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Duraludon joined the Pokemon UNITE roster last March 14, 2022 (PST) for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Read on to learn Duraludon's release details!

Duraludon Pokemon Pages
Duraludon Reveal Page Top Partial.pngDuraludon Release Date Duraludon Builds Top Partial.pngDuraludon Builds

Duraludon Release Date and Time

Released on March 14 (PST)

Duraludon joins the UNITE Roster on March 14, 2022 (PST)! The Pokemon was first revealed during the Pokemon Presents Live Stream last February as the last Pokemon teased following Aegislash and Hoopa release.

Released at 4:00PM PST / 12:00AM UTC (next day)

As with previously released Pokemon, Duraludon saw 4:00PM PST / 12:00AM UTC (next day) release. The chart below shows what time this corresponds to in a variety of regions:

Region Local Time /
US West Coast
March 14, 2022
March 15, 2022
US East Coast
March 14, 2022
March 15, 2022
March 15, 2022
March 15, 2022
March 15, 2022
March 15, 2022

Follow Twitter Accounts for Release Details

It's best to keep a sharp eye on both the English and Japanese Twitter accounts for Pokemon UNITE. There might be more news that follows!

▶︎Pokemon UNITE English Twitter
▶︎Pokemon UNITE Japanese Twitter

Duraludon Basic Information

Confirmed to be an Attacker

Duraludon is the third and last Pokemon to be released in the tweet posted by the Official Pokemon UNITE Twitter. It is expected that Duraludon will be an Attacker Pokemon upon release!

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Duraludon Builds

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Build

The new Attacker Duraludon stands tall in Aeos Island! You can check out the best builds and Moves in the link below!

Duraludon Guide: Builds and Best Items

Duraludon Stats

High Offense and Low Endurance

Duraludon released with high offensive stats and low Endurance. Like most Attackers in the roster, Duraludon excels at long range and can decimate its enemies when left unchecked!

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Duraludon Moves and Ability

The Official Japanese UNITE Youtube account uploaded a gameplay demo that showcases Duraludon's moves. Below are all the moves that were revealed in the demo.

Revolving Ruin

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Using unite move in team fight

The gameplay video starts by showing Duraludon's UNITE move, Revolving Ruin, in a team fight. Here, we see Duraludon encircling the area with a laser beam then bursting with energy and taking down the opponent.

Revolving Ruin: Move Effect and Cooldown

Dragon Pulse

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Activating Metal Pulse

The first move that was introduced was Dragon Pulse, which shows Duraludon channeling then letting out a sudden burst of energy, dealing damage to all enemies caught in the blast. It was also explained that defeating opponents this way will make Duraludon's next 4 Standard Attacks have increased damage and will heal Duraludon. Additionally, Metal Pulse's cooldown will be reduced from 10s to 5s.

Dragon Pulse: Move Effect and Cooldown

Stealth Rock

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Using Stealth Rock on Charizard

The next move shows Duraludon throwing a Stealth Rock on the ground and damaging the opponent within the affected area. This is similar to Crustle's move with the same name and effect. However, the move appears to be invisible to the opposing team unless they are stepping on the affected area. Moreover, the move can be stored up to three times.

Stealth Rock: Move Effect and Cooldown

Laser Focus

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Activating Laser Focus to Retreat

The second part of the video shows Duraludon in the early stages of the match. In a brawl, we see Duraludon using Laser Focus to increase its defense and get out of danger.

Laser Focus: Move Effect and Cooldown

Metal Claw

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Using Metal Claw on Vespiquen

Next, we see Duraludon sending out a slash attack that deals damage to the enemy it hits. If you look closely, Duraludon's boosted meter is filled by one bar when it successfully hits the Vespiquen.

Metal Claw: Move Effect and Cooldown

Heavy Metal

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Blocks Disables with Metal Claw

It was highlighted that Duraludon's passive ability, Heavy Metal, will allow it to block one disabling move per cooldown. In the video, we see Duraludon get damaged by Snorlax's move, Tackle, but does not get pushed back!

Heavy Metal: Move Effect and Cooldown

Dragon Tail and Flash Cannon

Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon Using Next Set of Moves.gif

In the final part of the video, we get to see Duraludon's other set of moves. One of them was Dragon Tail, which sees Duraludon jumping back and unleashing a wave that deals damage and stuns an opponent. It is then immediately followed up by a Flash Cannon, which sends a wave of tremors on the ground that stuns the opponent it hits. Then, Duraludon stands its ground and fires laser beams at opponents that are within range.

It was noted that this set of moves is strong against single targets. This gives Duraludon some flexibility for handling different situations!

Duraludon Evolutions

This Pokemon does not evolve.

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