excel at leading charges in the frontlines. Pair them up with Supporter Pokemon and you will have an unstoppable force!

All-Rounder Guide

How to Play Defender

Defender Role Front.png
Defenders offer their high Endurance to protect their teammates from harm. Take advantage of their huge physique to hinder your opponents by stunning or knocking them away during clashes.

Great for Defending Goals

Enemies will have a hard time knocking down Defenders because of their high HP. When battles get out of hand, Defenders can prevent enemies from scoring goals with moves that generate crowd control.

Defender Guide

How to Play Supporter

Supporter Role Front.png
Supporters enable their teammates to do their job effectively throughout all stages of the game. Use their variety of utility moves to give useful buffs and heal teammates.

Great for Inflicting Status Effects

Supporters can also debilitate enemies by inflicting them with status effects. Use this to your advantage to turn the tide of the battle in your favor!

Supporter Guide

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