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This is a guide on move types in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn what the different move types are, how they work, and when to use them.

What are Move Types?

Moves are Categorized According to Range and Effect

What Are Move Types.png

There are 9 Move Types available in Pokemon UNITE. Each move type determines how the move works, particularly its range and effect.

Move Types
Type Description
Move Type - Area.png Moves that affect units inside an area.
Move Type - Buff.png Moves that give benefitial effects to Pokemon.
Move Type - Debuff.png Moves that penalizes Pokemon, reducing their effectiveness in battle.
Move Type - Dash.png Moves that propel the Pokemon forward towards a particular direction.
Move Type - Hindrance.png Moves that stun or root Pokemon in place, preventing them from moving.
Move Type - Melee.png Moves that are performed at melee range.
Move Type - Ranged.png Moves that affect units in a wide arc.
Move Type - Recovery.png Moves that restore Pokemon HP..
Move Type - Sure Hit.png Moves that are unavoidable, and will definitely damage the target.

Moves can Have Two Move Types

Move with Two Types.png

Certain moves can have two move types, such as Lucario's Bone Rush. These moves have multiple effects.

Bone Rush: Lucario Move Effect and Cooldown

When to Use Each Move Type

Use Area Moves During Teamfights

Area Move.png

Area moves are most effective when used during teamfights or clashes. Cast these moves when the enemy is grouped closely to each other to maximize its effectiveness.

Move Pokemon Description
Petal Dance ImagePetal Dance Venusaur ImageVenusaur Venusaur scatters petals around them and increases their Movement Speed while damaging enemy Pokemon for a short duration.
Upgrade: The AOE's radius is increased.
Thunderstorm ImageThunderstorm Pikachu ImagePikachu Discharges lightning strikes to each opponent while also gaining a bonus to movement speed. Opponents within the radius will get struck by lightning while this move is active.
Whirlpool ImageWhirlpool Cramorant ImageCramorant Creates a whirpool that damages enemy Pokemon caught in it. The range of the move gradually becomes smaller, but the damage dealt increases. When the range of the move is reduced to its limit, the movement speed of opponents within its range decreases for a short amount of time. Also, if you enter the the whirpool, you can catch Arrokuda to regain HP.

Use Buffs Before Fights


Buff moves are best used before engaging in fights. This could discourage the enemy from fighting, which the team can take advantage of. Certain buff moves give shields to allies which can be used to save them from dying.

Move Pokemon Description
Bulk Up ImageBulk Up Machamp ImageMachamp When activated, increases movement speed and attack speed, and grants immunity from hindrances. It also empowers Machamp's next basic attack.
Cotton Guard ImageCotton Guard Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Protects nearby allies with a shield which absorbs damage, and after it ends, heals those affected. After upgrading, also increases the speed of affected allies.
Shell Smash ImageShell Smash Crustle ImageCrustle Converts defense and special defense into attack and special attack at a certain ratio. It also increases movement speed for a short amount of time.
Once upgraded, the conversion rate will be higher.

Use Debuffs on Priority Targets

Use Debuff Move.png

Debuff moves are best used on Pokemon that are strong. This weakens them, and makes it easier to defeat them. Debuff moves that slow enemies can be used against fleeing enemies, making it easier to catch up.

Move Pokemon Description
Sand Attack ImageSand Attack Garchomp ImageGarchomp Hurls sand at enemy Pokemon, reducing their field of vision. Increases Garchomp's movement speed and attack speed when it hits.
Guard Swap ImageGuard Swap Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Swaps Mr. Mime's Defense and Sp. Defense with another Pokemon. If an enemy Pokemon is targeted, it deals damage over time and slows their Movement Speed while increasing Mr. Mime's Movement Speed. If an ally Pokemon is targeted, it increases their Movement Speed for a short time.
Upgrade: Continually restores the HP of Mr. Mime and the ally Pokemon while this move's effect is active.
Psychic ImagePsychic Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime This move activated around Light Screen, Barrier, Mr. Mime, or a Guard-Swapped enemy Pokemon. When this attack hits, the opponent's Pokemon receives damage and their Sp. Def gets lowered for a short while. If the opponent's Pokemon is hit multiple times from this Move they will get stunned.
Upgrade: The movement speed of the opponent's Pokemon is also decreased.

Use Dash Moves to Catch Up or Escape

Use Dash Move.png

Dash moves are best used to close the distance between the Pokemon and the target. They are also an effective tool for escaping or fleeing from the enemy.

Move Pokemon Description
Aerial Ace ImageAerial Ace Talonflame ImageTalonflame Talonflame flies toward the opponent's Pokemon and attacks 3 times. In addition, the next attack becomes empowered.
Upgrade: The damage dealt increases.
Agility ImageAgility Zeraora ImageZeraora Has the user perform a quick dash and increases the user's basic attack speed for a short time afterward.
Dig ImageDig Garchomp ImageGarchomp Burrows underground and surges towards the target point, emerging from the ground when it hits an enemy Pokemon. Deals damage to nearby enemy Pokemon and knocks them back upon emerging. When used with Earthquake, increases Earthquake's area of effect.
When upgraded, increases movement speed.

