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Things To Avoid Doing

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This is a guide on the things to avoid doing in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know the things you should not do while playing the game and more!

Things to Avoid Doing

Things to Avoid Doing
CheckmarkNot Focusing on Scoring
CheckmarkStealing Wild Pokemon from Allies
CheckmarkNot Committing to a Lane
CheckmarkGoing Beyond Enemy Goals
CheckmarkFighting Opponents Alone
CheckmarkIgnoring the Mini Map
CheckmarkUsing Only One Pokemon
CheckmarkEquipping the Wrong Held Items
CheckmarkSticking to the Potion Battle Item
Checkmark Being a Toxic Player

Not Focusing on Scoring

Pokemon UNITE - Pikachu Attempting to Score a Goal

Overall, scoring goals is an integral part of the game. Though it may be tempting just to go all out and fight opponents head on, knocking down enemies does not directly contribute to your team's victory. Simply put, if you are not scoring goals or helping your teammates score, then you are not contributing to the game.

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Hoarding Aeos Energy

Pokemon UNITE - 40 Max Aeos Energy

If at some point during the match you have accumulated a large number of Aeos Energy, it is important to deposit them immediately. Hoarding Aeos Energy puts you at risk from getting knockdown, allowing the enemy to benefit from the points you have lost.

Note that defeating Wild Pokemon while at max Aeos Energy makes points drop to the ground, potentially getting picked up by the enemy. Additionally, if you still have undeposited Aeos Energy when the match ends, it will not be counted to the overall score of the team.

Stealing Wild Pokemon from Allies

Pokemon UNITE - Zeraora Ignoring Aipom

It is important that you only farm the Wild Pokemon located in your lane. This ensures that your teammates to get the EXP they need to level up and evolve their Pokemon. Constantly dealing the last hit to the Wild Pokemon your teammates are farming is considered to be a bad gaming etiquette and will leave them frustrated. This is especially important if you want your team's Jungler to operate effectively.

Best Farming Routes for Jungle, Top, and Bottom

Not Committing to a Lane

Pokemon UNITE - Choosing a Lane with Battle Prep

Before starting a battle, it is important to know which lane is the best suited for your Pokemon. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you let your teammates know which lane you plan to take while in the lobby. That way, they will know which lanes to prevent overcrowding.

But, it does not stop there. You have to do your best to stick to the lane you picked - whether it is Top, Bottom, or Jungle. This ensures that all fronts are well protected and farming routes are layed out for your team as the game progresses.

Lane Roles: Best Lane to Play for Each Playstyle

Going Beyond Enemy Goals

Pokemon UNITE - Sylveon Walking on Enemy Lane Flux

It is advised not to go to enemy territory without any good reason. Once you set foot on the enemy's side of the map, you will instantly be at a disadvantage since you are within reach of the enemy.

Be careful, getting caught on the enemy's lane flux will decrease your movement speed, which makes reaching allied Goal Zones hard and time consuming. Try your best to destroy enemy Goal Zones first before pushing through the lanes!

Fighting Opponents Alone

Pokemon UNITE - Charizard Engaging Fights Alone

Adopting a solo playstyle will mostly result into unnecessary deaths and a score advantage for the enemy, which will ultimately cost your team the entire match. Even if you feel that your Pokemon is powerful enough because of a level advantage, getting bombarded with moves from multiple enemies can still take you down easily. So, If you see at least two enemy Pokemon headed in your direction while you are alone, it is best to retreat to the nearest goal and wait for backup.

Soloing Boss Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Pikachu Fighting Drednaw Alone
Taking objectives like Rotom or Drednaw should always be done together with your teammates. While it is possible to defeat boss Pokemon alone while at a high level, it will take quite the effort and a long time. Additionally, it could leave you vulnerable for an ambush from the enemy team.

Objectives Guide: When to Target Bosses

Ignoring the Mini Map

Pokemon UNITE - Minimap During a Match

The Mini Map is filled with all sorts of useful infromation; Wild Pokemon spawn locations, team pings and alerts, and an overview of a lane's condition. It is important to you glance at it every now and then to assess the current state of the match. That way, you will always be updated to where important things are happening, which will help you decide on where to go and, more importantly, where to be.

