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Metagross Release Date and Time

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Metagross joined the Pokemon UNITE roster on December 26, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Read on to learn Metagross's release date and time!

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Metagross Release Date and Time

Released on December 26, 2023!

Right on schedule, Metagross joined the Pokemon UNITE roster last December 26, 2023! This calculating All-Rounder aims to subdue opponents with skill and precision!

Metagross Builds

Pokemon UNITE - Metagross Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

Defeat opponents with ultimate precision with this calculating All-Rounder! Check out Metagross' best builds, items, moves, and more here:

Metagross Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

Metagross Character Spotlight

Metagross' character spotlight was released on December 22, 2023. Analyze the battlefield and annihilate opponents with this calculated Pokemon!

Metagross Basic Information

Released as an All-Rounder

As expected, Metagross was released as an All-Rounder. All-Rounders usually boast a great balance between offense and defense, and Metagross has shown just that!

List of All-Rounder Pokemon Achievements

Metagross Stats

Balanced Stats

Metagross Stats from Pokemon SV
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Metagross has balanced stats, as expected from another All-Rounder that joined Pokemon UNITE!

All Pokemon Stats and Effects

Metagross Moves and Ability

These are moves that were released before release!

Compute and Crush

Metagross analyzes the position of nearby opponents, granting a shield based on the number of Pokemon analyzed.

If 3 or more are analyzed, it lunges towards the opponent with the lowest HP, deals damage to nearby opponents, and creates a wall around itself.

Magnet Rise

Metagross levitates for a set amount of time and gains increased movement speed.

If it performs a basic attack while levitating, Metagross falls to the ground forcefully, dealing damage to nearby opponents and throwing them.

Zen Headbutt

Metagross fires a psychic wave in a forward direction. If it hits an opponent, Metagross will charge toward the Pokémon, dealing damage and throwing them.

Metagross Evolutions

Metagross Evolutions
Pokemon UNITE - Beldum.pngBeldum Pokemon UNITE - Metang.pngMetang Pokemon UNITE - Metagross.pngMetagross

All Pokemon Evolutions

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Top 5 Master Rank Picks & Win Rate

All data is based on Season 18 Master Rank Top 100.
Last Updated: April 16, 2024
Pokemon Tier Most Played % Average Win %
Pokemon UNITE - MeowscaradaMeowscarada S Tier 10.2% 71.33%
Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark SS Tier 8.5% 73.80%
Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Icon EXMiraidon OP Tier 6.8% 81%
Pokemon UNITE - Mew IconMew S Tier 6.8% 76.50%
Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa IconHoopa S Tier 6.8% 76%

Top Picked Pokemon Per Role

Attacker All-
Supporter Defender Speedster
Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Icon EXMiraidon Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa IconHoopa Pokemon UNITE - BlastoiseBlastoise Pokemon UNITE - MeowscaradaMeowscarada

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Pokemon by Role

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2 Anonymous4 months

Someone said I it knows iron defence , gyro ball and tackle. ( might be beldum’s move)

1 AnonymousHacker5 months

could be All Rounder


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