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This page lists the common MOBA terms used by players in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn the different Pokemon terms, Maps terms, Gameplay terms, and more!

MOBA Glossary and Terminologies

Pokemon Terms

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These MOBA terms are used to describe player-controlled characters.

Term Explanation
Hero or Champion Refers to a player-controlled Pokemon
Glass Cannon A Pokemon with a high damage output but low Endurance.
Jungler A player who mainly stays in the Central part of the arena instead of Lanes.
Minions Refers to the Wild Pokemon that spawns all over the map.
Skills or Abilities Refers to the Pokemon's moveset.
Squishy A vulnerable teammate or enemy with low HP and defenses.
Tank Refers to a Pokemon with high defense and endurance that make up the front line during team fights.
Ultimate Refers to the Pokemon's Unite Move.

Map Terms

Map with highlight.png
These MOBA terms are used to describe aspects of the map.

Term Explanation
Bot (Bottom) Lane Refers to the Bottom path of the arena.
Bush/Brush Refers to the patches of grass found in the arena where players can hide themselves in.
Fog Refers to the gray areas of the map that are not visible for each team.
Jungle Refers to the large open area in Central part of the arena. Often used by Junglers for Farming Wild Pokemon.
Objectives Refers to certain targets or locations that are important in helping a team win. Examples in this game include Goal Zones and Boss Pokemon.
Ping Refers to tactical alerts placed on the map to give teammates more information. Often used with the Quick Chat mechanic during matches.
Roam A term for wandering around the arena to look for opportunities at potential ganking or objective taking.
Top Lane Refers to the Top path of the arena.
Tower Refers to each team's Goal Zones.

Gameplay Terms

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These MOBA terms are used to describe different game mechanics and features.

Term Explanation
Ace A term for taking down the entire enemy team within a short span of time.
AFK The abbreviation for "away from keyboard". It refers to a player who leaves the game without quitting the match.
AoE The abbreviation for "Area of Effect". Refers to Pokemon moves that can hit multiple opponents in an area rather than a single target.
Backdooring A term for sneaking into and scoring at the enemy's Goal Zone without alerting enemies to your location.
Buff A Status Effect that gives your Pokemon beneficial boost to their performance.
Cheese A term for using unconventional strategies, often times with low risk and high reward.
Cooldown Refers to the time it takes for moves to recharge before it can be used again.
Debuff A Status Effect that negatively impacts your Pokemon's capabilities.
Early/Mid/Late-Game Refers to a specific in-game timeframe.
Early-game: 10:00 to 7:01
Mid-game: 07:00 to 2:01
Late-game: 2:00 to 00:00
Farm The process of defeating Wild Pokemon for EXP and Aeos Energy.
Feed Refers to when a player repeatedly gets taken out by the opponent, giving them easy EXP and points.
Flank Refers to attacking an opponent from the sides or behind, cutting off their escape routes.
Gank Refers to ambushing an enemy with one or more players.
Harass To continuously annoy an enemy player with strong attacks and moves while not allowing them to retaliate.
Kite The process of backing away from enemies while simultaneously using ranged attacks.
Peel The act of protecting an ally by creating space between them and an enemy.
Push A term for moving towards the enemy's Goal Zone.
Snowball The process of gaining an advantage early on and capitalizing on it repeatedly until the enemy can no longer fight back properly.
Teamfight/Clash The event when the two opposing teams or majority of them engage in a grueling battle.
Zone/Zoning A tactic used for stopping enemies from entering a certain area to prevent them from securing objectives and/or gaining EXP.

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Updates and Patch Notes

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Version 1.4

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Version 1.3

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Version 1.2

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Version 1.1

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