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This guide will teach you how to use Training Mode on Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. We will be covering how to remove all Neutral Pokemon from the field, add levels to your Pokemon, become invincible, have zero Move Cooldowns, and much more!

Training Mode Settings

Practice Option selection.png

There are multiple things you can do in the Training mode. Before we talk about it, first we need to go over what settings there are available.


Ally Pokemon

Title Effect
+1 Level Increases your Pokemon level by 1.
Invincible Toggle to prevent your Pokemon from taking damage.
Move Cooldowns Toggle to remove cooldown timers on Pokemon moves.

Opposing Pokemon

Title Effect
+1 Level. Increases the enemy Pokemon level by 1
Invincible Toggle to prevent the AI Pokemon from taking damage.
Attacks On/Off Toggle to stop the enemy Pokemon from attacking. This will pretty much stop them in place and make them stand still.


Title Effect
Wild Pokemon Toggle to remove Wild Pokemon on the map.
Substitute Doll Data Displays a unique set of values on the Substitute Doll.
Substitute Doll Stats Displays a unique set of values on the Substitute Doll.

How to Access the Training Settings

How to Access Practice Options
1 Press the + button on your controller.
2 Choose Practice Options.
3 The Training settings menu will now appear on the top left of the screen.

What to Do in Training Mode

Check Where Wild Pokemon Spawns

Wild Pokemon Spawn Location

By toggling the spawn of Wild Pokemon on and off, you will be able to see all their possible spawn locations on the map!

Exploring the Map

Relaxing at the beach.png

By setting yourself invincible, you can go around the map without getting bothered by enemy Pokemon. You can use this opportunity in order to get better map knowledge.

You can also set the Enemy AI to not attack you. This will make them stand still on their current position.

Testing Out Pokemon Builds

No skill cooldown

in this mode, you can test out how much damage that new Held Item or Battle Item you just got gives you!

You can even break down the damage by the numbers by attacking one of the Substitute Dolls found on the map!

Substitute Doll

The Substitute Doll is a sort of the training dummy in Pokemon UNITE. You can use it to test out different Pokemon Builds, like Pikachu's.

Note that the Substitute Doll copies your stats.

Substitute Doll Locations

Near purple base, central area.
Top Lane Near orange base, central area.

Substitute Doll Values Explanation

The Substitute Doll has two sets of info that you can choose to be displayed from the Practice Options. We will explain what each value means below.

These stats will reflect the base values of your Pokemon. This is why using moves that reduce Defense or Sp.Defense will not change the numbers on the Substitute doll.

Note first that these values reset after 7 seconds.

Hindrance Length Displays how long the Pokemon was affected by a status.
Total Damage Displays how much total damage your Pokemon has done from a combination of Basic Attacks and Pokemon Moves.
Basic Attack damage Shows how much total damage your basic attacks (from pressing a or b) has done.
Move Damage Shows how much total damage your Pokemon Move has done.
Damage per Second Breaks down how much total damage you do, from a combination of Basic Attacks and Pokemon Moves, by the seconds.
HP Displays how much base health your Pokemon has.

This number will not change when you attack it since it's only supposed to reflect your stat values.
Defense The defense stat reduces the amount of Physical Damage a Pokemon Moves does to the Substitute Doll.

Moves that reduce Defense will not change the stat value showed on the Substitution Doll.
Sp. Def Short for "Special Defense.This stat reduces the amount of damage the Substitute Doll receives from Special Attacks.

Moves that reduce Special Defense will not change the stat value showed on the Substitution Doll.

How Do I Access Training Mode?

1 On the main menu, press X to open up the sidebar.
2 Select the Practice tab.
3 Select the Practice Arena on the right side.
4.1 Select your Pokemon.
4.2 You can also select which Held Items and Battle Item you want to use by pressing ZL.
5 Select a CPU controlled enemy Pokemon.
6 Confirm your selection and start the game.

How to Quit Training Mode

1 Press the + button on your controller.
2 Select "Settings" on the menu.
3 Press X to leave.

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