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This is a guide on how to play the All-Rounder Role in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn what All-Rounders are, their strengths and weaknesses, how to play All-Rounder Pokemon, and more!

Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Role

What are All-Rounders?

All-Rounder Roster.png
All-Rounders are Pokmeon that have a perfect balance of offense and endurance. They are designed to be dependable, and can operate on their own.

List of All All-Rounder Pokemon

Why Should You Play All-Rounder?

The All-Rounder role is for players who are willing to constantly change their tactics on the fly in the dynamic nature of MOBAs. They are suited for players that don't want focus on a specific archetype. Instead, they aim to offer support by being able to transition between roles - albeit with a reduced capacity - as the game goes on. Generally, All-Rounders are good dealing at damage and providing some sort of crowd control.

Best All-Rounders

Best All-Rounder Pokemon
Lucario ImageLucario Lucario is a well-balanced Pokemon that prioritizes speed and damage.
Machamp ImageMachamp Machamp is adept in melee combat, powered by its strong fighting moves.

All-Rounder Pokemon Tier List


Lucario excels at controlling the battlefield by delivering quick blows on all sides. Moves such as Power-Up Punch and Extreme Speed Will make Lucario harder to target as it charges to deal damage in quick succession. In the late game, Lucario can use his Unite move Aura Cannon to shoot a powerful aura ball that blasts opponents in its path.

Unite Moves Guide


Machamp is all about hitting hard, and his arsenal of strong, melee moves proves it. Using Bulk Up increases both attack and movement speed, giving you a chance to bombard your opponents with quick strikes while being protected from hindrances. Pair that with Close Combat and Pokemon in receiving end of it will have a bad day.

List of All Status Effects

All-Rounder Best Lanes

Map with highlight.png

Any Lane

True to their nature, All-Rounders can practically pursue any lane they want. However, it is advised to only take a lane for the purpose of filling in for a role that is absent.

Top Lane

Most All-Rounder moves early on are focused on dealing damage. You can use them to help your teammates farm while also taking the bulk of the damage when a defender is not around. Partnering with an Attacker is good if you want to make offensive plays and can also make fighting Rotom much easier.

Top Lane Guide

Bottom Lane

Because their endurance is high enough, All-Rounders can help with tank duties like defend goals and guarding allies when contesting Drednaw. They can also protect Supporters while helping them defeat wild Pokemon when an Attacker is absent.
Bottom Lane Guide

Jungle Area

Though may not be as efficient as actual Speedsters, they can farm the jungle just as good and can stay in the fight much longer because of their high endurance. Moreover, having access to wild Pokemon in the jungle can net All-Rounders a lot of experience which can potentially snowball into powerful moves in the late game when left unchecked.
Jungle Area Guide

All-Rounder Pokemon Strengths


All-Rounder - Push.png
All-Rounders are considered the jack of all trades, and can take on different kinds of roles when the situation demands it. They are set out to be reliable on their own, or provide support to their lane partner by assuming the role that compliments them.

All-Rounder Pokemon Weaknesses

No Specific Strengths

Unfortunately, being the swiss army knife of the team has its quirks. By having no specific role in a team-based game, their effectiveness playing a certain role will be sub-par to an extent.

Somewhat Steep Learning Curve

Having to be able to support your team in various ways means you have to know what specific moves in your kit are helpful in certain situations. It is key to know what moves can help for pushing, or what moves can offer support.

How to Play All-Rounder

Give Support by Providing Offense

All-Rounder - Farming.png
Since All-Rounders don't have healing moves, they are expected to be aggressive all the time. You should be able to utilize their decent damage output and endurance by defeating wild Pokemon to quickly learn new moves or help your teammates farm in general.

Stay in the Frontline

All-Rounders are sturdy enough to pick fights and fend off attacks while pushing. Try to stay in the frontline and protect your teammates when advancing towards enemy goals.

Adapt to Any Situation

When clashes get dire, All-Rounders should be able to fill in for a role when the situation demands it. When your Attacker or Defender gets displaced or knocked down, you should be able to transition your playstyle accordingly to maintain the flow of the battle.

Avoid Ranged Fights

While All-Rounders can sustain a good number of hits before falling, their HP can be easily compromised when fighting ranged Pokemon. Attackers can take advantage of their range attacks and moves to pin down All-Rounders before they get too close. Since All-Rounders have melee attacks, it will also be hard to chase down an attacker without sustaining multiple hits.

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All Lane and Playstyle Roles

Lane Roles
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Playstyle Roles
Attacker Defender All-Rounder
Speedster Support

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