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This is a guide on how to get to Master Rank in a solo queue in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to rank up while playing solo, best Pokemon to use, general solo queue tips, and more!

How to Rank up in Solo Queue

Pick the Bottom Lane or Jungle

Pokemon UNITE Lucario 03.jpeg

Stick to the Bottom Lane so you can be near the beach area when taking Drednaw objective. Try to score goals as much as you can while preventing any level disparity between you and your opponents.

Alternatively, opt for being the team's Jungler if no one picks it. This makes sure that your team can take advantage of the extra EXP and Aeos Energy from farming Wild Pokemon in the central area. Moreover, having control of the central part of the map gives you and your team extra range in sight for better map awareness. It also allows you to transition to capturing Drednaw while having the support of your allies at the bot lane.

Make Your Role and Lane Clear

Lane Roles Prep.png
Before starting a battle, it is highly recommended that you let your teammates know which lane you plan to take using the Battle Prep mechanic. You can also repeat calling out your role or lane via the quick-chat to make your intentions extra clear to your teammates.

Fill a Role when Needed

As you climb the ranks, you may run into teammates that completely disregard the team's overall composition in favor of using the only Pokemon they know. If you feel like your team will underperform in certain aspects like in defense or support, be willing to fill the necessary roles to prevent any potential role-related problems that may occur.

Be Prepared to Give Up a Lane

You may come across teammates who will unexpectedly shift to a different route making a lane awkwardly overcrowded. You can try to stand your ground and use the Quick Chat mechanic to communicate that you wish to stay in the lane.

However, if it takes too long, it is best to just give up the lane and adjust accordingly for the sake of maintaining a balanced lane. It may be frustrating to do so, but clogging up a lane or having two junglers will certainly make one of your lanes weak and easily exploited by the enemy.

Avoid Stealing EXP from Allies

Jungler Ignore Aipom.png

Always consider the level of your teammates while you farm Wild Pokemon in the lanes. The aim is to let each teammate get the necessary EXP they need to level up and get better stats for their Pokemon. Doing so will increases your team's overall survivability as you contest objectives and Goal Zones throughout the game. This also prevent feeding unnecessary EXP to the enemy, and losing potential scores because of a level disparity.

Best Farming Routes for Jungle, Top, and Bottom

Be Willing to Share Wild Pokemon

Jungle Farm Combees.png
The Combees and the Vespiquen in the lanes are a great source of EXP early on in the match. If you have a teammate who has yet to evolve their Pokemon, be sure to let them deal the last hit so they can get the EXP they need to level up.

List of Wild Pokemon and Spawn Times

Utilize the Mini Map

Jungler Mini map.png

The Mini Map is an excellent tool to keep you updated on the state of the battlefield. Utilizing it allows you to make informed decisions on where to go and, more importantly, where to be. Pay attention to where your enemies are located based on the sight given by your allies, and decide whether it is best to transition to a lane of defend Goal Zones or provide extra offense. Use the Mini Map keep close tabs on unprotected lanes, Wild Pokemon spawn locations, team pings and alerts.

Vision Guide: How Does Vision (Sight) Work?

Focus On Scoring Goals Over Kills

Best Goal Timing Header 1 Image.png

While it is tempting to just engage in combat with opponents, scoring goals is still an integral part of the match. Remember, you can only advance in rank by winning games, so knocking down your opponents is irrelevant if they are scoring points and you are not. It is best to take initiative and be the dependable teammate who brings the team to victory by actually scoring points in the match.

Keep in mind that you will receive additional EXP each time you score goals. So, make sure you consistently score goals to maintain a lead in points and gain a level advantage over your opponents!

Scoring Guide: When to Score Goals

Equip Scoring Related Items

Item Description
Score Shield.pngScore Shield While the Pokemon is attempting to score a goal, it is granted a shield equal to (5/7.5/10)% of its max HP and its goals cannot be interrupted while it is shielded.
Attack Weight.pngAttack Weight When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Attack increases by (6/9/12).
Sp. Atk. Specs.pngSp. Atk. Specs When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Sp. Attack increases by (8/12/16).
Aeos Cookie.pngAeos Cookie When the Pokemon scores a goal, its max HP increases by (100/150/200).

Since you will be focused on scoring, it is best to equip Held Items that give your Pokemon a permanent stat increase every time you successfully score a goal. Items like Score Shield increases your max HP while protecting you from being interrupted when attempting to score and Attack Weight which makes physical damage dealers like Machamp and Cinderace more deadly.

It is important to note that you get the stat increase each time you score, not based on the amount of points scored. This incentivizes you for consistently scoring in the early parts of the game, and getting a sizeable advantage that will keep growing as you keep knocking down opponents and scoring.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Destroy Enemy Goal Zones

Drednaw Destroy Goal.png

Benefits of Destroying Goal Zones
• The opponent's Lane Flux disappears.
• Opponents cannot heal or get shields.
• The opponent's Yellow Berries will not spawn anymore.

Destroying an enemy Goal Zone will greatly hinder the opponents movement, and will open the lanes for your team to take advantage.

