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Best Pokemon for Beginners

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This is a guide on the best Pokemon to use early on in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn which Pokemon are the easiest and best to get started with for beginner players.

Best Starter Pokemon for Beginners

Pokemon UNITE - Starter Pokemon Screen

After completing the tutorial you are given 5 Unite License to choose from. You can choose from, Pikachu, Eldegoss, Snorlax, Charizard, and Talonflame. You can only choose one, so choose wisely! We recommend Pikachu for the reasons below!
Best Starter Pokemon and All Starters


"Pikachu is a Pokémon that excels at attacking opponents from far away with electricity. Sometimes the attacks even leave opposing Pokémon paralyzed!"
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon Attacker Ranged Novice

Pikachu is the best starter Pokemon among all the other starter Pokemon, primarily due to its arsenal of high-damaging moves and extremely long range. Pikachu's moves also have the ability to paralyze targets, which grants plenty of follow-up opportunities for you and your team.

Pikachu Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Attacker for Beginners

Pokemon UNITE - Attacker Line-Up

If you want to be the one dealing damage in your games then picking an Attacker will be the way to go! They have high damaging Moves that can rack up damage fast, making them focused on being offensive Pokemon.

Attacker Guide: How to Play Attackers

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales
"Alolan Ninetales uses moves that freeze its opponents in ice, making them unable to move or attack."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon Attacker Ranged Intermediate

Alolan Ninetales is a great Attacker to master because of its easy to learn combos and straightforward gameplay. It has moves that can deal high damage and can inflict freeze. Alolan Ninetales can be a force to be reckoned with.

Alolan Ninetales Guide: Builds and Best Items


"Cinderace doesn’t just have high attack power—it’s also got the speed to drive opponents crazy."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
SS Rank Icon Attacker Ranged Novice

Cinderace is another solid choice for novice attackers. This particular Pokemon offers incredibly high damage that scales very well into the later stages of a match. It also has one of the best mobility moves on the roster.

Cinderace Guide: Builds and Best Items


"If its moves land successfully, Venusaur can deal a huge amount of damage to its opponents, even from far away."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
SS Rank Icon Attacker Ranged Intermediate

Venusaur is one of the most versatile Attackers on the roster. It can dominate both melee and ranged fights thanks to its flexible playstyles. Once mastered, you will find Venusaur as a great Pokemon for climbing the Ranked Ladder.

Venusaur Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Speedster for Beginners

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Line-Up

Want to be a menace that runs around the map, giving the enemy team a hard time by helping your teammates anywhere you are needed? Speedsters are the Pokemon that can do just that! With their high mobility, they can go top or bottom in a flash and gank enemy Pokemon!

Speedster Guide: How to Play Speedsters


"Absol is a Pokémon that can close the distance in an instant and deal massive amounts of damage."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
SS Rank Icon Speedster Melee Expert

Absol is the best starter Speedster due to how easy this particular Pokemon is to pick up and learn compared to the other Speedsters on the roster. Its high mobility and ability to deal insane damage with its critical hits make it an excellent Pokemon for scrappy fights and situations.

Absol Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best All-Rounder for Beginners

Pokemon UNITE - All-Rounder Line-Up

Offense? Check. Durability? Check. All-Rounder Pokemon can both deal and take damage all day long. They are the jack-of-all-trades of the team, ones who can adapt to different roles when the need arises. What they lack in a core playstyle, they make up for with versatility and unpredictability.

All-Rounder Tier List: Best All-Rounders


"A well-balanced All-Rounder that excels on isolating enemies to deal massive critical damage."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon All-Rounder Melee Novice

Azumarill is one of the easiest All-Rounders to start with. Thanks to its easy to aim moves, you will find the Pokemon as a great entry point as to what All-Rounders can offer. Although its Huge Power mechanic may limit your playstyle, it is the easiest passive ability to understand compared to other All-Rounders in the roster.

Azumarill Guide: Builds and Best Items


"Tsareena is ready to glide, kick, and stomp its way to victory."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon All-Rounder Melee Expert

Tsareena is a powerful All-Rounder that can sustain itself with healing moves and deal consistent damage with its Queenly Majesty mechanic. If you are looking for a Pokemon that can dominate lanes just by pressing buttons, look no further than Tsareena!

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items


"Lucario is a well-balanced Pokémon that combines speed and attack power."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
A Rank Icon All-Rounder Melee Expert

Lucario has great damage and mobility moves that are deadly if you manage to land them. Moreover, Lucario is difficult to take down thanks to its passive ability, Steadfast, making it a fun All-Rounder Pokemon to play!

Lucario Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Defender for Beginners

Pokemon UNITE - Defender Line-Up

Defender Pokemon are durable Pokemon that can take a lot of damage. Not only are they hard to knock down, but they also have moves that can disrupt the enemy team, making sure they won't ignore you!

Defender Guide: How to Play Defenders


"Snorlax can take a lot of hits. It’s a dependable Pokémon that can protect its allies from harm."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon Defender Melee Novice

Snorlax is an excellent Defender Pokemon to get into being a defender. Snorlax has a ton of health that allows you to take a lot of damage and disabling moves that can interrupt the enemy team, making him effective in any situation.

Snorlax Guide: Builds and Best Items


"No matter the situation, Slowbro goes about life at its own pace. With its characteristic high defense and blissful unawareness, Slowbro is unfazed by opponents’ attacks."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon Defender Ranged Intermediate

Unlike other Defenders in the roster, Slowbro specializes in disabling single targets with its Telekinesis and Slowbeam. It also has high durability, allowing you to stay on the battlefield and disrupt the opposing team much longer.

Slowbro Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Supporter for Beginners

Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Line-Up

Supporter Pokemon focuses on strengthening their team, making sure they have an advantage when going into fights. They can do this in a variety of ways, from healing to buffing teammates or debuffing enemies. Whatever they do, they can be vital in setting up the team for victory!

Supporter Guide: How to Play Supporters


"Eldegoss is a master supporter that can restore its allies’ HP and boost their movement speed."
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
A Rank Icon Supporter Ranged Novice

Eldegoss' long-range and extremely useful utility easily makes it the best starting Supporter Pokemon for those looking to help their team. It can support the team with heals and barriers while chipping away at enemies with decent damage from afar.

Eldegoss Guide: Builds and Best Items


"Blissey is a Pokémon that excels at supporting its allies with moves that restore HP, cure status conditions, or empower allies!"
Tier: Role: Attack Type: Difficulty:
S Rank Icon Supporter Melee Novice

Blissey is a support powerhouse thanks to its healing and buffing abilities. Don't be fooled, its high durability and surprisingly high damage output make it a dependable Pokemon for any team to have.

Blissey Guide: Builds and Best Items

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