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7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card: How to Get and Use

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7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card Banner

The is a guide on how to get the 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know how to get it and what items are best to use it on!

How to Get 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card

Receive as Event Reward

7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card - Event Screen

Currently, 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Cards are only available through the Max-Grade Trial Campaign event, making them very rare. However, completing the missions are easy. All you have to do is play and finish five (5) UNITE battles with a Held Item to get all available 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Cards!

Max-Grade Trial Campaign Guide

How to Use 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card

How to Use 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card
1 Open up the Menu, then select Item Box.
2 Go to Consumable Items tab, then select the 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card and choose Use.
3 Choose the Held Item you wish to upgrade.
4 Confirm your choice. A prompt will tell you that the item is used!

Check Trial Time Limit

7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card - Item Information and Time Limit

Using a Max-Grade Trial Card on a Held Item will immediately start the timer. You can check how much time is left by selecting the Held Item and pressing + button or tapping the button near the item's grade level.

Cannot Stack Multiple Trials on a Single Item

7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card - Cannot be Stacked

Stacking multiple trial cards on a single Held Item is not possible. If you wish to extend the trial period, you will have to wait for the time limit to expire before using another trial card on the Held Item.

Cannot be Cancelled

Once you use the 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card on a Held Item, you cannot cancel the trial at any point. The use of the trial card is also final and cannot be undone, so be careful in choosing a Held Item to upgrade!

Best Items to for Trial Card

Muscle Band

Item Effect
Muscle Band ImageMuscle Band Attack +15
Attack Speed + 7.5%
When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1%/2%/3% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.

Muscle Band is the only Held Item that increases a Pokemon's attack speed. This is extremely useful for Pokemon that rely on strong auto attacks like Cinderace or Zeraora to melt wild Pokemon and opopponents.

Muscle Band Effect and How to Get

Scope Lens

Item Effect
Scope Lens ImageScope Lens Critical Hit Rate +6%
Critical Hit Damage +12%
Increases damage dealt by basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon's Attack, the more the damage increases.

Scope Lens is great for increasing Absol's already high critical rate, as well as Attack stat Pokemon who will benefit from the extra critical rate. It also makes Greninja more deadly when it gets to land multiple critical Water Shurikens at enemies.

Scope Lens Effect and How to Get

Buddy Barrier

Item Effect
Buddy Barrier ImageBuddy Barrier HP + 450
When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that Pokemon and the nearby ally Pokemon with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to (15/20/25)% of their max HP.

On top of the shield effect, the +600 HP provided by Buddy Barrier gives your Pokemon extra survivability. It is especially helpful for the early parts of the game where it is ideal to stay in the battlefield for as long as possible.

Buddy Barrier Effect and How to Get

What is 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card?

7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card - Item Box Description

The 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card is a consumable item that allows players to raise a Held Item's grade to max level for Seven (7) days. It is a great way to test out and evaluate Held Items at their full potential before spending Item Enhancers on them. Unlike Super Item Enhancers, using the 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card on a Held Item that is already upgraded will not refund Item Enhancers.

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