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How to Get Aeos Energy

How to Get Aeos Energy

This guide will teach you how to use the Energy Tank and how to get Aeos Energy in Pokemon UNITE! Read on to learn how to get Aeos Energy, what the Aeos Energy Cap is, and more!

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How to Get Aeos Energy

Playing Matches

Aeos Energy Result Screen.png

Game Mode Victory Points Defeat Points MVP Points
Standard Match +30 +20 +10
Ranked Match +30 +20 +10
Quick Match +15 +10 +5

The only way to farm Aeos Energy is by playing UNITE matches. The amount of Aeos Energy you get varies depending on the game mode you play as well as whether you win, lose, or get the MVP.

Aeos Energy Cap

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Energy Weekly Cap

1400 Weekly Limit

You can only get up to 1400 Aeos Energy per week. Once you reach the limit, the next Aeos Energy you get will not count.

Assuming you have a 50% win rate with your matches, you'd need to play a total of 56 Standard/Ranked Battles or 112 Quick Battles to reach the weekly limit. It's a bit tedious and time-consuming to do it all in one day, so keep playing daily to reach that weekly limit.

Beginner's Guide and Best Strategies

Can You Check the Aeos Energy Limit?

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Energy Limit Calculation

Aeos Energy Limit Calculation
Subtract the maximum limit with the current Aeos Energy as shown in the image above (1400 - 1380 = 20 Aeos Energy)

When Does the Energy Limit Reset?

Aeos Energy Limit Reset.png

The energy tank automatically resets to 1,400 Aeos Energy every Monday at 00:00 UTC.

Energy Tanks

Pokemon UNITE - Energy Tanks Inside the Inventory

Energy Tanks increases the Aeos Energy you receive every time you complete a match. However, you can only buy Energy Tanks with Aeos Gems.

Energy Boost Tanks

Energy Boost Tanks allows you to get additional energy after battle. Additionally, buying an Energy Boost Tank will automatically grant you with 1000 Aeos Energy.

Name Description Price
Pokemon UNITE - Energy Boost Tanks Energy Boost Tank Provides additional energy after battle equal to 1 times the normal amount Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Gemsx50
Pokemon UNITE - Energy Boost Tanks 4x SpeedEnergy Boost Tank
(4x Speed)
Provides additional energy after battle equal to 4 times the normal amount Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Gems x200

Extra-Energy Tank

Buying an Extra-Energy Tank will increase the Aeos Energy cap by 1000. The energy held in extra-energy tanks do not count toward the weekly energy limit.

Name Description Price
Pokemon UNITE - Extra Energy TanksExtra-Energy Tank Increases the Aeos Energy capacity by 1000 Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Gems x200

How to Use Aeos Energy

Pokemon UNITE - Energy Rewards Screen.png

Aeos Energy is used for the Energy Rewards Gacha System in the game. Once you have accumulated 100 Energy from playing UNITE Battles, it will be stocked up as a single roll of the Energy Reward Gacha. You can get random prizes such as Trainer Outfits,Holowear, Fashion Tickets or Holowear Tickets.

Energy Rewards Gacha: Items and Drop Rates

How Many Times Can I Use It?

You can only earn 30 items per day. After the 30th item, you will need to wait for the Daily Reset to start using it again.

When Do Events Reset?

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