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All-Rounder Guide: How to Play All-Rounders

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This is a guide on how to play the All-Rounder Role in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to play All-Rounders, their strengths and weaknesses, the best lanes, and the best All-Rounder Pokemon!

How to Play All-Rounder

Brave the Frontlines when Pushing Lanes

All-Rounders possess good offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing them to take on a more aggressive playstyle. Just like Defenders, you'll always want to take the lead by jumping into the fray and having your teammates follow behind you when a team fight starts. Your good damage output and endurance make you a good wall for your squishier teammates.

Avoid 1v1 Fights Against Ranged Pokemon

While All-Rounders can take a beating, they'll have a difficult time fighting Pokemon that are out of their reach. Attackers can take advantage of their range attacks and moves to whittle down All-Rounders before they get too close. It's highly advised to avoid taking engagements against ranged Pokemon, especially in the early game, and even more so if you don't have a teammate to assist you.

Adapt to Any Situation

All-Rounders should be able to fill in for a role when the situation demands it. If you feel your team is lacking damage, take up a more offense-oriented approach. If your team is getting wiped out too quickly, switch your playstyle and moveset into something more defensive. Keep tabs on your team's condition and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Attack the Backlines First during Clashes

All-Rounders are efficient in diving Pokemon in the backlines and bursting them down. Aim for squishy Attackers or Supporters first since they are most likely positioned behind the rest of their team. Taking out the enemy's damage dealers or supports first is key to winning team fights and securing objectives.

Focus on Leveling Up

With the exception of Lucario, All-Rounders don't do too well in the early game, becoming powerful only when they reach a certain level. Given this, it's best to focus on leveling up first in the early game before getting aggressive.

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Best All-Rounders

All-Rounder Pokemon Tier List


Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Tsareena ImageTsareena S Rank Icon Any
Tsareena's sustain, mobility and survivability via Stomp and Trop Kick are perfect in fulfilling the All-Rounder role. It can be in the heat of battle, sustaining itself while dealing significant damage to enemies. It can also guarantee a kill using its Unite Move, Queen Ascendant.

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Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole B Rank Icon Any
Buzzwole shines with his Muscle Gauge mechanic that lets him deliver fatal blows on enemies. Moves such as Lunge and Superpower will turn Buzzwole into the meanest Pokemon in the arena that easily takes down a group of enemies by itself. Moreover, its Unite move, Ultra Swole Slam, is a great tool to chase, capture, and kill off fleeing enemies.

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Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Machamp ImageMachamp A Rank Icon Jungle
Machamp's most notable asset as an All-Rounder is its arsenal of buffs and immunity thanks to its moves, enabling it to rampage through the battlefield without the fear of disabling moves. The movement speed it recieves when using Barrage Blow, and Dynamic Punch or Submission makes it almost impossible to escape from. As a result, it can head straight for the backlines and burst down squishier and slower targets easily.

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Pokemon Tier Best Lane
Aegislash ImageAegislash A Rank Icon Any
Aegislash is a great All-Rounder with a deep learning curve. Mastering the Pokemon requires you to generate advantage with its Stance Change ability. Once you do, you will be rewarded with a great brawler that can negate damage using moves like Wide Guard and Iron Head while dishing out massive damage with Sacred Sword.

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All-Rounder Best Lanes

Any Lane

True to their nature, All-Rounders can practically pursue any lane they want. However, it is advised to only take a lane to fill in for an absent role.

Top Lane

Most All-Rounder moves early on are focused on dealing damage. You can use them to help your teammates farm while also taking the bulk of the damage when a defender is not around. Partnering with an Attacker is good if you want to make offensive plays and can also make fighting Rotom much easier.

Top Lane Guide

Bottom Lane

Because their endurance is high enough, All-Rounders can help with tank duties like defending goals and guarding allies when contesting Drednaw. They can also protect Supporters while helping them defeat wild Pokemon when an Attacker is absent.
Bottom Lane Guide

Jungle Area

Though not as efficient as actual Speedsters, they can farm the jungle just as well and can stay in the fight much longer because of their high endurance. Moreover, having sole access to wild Pokemon in the jungle can net All-Rounders a lot of experience which can grant faster access to powerful moves in the late game.
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All-Rounder Pokemon Strengths

Balanced Stats

All-Rounders are highly flexible and can take on different kinds of roles when the situation demands it. They can function as primary damage dealers, tanks, supports, or even some combination of the three depending on what moveset you choose for the Pokemon.

Counters Most Pokemon

Becasue of their well-balanced stats, All-Rounders can counter most Pokemon or are on equal footing with them.

All-Rounder Pokemon Weaknesses

No Specific Strengths

The downside of being able to take on different or multiple roles is that All-Rounders won't excel at any specific role in an impactful manner.

Somewhat Steep Learning Curve

Having to support your team in various ways means you have to know what specific moves in your kit are helpful in certain situations. It is key to know what moves can help dish out damage, keep you alive, or offer support for your teammates.

Melee Range

With the exception of Dragonite, All-Rounders have to be at melee range to attack, putting themselves in a dangerous position. They can also get easily kited by long-ranged Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Role

What are All-Rounders?

Pokemon UNITE - All-Rounder Full Roster

All-Rounders are Pokemon that have a good balance of offense and endurance. They are designed to be independent and capable of filling various roles based on the team's needs.

List of All All-Rounder Pokemon

Why Should You Play All-Rounder?

The All-Rounder role is for players who excel at a more adaptive or flexible playstyle. Instead of focusing on a single role, they aim to offer support by being able to transition between roles - albeit with a reduced capacity - as the game goes on. Generally, All-Rounders are good dealing at with damage and providing some sort of crowd control.

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