Using Only One Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Selection Screen

While it is likely that you will have a go-to Pokemon for matches, only maining one Pokemon out of the entire roster could put you at a disadvantage if you are unable to pick them during matchmaking. When this happens, you will be forced to pick a Pokemon you are not familiar with, making you adapt to its playstyle and strategies on the fly.

It is best to broaden your knowledge with multiple Pokemon so you can adapt to your team's selection accordingly. This ensures that you will be able to maintain your team's balance through proper team composition.

Not Getting Familiar with Other Roles

Knowing when each role is at their strongest and weakest can help you decide how you can approach them in battle. It allows you to answer questions like when is the best time to target Defenders or how to make Attackers lose their position when they are kiting from afar. You do not necessarily need to master each Pokmemon role, but knowing their common strategies will help you understand how and when they can be a threat.

All Roles and How to Play Each Role

Equipping the Wrong Held Items

Pokemon UNITE - The Player Attempting to Equip Sp. Atk Specs on Crustle

While you can technically equip any item to each Pokemon, you have to take into account what the Pokemon's key stat is to fully take advantage of the item's effect and stat bonus. Held Items give different stat bonuses that favors specific Pokemon through Physical and Special Attack Types. Though equipping Crustle with Sp. Atk. Specs is possible, it is not ideal and a waste of an item slot.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Not Upgrading Held Items

Pokemon UNITE - Leaving Shell Bell at Level 1

Initially, Held Items will only give your Pokemon a very minor stat boost when the item's level is low. Not upgrading Held Items can is a wasted opportunity to further strengthen you Pokemon.

Items like Muscle Band or Buddy Barrier have helpful stat boosts that help the Pokemon complement its strengths or mitigate its weaknesses when upgraded to high levels. The extra attack stat or HP that you get from items can mean life or death when faced with the enemy.

How to Upgrade Items

Sticking to the Potion Battle Item

Pokemon UNITE - Potion Battle Item Description

The Potion is a useful Battle Item for beginners, but gets overshadowed as you level up and unlock more powerful items. Though recovering HP is a useful effect, there are other ways to recover your health in the battlefield - staying at allied Goal Zones, consuming Yellow Berries, getting healed by your team's Supporter, etc.

This makes the Potion a bit redundant, and can be easily replaced by more practical items that enhance your Pokemon's damage output like X Attack or something flexible that can be used for offensive and defensive plays like the Eject Button.

Battle Item Tier List: Best Items to Use

Being a Toxic Player

Pokemon UNITE - Getting Knocked Down and Seeing the Respawn Timer

While in a match, you are expected to play your best and be a good team player. Though sometimes battles do not go as planned and losing can be a bummer, in any case, do not take out your frustrations on other people online. Remember, even though Pokemon UNITE is a competitive game, its overall goal is to give players a fun and exciting place to battle out with their favorite Pokemon!

Being AFK for Too Long

Pokemon UNITE - Snorlax Used Sleep

Time spent away from playing the game means losing precious time to farm Wild Pokemon and leveling up. It also means that you were unable to provide support to your teammates during clashes. Additionally, idling in matches can decrease your ranking in the Fair Play Points system. Having your meter low enough may locked you out on bonus rewards, or even certain game mode. Overall, please be considerate to other players by actually participating in the match!

What Happens When You Go AFK?

Leaving Matches Prematurely

Pokemon UNITE - Control the CPU In-Prompt

Deliberately quitting the battle means that you are leaving your teammates handicapped. When matches seem impossible to turn around in your team's favor, try to keep your ground and push through. Giving up entirely will remove any chances of winning the match, which is unfair for teammates that want to keep fighting.

When your team collectively wants to concede the match, you can initiate a vote leave the game without any penalties through surrendering.

How to Surrender

Spamming Quick Chats and Pings

Pokemon UNITE - Spamming Commands

One way to communicate with your teammates during matches are through the Quick Chat and Pings system. Avoid abusing this feature by constantly issuing random commands that do not benefit the team. Doing so will confuse your teammates, or even distract them as it takes up a part of their screen. Be sure to only use commands when deemed necessary!

Learn how to utilize the Quick Chat and Pings properly with this guide!

Quick Chat Guide

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