Dash Moves Can Pass Through Walls

Move Types - Dash Through Walls.gif

A unique aspect with Dash moves is that it enable the Pokemon to pass through walls. Certain Dash moves that might look as if it cannot pass through walls actually can, such as Zeraora's Agility, and Cinderace's Flame Charge.

The trick here is to make sure that the length of the dash surpasses the wall, as seen in the image. If the length of the dash is shorter than the wall, the Pokemon will just stay in place, and won't pass through the wall.

Use Hindrance Moves to Setup Kills

Hindrance moves are best used to setup kills. Once disabled, the team can burst the enemy down with their moves. This can also be a great way to catch up to fleeing enemies.

Move Pokemon Description
Barrier ImageBarrier Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Places a translucent wall in the designated area that prevents enemy Pokemon from passing through. This Move has 2 charges.
Upgrade: Increases this Move's number of charges.
Electroweb ImageElectroweb Pikachu ImagePikachu Throws an electric net, stunning the enemy Pokemon.
Yawn ImageYawn Snorlax ImageSnorlax A big yawn that makes the opponent's Pokemon drowsy. The Pokemon of the opponent who got hit will fall asleep.
After the upgrade, the movement speed of the opponent's Pokemon will be slowed down for a while when hit.

Use Meele Moves On a Nearby Enemy

Use Melee Move.png

Melee moves are best used on enemies who come too close to the user. The downside of melee moves is it tends to put Pokemon in a vulnerable position, especially when cast right in the middle of a big teamfight. This is also effective against Dash moves since it propels the enemy closer to the user.

Move Pokemon Description
Close Combat ImageClose Combat Machamp ImageMachamp Moves towards the target point, throwing multiple punches while moving, and becoming immune to hindrances. The last punch deals increased damage.
When upgraded, afflicted enemy Pokemon takes extra damage from Close Combat.
Double Slap ImageDouble Slap Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff Attack continuously toward the front. When it hits, it damages the opponent's Pokemon and slows down their movement speed for a while.
After the upgrade, the number of attacks will increase.
Dragon Claw ImageDragon Claw Garchomp ImageGarchomp Dashes forward, slashing twice in front. The first slash knocks back enemy Pokemon. The second slash is a boosted attack. After the move ends, increases Garchomp's attack speed for a duration.
When upgraded, increases damage dealt by Dragon Claw.

Use Ranged Moves to Kite Enemies

Use Ranged Move.png

Ranged moves are best used for kiting enemies from a distance. Spamming ranged moves can chip away the enemy's HP from a safe distance. They can also be used to kill fleeing enemies, although it is quite difficult to aim properly.

Move Pokemon Description
Icy Wind ImageIcy Wind Alolan Ninetales ImageAlolan Ninetales Breathes a freezing wind at a target. If an enemy is hit, nearby enemy Pokemon will also take damage and movement speed will be decreased.
Pyro Ball ImagePyro Ball Cinderace ImageCinderace Kicks a ball of fire at the targeted area, damaging each opponent it hits and inflicts burn for a short amount of time.
Once upgraded, the cooldown for "Flame Charge" or "Feint" will be reduced when the move hits.
Shadow Ball ImageShadow Ball Gengar ImageGengar Throws a mass of shadow at the enemy. If the attack hits, it slows down the enemy and decreases their Sp. Defense.
Upgrade: The damage dealt increases

Use Recovery Moves to Get Back in the Fight

Use Recovery Move.png

Recovery moves are best used away from fights. If low on HP, get to a safe distance or hide in grass to recover HP, then quickly get back to the fight. They can also be used to prolong battles that could turn things around.

Move Pokemon Description
Amnesia  ImageAmnesia Slowbro ImageSlowbro Cancels some damage that is not yet effective. It cannot be interrupted and will boost your defence. The damage dealt by "Scald" and "Surf" increases for one charge.
After the upgrade, the special attack goes up as well.
Giga Drain ImageGiga Drain Venusaur ImageVenusaur Abosrbs the HP of enemy Pokemon within range. This move deals damage to enemy Pokemon while restoring the HP of Ivysaur. Venusaur also receives reduced damage for a short while.
Upgrade: The HP restored by this Move is increased.
Synthesis ImageSynthesis Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Restores HP to itself and nearby allies.

Use Sure-Hit to Secure a Kill

Use Sure Hit Move.png

Sure-Hit moves are the best move type in the game. They are unavoidable and can guarantee a kill. Use these moves to last-hit enemies, and especially wild Pokemon like Zapdos.

Move Pokemon Description
Blaze Kick ImageBlaze Kick Cinderace ImageCinderace Attacks an opponent with a flaming kick and knocks them back.
Once upgraded, the move cannot be interrupted, and normal attack speed is increased for a short amount of time when the move hits.
Electro Ball ImageElectro Ball Pikachu ImagePikachu Hurls an electric orb, damaging and stunning enemy Pokemon within the area of effect.
When upgraded, increases the damage dealt by Electro Ball.
Seismic Slam ImageSeismic Slam Charizard ImageCharizard Soars into the sky and can move unimpeded across the arena. Standard attacks used during this time have their damage increased and can inflict Burn on enemy Pokemon as well as recovering the user's HP. Using this move again while in the sky will have the user grab its target and slam them into the ground.

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