Rotate for Drednaw

Drednaw Spawn Alert.png

It is no secret that the team who consistently captures Drednaw will get a significant advantage going forward. That is why you have to do your best to rally your teammates for taking the Drednaw objective every time it spawns. Since there is a lack of direct communication, be sure to use pings from the Quick Chat mechanic like Lets defeat Dreadnaw together! or Gather Here.

Strength in Numbers

Drednaw Speedster Backup.png

The most efficient way to capture Drednaw is to have a number advantage. This way, you can defeat Drednaw fast while pushing back opponents who get too close. Have your team's jungler and one ally from the Top Lane to go down to the beach area before the 7:00 minute mark to get in position. By then, you will have around four allies with you at the bot lane while one defends the top. It may look like an overwhelming strategy, but the getting Drednaw's rewards will be valuable in getting ahead of the opponent.

Drednaw Buff and Spawn Time

Do Not Give Up Until Zapdos Spawns

Zapdos Priority.png

No matter how large the enemy's lead is, do not surrender the match until Zapdos spawns. Capturing Zapdos can literally turn a potential loss into a victory if your team manages to steal it.

Zapdos Buff and How to Steal

Best Pokemon for Solo Queue

Recommended Pokemon for Solo Queue
Absol ImageAbsol Pikachu ImagePikachu Greninja ImageGreninja Tsareena ImageTsareena

Solo Queue Tier List:
Best Pokemon for Solo Queue Ranked Matches

Though you can pick any Pokemon to fill roles accordingly, it is generally a good idea to stick with Pokemon that are either versatile or the best in their role.


Pokemon Role Best Lane
Absol ImageAbsol Speedster Jungle
Absol is currently the best Pokemon in the current meta. Its incredibly high critical-hit damage can knock out any Pokemon within seconds, even high-endurance Pokemon. You can easily carry games by yourself with this Pokemon.

Absol Guide: Builds and Best Items


Pokemon Role Best Lane
Pikachu ImagePikachu Attacker Top / Bot
Pikachu is a versitle Pokemon that can deal tons of Sp. Atk. damage or provide offensive support for its allies, making it a stable pick in any team. Its kit is a perfect balance of single-target burst damage and area crowd control with the bonus of having long cast range. Pikachu is a perfect pick for any rank, especially for Beginners.

Pikachu Guide: Builds and Best Items


Pokemon Role Best Lane
Greninja ImageGreninja Attacker Top / Jungle
Greninja is an Attacker with the mobility of a Speedster, making it a true assassin. It can take on groups of enemies with its illusiveness and high Physical damage, especially if given a decent level advantage. Although it has a high skill ceiling, Greninja can also easily take over games once mastered.

Greninja Guide: Builds and Best Items


Pokemon Role Best Lane
Tsareena ImageTsareena All-Rounder Any
Tsareena is a tough frontliner that can dish out damage and tank it as well. Its strength comes from its ability, Queenly Majesty, which gives its moves bonus effects and resets their cooldown, allowing you to perform endless combos against groups of enemies. Although fairly weak in the early game, once Tsareena reaches level 6, its power just grows exponentially from there.

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items

Solo Queue Tips

Be Flexible

Since you'll be matched randomly, you may encounter problems during the picking phase all the way to the end of the match. It's best to be flexible and adjust your pick and playstyle based on the circumstances.

Adjusting your Pick

If the Pokemon you prefer has been selected by one of your teammates, picking a Pokemon based on your team's lineup is the best option. Try to think of what your team lacks or needs, then adjust accordingly.

If you think your team needs more damage, considering picking an Attacker or All-Rounder. If nobody on your team wants to take the Jungle, Speedsters are your best bet. If your team are all fragile Pokemon, pick a Defender or a Supporter.

Best Team Comp (Updated June 22)

Changing your Playstyle

Even if you have a strong Pokemon lineup, things can get chaotic when the match begins. It's best to always be ready to change your playstyle depending on how the game is going.

If you have a considerable lead, you can get aggressive and push your lead even further by constantly hunting targets, securing objectives, and pushing lanes. Just be sure not to be overconfident and allow the enemy to catch up, especially when Zapdos spawns.

However, if your team is struggling and can't fight the enemy team head-on, the best strategy is to focus on leveling up and defending your goal zones. If possible, try to steal objectives from the enemy team or sneak in a few goals to slow down their momentum but avoid fully engaging in a fight. The goal of this strategy is to make sure that the team will be strong enough to win a teamfight against the enemy when Zapdos spawns.

Avoid Getting Tilted

Often times, you may experience getting queued up with teammates who are not committing to lanes, feeding the enemy unnecessary EXP, not defending Goal Zones, being AFK, etc. Overall, it can be very frustrating dealing with teammates who are playing independently and not communicating their intentions properly. The best thing to do is just play as intended, stick to your game plans, and hope that they will cooperate as the match progresses. Remember, playing with anger will not help you climb the ranks in any way.

Take Note of How You Play

Part of developing your skills and becoming a good player is knowing where you can improve. After every match, look back and assess how you played. You can use the Spectate Mode feature to watch your previous matches and take note of all the strategies you made and see what works or what does not. Moreover, if you want to reevaluate your skills, you can always go back and play Standard Battles in the meantime.

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