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This is a guide on how to play the Supporter Role in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to play Supporters, their strengths and weaknesses, the best lanes, as well as the best Supporter Pokemon!

How to Play Supporter

Always Stick with Allies

Pokemon UNITE - Winter Tournament Eldegoss Muscle Band Build

Supporters are most effective when they stick with their allies throughout the game since they can't do much alone. Supporters make plays by shielding their allies with helpful buffs or disrupting enemies during battles.

Keep an Eye on Your Teammates

Teamfights tend to get messy often, and as a Supporter, your job is to provide your utility to those who need it the most. Keep an eye on your teammate's health as well as the enemies' locations during a team fight, so you can adjust your healing and/or debuffing accordingly.

It is important to preemptively bolster your teammates before a clash happens as most players use their moves as soon as they see a target. You should always know when to stay back or get close to a fight to increase your chances of surviving when things get out of hand.

Never Engage in Fights Alone

Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Pushing with Allies

Supporters function more effectively when paired with other teammates as most of their kits revolve around providing aid and support. Since Supporters generate a lot of extra advantages for the team and can transition well later when they have strong enough abilities to buff and debuff accordingly, they are often high-priority targets that are susceptible to being ganked.

Help your Allies Farm EXP

Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Mr. Mime Shooting a Confusion at Enemies

Although it is generally advised to get level up as fast as possible to get to your move upgrades, it is important for Supporters to let their teammates level up first before they do. This means that you should give the last hit when farming Wild Pokemon to your allies so that they can get the full amount of EXP. Supporters usually have great early game moves that are enough to sustain themselves and their allies. So, EXP should be given to an Attacker or an All-Rounder so they can get powerful quickly.

Exp. Share is a Supporter Staple

Exp. Share is a great Held Item for Supporters as it helps you properly distribute EXP to your allies. On top of that, you will get a bonus to Movement Speed, which allows you to improve your positioning whenever there is a team fight.

Exp. Share Effect and How to Get

Make Sacrifice Plays

Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Defending Ally.png

As much as possible, when an ally is being targetted, diverge the enemies' attention by putting yourself in front of them, giving your ally time to escape.

Among the roles, it's always the Supporter's job to sacrifice itself to save an ally since they can't do much without an ally to support. Saving the team's damage dealers is the Supporter's top priority.

Best Supporters

Supporter Pokemon Tier List


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Hoopa ImageHoopa S Rank Icon Top / Bot
Hoopa definitely changed the meta when it was introduced. With Hyperspace Hole and Rings Unbound, players can easily assemble their teams towards a target. Not having Hoopa in a team is a huge miss!

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Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Blissey ImageBlissey S Rank Icon Bot
Blissey has one of the best support moves in the game. The amount of value you get from an AoE Helping Hand and Safeguard easily tips the advantage to the team who has it. Additionally, running both Egg Bomb and Soft-Boiled turns Blissey into a healing and crowd control machine.

Blissey Guide: Builds and Best Items

Supporter Best Lanes

Top Lane

Top Lane supporters should utilize moves that hinder the opponent from scoring goals. It is good to help your lane partner zone out your opponents with debuffs for early lane dominance, especially for contesting Rotom.

Top Lane Guide

Bottom Lane

Supporters can help reinforce teammates with buffs or recover lost HP in early clashes with the opposing team. Bottom Lane supporters need to help their lane partner farm experience as fast as possible to maintain level parity with the opponent.

Bottom Lane Guide

Supporter Pokemon Strengths

Strong Support Moveset

Supporter - Eldegoss Shield
What Supporters lack in dealing damage, they make up for by providing shields and inflicting status effects. Their moves range from healing allies and giving them buffs to inflicting opponents with stun, sleep, and decreasing their stats.

List of All Status Effects

Supporter Pokemon Weaknesses

Low Endurance

Supporters have low HP and can easily fall in battle when they get focused down. They mostly rely on moves that hinder enemy movement to get out of dangerous situations.

Low Offense

The damage output and scoring capabilities of Supporters are not the best compared to other roles. They do just enough in contributing to the overall offense of a team, but ultimately lose out to other roles in terms of dealing damage.

Pokemon Unite Supporter Role

What are Supporters?

Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Full Roster

Supporters are Pokemon that primarily focus on assisting teammates throughout a game. They perform this task through a variety of methods such as applying heals and buffs for allies, or by inflicting status debuffs on enemies.

List of All Supporter Pokemon

Why Should You Play Supporter?

The Supporter role is heavily centered around generating advantages and opportunities for their teammates to capitalize on. Like in other MOBAs, they offer a utility that allows their teammates to perform at their best by either enhancing their damage output or keeping them alive for longer. Successful clashes are often determined by how effectively the supporter can give their team an edge during lane fights and big pushes later in the game.

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