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Held Item - Score Shield Banner.png
This page is about the Held Item Score Shield in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about the Held Item's effects and how to get them in the game!

Score Shield Stats and Effect

Score Shield.pngScore Shield
Held Item
Tier Ranking
A Rank.png
Stat Boost 1 Stat Boost 2
HP + 450 -
While the Pokemon is attempting to score a goal, it is granted a shield equal to (5/7.5/10)% of its max HP and its goals cannot be interrupted while it is shielded.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Score Shield Stats Per Level

Level 10 HP +150
Level 20 HP +300
Level 30 HP +450

How to Upgrade Items

Full Stat Table
Lvl. Stat Boosts
1 HP +15
2 HP +30
3 HP +45
4 HP +60
5 HP +75
6 HP +90
7 HP +105
8 HP +120
9 HP +135
10 HP +150
11 HP +165
12 HP +180
13 HP +195
14 HP +210
15 HP +225
16 HP +240
17 HP +255
18 HP +270
19 HP +285
20 HP +300
21 HP +315
22 HP +330
23 HP +345
24 HP +360
25 HP +375
26 HP +390
27 HP +405
28 HP +420
29 HP +435
30 HP +450

Cooldown is About 5 Seconds

When the shield from Score Shield is generated, whether the player manages to score or not, it goes on cooldown for about 5 seconds. This means that players cannot continuously generate a shield from Score Shield by rapidly pressing the 'X' button to score.

Stacks with Shields from Other Sources

Score Shield Test - Venusaur Score Shield with Buddy Barrier.png

The shield from Score Shield can stack on top of shields from moves like Cotton Down, and other held items like Buddy Barrier. As a consequence, players can get extra protection from enemies when trying to score a goal.

How to Get Score Shield

Purchased in the Shop

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins.pngx1000
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket.pngx625

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

Best Pokemon for Score Shield

Absol.jpgAbsol Crustle.jpgCrustle Gardevoir.jpgGardevoir
Snorlax.jpgSnorlax Zeraora.jpgZeraora

Score Shield is best used by Defender Pokemon. The shield granted by Score Shield is based on a percentage of the Pokemon's max HP, which means the higher the max HP the more damage the sheld can take.

Score Shield Test

Shield Stack Test

The purpose of this test was to determine if the shield from Score Shield can stack with shields from other sources. The test took note of three instances of shields for each source: (1) the shield from Score Shield only, (2) the shield from the other source only, and (3) the shield from both Score Shield and the other source.

Cotton Guard Test

Score Shield Only
Cotton Guard Only
Score Shield with Cotton Guard

Starlight Recital Test

Score Shield Only
Starlight Recital Only
Score Shield with Starlight Recital

Rubble Rouser Test

Score Shield Only
Rubble Rouser Only
Score Shield with Rubble Rouser

Buddy Barrier Test

Score Shield Only
Buddy Barrier Only
Score Shield with Buddy Barrier

Assault Vest Test

Score Shield Test - Assault Vest - Score Shiled Only.pngScore Shield Only
Score Shield Test - Assault Vest - Assault Vest Only.pngAssault Vest Only
Score Shield Test - Assault Vest - Assault Vest and Score Shield.pngScore Shield with Assaut Vest

Shields can Stack

As a result of the tests, although not visually noticeable from the images, it is confirmed that shields generated from other sources stacks on top of the shield from Score Shield while attempting to score. Given this effect, using shields from other sources can bolster a Pokemon's shield while attempting to score with Score Shield equipped, making it extermely hard for the enemy to stop players from scoring points and capturing goals.

Cooldown Test

Time Was the Shield Generated?
08:50 Yes
08:49 No
08:48 No
08:47 No
08:46 No
08:45 No
08:44 Yes
Interval between the first instance and the second instance: 5 seconds.

The purpose of this test was to determine how long before the shield from Score Shield can be generated again after an initial attempt. The test was conducted in the Practice Area. The Pokemon was first ordered to collect 50 points by defeating wild Pokemon. After collecting points, the Pokemon was ordered to attempt to score every second starting from when the shield was first generated until it was generated again, noting how long it took before the second instance of the shield was generated.

As a result of the test, there is about a 5 second cooldown each time the shield is generated. With this in mind, after an unsuccessful attempt to score, it is important to wait at least 5 seconds before trying again, so that the shield from Score Shield can be generated once more. It's speculated that the purpose of the cooldown is to prevent players from spamming the shield when attempting to score goals.

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