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Fair Play Points: How to Get and Lose

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This is a guide for the Fair Play Points system in Pokemon Unite for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to know what are Fair Play Points, Fair Play Points rewards, how to get and lose Fair Play Points, and more!

How to Get Fair Play Points

Match Type Points
Ranked Match +2 points
Random Battle +2 points
CPU Battle +1 point

Play Normally

Players can get Fair Play Points from completing full matches, regardless if their team wins or not. Defeat enemies, score points, help teammates - just play the game as intended and you will be good to go!

Fair Play Points Limit

Pokemon UNITE - Fair Play Points Good

The maximum Fair Play Points a player can have is 100 points. Note that you can only receive up to 5 Fair Play points a day, which means you will have to play for multiple days if your Fair Play Points are low.

Why Did I Lose Fair Play Points?

Condition Points
Abandoning a Matchmade Team -1 point
Idling in Battle (Short-Term) -2 points
Idling in Battle (Extended) -5 points
Getting Reported After a Match -10 points

Abandoning a Matchmade Team

Pokemon UNITE - Matchmaking Ready
You can lose 1 Fair Play Point for not hitting Ready, and letting the timer reach 0 during matchmaking. When the timer runs out, you will be returned to the main menu. Be sure that you are prepared for a match so you will not delay games!

Can Safely Leave When Searching for Lobbies

Pokemon UNITE - Searching for Lobbies
When searching for lobbies, the wait time can exceed the estimation. When the wait time gets too long, you can safely cancel searching for lobbies without losing Fair Play Points.

Idling in Battle

Pokemon UNITE - Snorlax Idling During a Match

Short Extended
Idle for 1:00 → 1:59 Idle for 2:00 → End of the Match

You can also get deducted Fair Play Points by being idle or AFK during matches. Note that you will still be considered as idle when you get disconnected from the match because of connection errors.

Being idle for a short time will deduct 2 Fair Play Points, while being idle for a long time will deduct 5 Fair Play Points. Moreover, your Fair Play Points will still be deducted even if your team wins the match.

What Happens When You Go AFK

Getting Reported After a Match

Pokemon Unite - Fair Play Points Report a Player

At the result screen, you can report players who showed disruptive behavior by Reporting them at the results screen. The report will still need to be verified by the game server before it can take effect. When the report is successful, the reported player will lose a minimum of 10 Fair Play Points if proven to be deserving of the penalty. They will also lose additional Fair Play Points if they were idling during the match.

Important: Only report players who are constantly idle or misbehaving during the match.

Fair Play Points Rewards and Penalties

Fair Play Points Effect
Can claim reward.
Cannot claim reward.
Banned from playing Rank Matches.
Banned from playing Rank Matches and Random Matches.

Fair Play Points Rewards

Pokemon UNITE - Fair Play Rewards

Can Claim Free Aeos Coins

If you have 90-100 Fair Play Points, you can get 20 Aeos Coins as a reward from the Fair Play Points screen. The reward can be claimed every day, as long as you maintain a high number of Fair Play Points!

Fair Play Points Penalties

Pokemon UNITE - Low Fair Play Points

Cannot Claim Free Aeos Coins

Players who have fewer than 90 Fair Play Points can no longer claim the 20 Aeos Coins reward everyday. It may be just a small number of free coins, but it can add up if you are playing every day.

Banned from Game Modes

When you reach fewer than 80 Fair Play Points, you will not be able to join Rank Matches. Moreover, if your Fair Play Points drops below 60 points, you will not be able to join Random Matches as well.

The only way that they can recover Fair Play Points is to play with bots in CPU Matches. Note that you can still lose Fair Play Points when playing this mode. So, it is best to be on your best behavior to fix your rating!

How to Play With Bots

How to Check Fair Play Points

Access From the Trainer Menu

Pokemon UNITE - Fair Play Points Screen

While in the Main Menu, access the Trainer Menu. Once inside, select your Trainer Card and select the Fair-Play points tab.

Check Penalty Record

Pokemon UNITE - Fair Play Points Penalty Record

Nintendo Switch

You can check your Penalty Record by pressing the Y Button Switch.png button while at the Fair Play Points screen. It will show a log for all the deductions in points that you have received, as well as the Battle Mode and reason.


Pokemon UNITE - Penalty Notification

The Penalty Record is currently unavailable for the Mobile version of the game. You will, however, recieve mail in your mail box from the system about a penalty you incurred. There is a chance that Tencent will add the Penalty Record feature soon, stay tuned for updates!

What Are Fair Play Points?

In-Game Reputation

Pokemon UNITE - Fair Play Points Meter

Fair Play Points are the score that show the quality of a player’s conduct. Players can lose Fair Play Points by delaying matches, leaving matches prematurely, and not playing at all. However, they can recover their points if they play appropriately during matches.

It is important to remember that there are other players who are expecting to have a fair and competitive game. So, it is best to be considerate and play the game properly!

Encourages Unity

Pokemon Unite - Teammwork
Since winning a match relies on proper coordination and teamwork, the Fair Play system motivates players to be a good team player. This promotes competitiveness, which translates into an enjoyable match!

Separates Troublesome Players

Players who have low Fair Play Points can be banned from playing certain matches completely. This will help prevent misbehaving players from playing online matches until their Fair Play Points are high enough.

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3 Anonymousover 2 years

It says you will get deducted from 1-8 points, but why is there another additional 10?

2 Anonymousalmost 3 years

Just play the game like usual, defeat the enemy team and just have fun you will get them back in no time!


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