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Regice Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

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Regice is a Boss Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know what buff Regice gives, its spawn time, spawn locations, the effective strategy to take Regice, and more!

Regice Wild Pokemon Information

Pokemon UNITE - Regice Icon Points Generated:
20 pts
Wild Pokemon Type:
Effects / Description Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also increases their HP recovery speed for 90 seconds. Randomly rotates with Regirock and Registeel.
Spawn Time / Conditions 7:00
Respawn Timer 3:00
Map Availability Theia Sky Ruins

Regice Spawn Details

Regice Detailed Spawn Location

Theia Sky Ruins

See Full Image
Red IndicatorRed A random Regi-variant will spawn at this location.

Regice Spawn Time

Spawn Time 7:00

Regice spawns at the middle of the Bottom Lane when the match timer reaches the seven-minute (7:00) mark. It is one of three possible Regis that can spawn, the others being Regirock and Registeel.

Regice Respawn Details

Respawn Time 120 seconds

Regice will respawn 120 seconds after being defeated. It is possible to get up to three (3) objective spawns in one match if you manage to take defeat it quickly.

Regi Variants Spawn at Random

Pokemon UNITE - 3 Regis

Bottom Lane objective spawn is randomized. This means that Regice may not respawn and instead be replaced by the other Regi variants. Though unlikely, it is also possible to have three (3) Regice spawns in a single match.

Regirock IconRegirock Regice IconRegice Registeel IconRegisteel

Regice Buffs and Rewards

Points 20
Effect Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also increases their HP recovery speed for 90 seconds.

Grants EXP to the Whole Team

Pokemon UNITE - Grants EXP to Whole Team

The bonus EXP reward for defeating Regice will automatically take effect on each team member regardless of where they are when Regice is defeated. This makes stealing the Pokemon from the enemy team extra satisfying.

Provides Increased HP Recovery

Pokemon UNITE - Regice Buff.png

Regice's buff grants shields and an increase HP Recovery once defeated. You know a Regice Buff is active if circles on a blue orbit are encircling your Pokemon.

Note that the buff for defeating the other two Regi variants (Regirock and Registeel) is different. The colors of the circles also change depending on which Regi Buff is active.

Provides 5% HP Recovery per 3.5 seconds

As per our testing, gaining Regice's buff will provide HP recovery equal to 5% of Max HP of your current Pokemon every 3.5 seconds!

If your Pokemon has an HP of 6000, that's 300 HP per 3.5 seconds!

Points Only Given to Last Hitter

The points dropped by Regice will only be given to the player who deals the final hit. However, if that player's Aeos Energy is at full capacity when it defeats Regice, the points are dropped instead and can be picked up by other players.

Strategy to Beat Regice

Deal Constant Pressure

Pokemon UNITE - Deal Constant Pressure

Like other Regi variants, Regice is bulky and slow. Take advantage of this by kiting it with attacks from afar, if you have a ranged Pokemon. Otherwise, hit it with moves and circle around if you have a melee Pokemon.

Dodge Its Freeze Attacks

Pokemon UNITE - Avoid Ice Attacks

Getting hit by Regice's Icy Wind will freeze you in place, which opens you up for attacks from either the enemy team or Regice itself! Always try to actively dodge its attacks to save yourself from being wiped.

Fight Within Range to Maintain Aggro

Careful, being too far away from Regice may cause it to lose aggression and return to its spawn location. When this happens, it will be immune to attacks, and will recover HP rapidly. So, it is best to stay in the area at all times when securing the objective!

How to Steal Regice

Easy Secure With Burst Moves

Move Pokemon Strategy
Hyper Beam ImageHyper Beam Dragonite ImageDragonite Cycle between Boosted Attacks and Dragon Dance to charge up Hyper Beam to the max before bursting down the objective.
Brave Bird ImageBrave Bird Talonflame ImageTalonflame Utilize Brave Bird's long range to target the objective from afar and let the enemy do all the work. When the objective's HP is low enough, activate Brave Bird to swoop down and steal the objective.
Solar Beam ImageSolar Beam Venusaur ImageVenusaur Maneuver around the objective and constantly deal Standard Attacks. Once the objectives HP is low enough, burst them down with a Solar Beam. You can also line up the shot to hit the enemy team to get more value.
Solar Beam ImageSolar Beam Mew ImageMew Like with Venusaur, Mew's Solar Beam functions the same way. We suggest dropping Light Screen first before shooting the beam to amplify the damage.

When to Take Regice

Capture Whenever Possible

Pokemon UNITE - Capture Whenever Possible

Since Regice gives a large amount of EXP for the whole team, securing spawns will give your team the level advantage that can drastically increase your chances of winning the match.

For the best chance of securing Regice, make sure to rally the whole team near its spawn location and focus on picking off enemies first before contesting.

Regice Moves

Melee Attack

When Regice gets close, it will hit the Pokemon with a punch. Although this attack may not deal significant damage, taking too many hits can be dangerous if you are not careful.

Icy Wind

Regice breathes ice in a cone, dealing damage and freezing the Pokemon it hits. The best way to dodge this move is to move to the side, rather than away from the move.

Focus Blast

Regice charges then fires three (3) balls of energy in a straight line that deal damage while also slowing Pokemon down for a short time.

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