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Drain Crown is a Held Item found in Pokemon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to learn more about the Drain Crown's stats and effects, how to get Drain Crown, and which Pokemon are best for Drain Crown!

Drain Crown Stats and Effect

Drain Crown.pngDrain Crown
Held Item
Tier Ranking
A Rank.png
Restores HP equal to (6%/8%/10%) of damage dealt with Attack-based basic attack.

Held Item Tier List: Best Items to Upgrade

Drain Crown Stats Per Level

Level 10 HP +40, Attack +6
Level 20 HP +80, Attack +12
Level 30 HP +120, Attack +18

How to Upgrade Items

Lvl. Stat Boosts
1 HP +8, Attack +1.2
2 HP +16, Attack +2.4
3 HP +16, Attack +2.4
4 HP +16, Attack +2.4
5 HP +24, Attack +3.6
6 HP +24, Attack +3.6
7 HP +32, Attack +4.8
8 HP +32, Attack +4.8
9 HP +40, Attack +6
10 HP +40, Attack +6
11 HP +48, Attack +7.2
12 HP +48, Attack +7.2
13 HP +56, Attack +8.4
14 HP +56, Attack +8.4
15 HP +64, Attack +9.6
16 HP +64, Attack +9.6
17 HP +72, Attack +10.8
18 HP +72, Attack +10.8
19 HP +80, Attack +12
20 HP +80, Attack +12
21 HP +88, Attack +13.2
22 HP +88, Attack +13.2
23 HP +96, Attack +14.4
24 HP +96, Attack +14.4
25 HP +104, Attack +15.6
26 HP +104, Attack +15.6
27 HP +112, Attack +16.8
28 HP +112, Attack +16.8
29 HP +120, Attack +18
30 HP +120, Attack +18

Only Applies to Attack-Based Standard Attacks

As mentioned in the description, Drain Crown only procs if the Pokemon's Standard Attacks pulls from the Attack Stat.

List of Physical Pokemon (Attack Stat Users)

Drain Crown Has No Cooldown

Unlike Shell Bell, Drain Crown does not have a cooldown that inhibits it from converting damage to HP! It's a simple and effective way to add lifesteal to your builds!

Shell Bell Effect and How to Get

Increased Healing on Crits

After testing multiple times, it seems that healing would proportionally increase if the hit is a critical-hit! It's still good to slot in Critical Hit items whenever you're equipped with a Drain Crown.

Items That Increase Critical Hits

Item Effect
Scope Lens ImageScope Lens Critical Hit Rate +6%
Critical Hit Damage +12%
Increases damage dealt by basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon's Attack, the more the damage increases.
Razor Claw ImageRazor Claw Attack +15
Critical-Hit Rate +2.1%
After the Pokemon uses a move, its next basic attack deals a minimum of (10/15/20) damage. The higher the Pokemon's Attack, the more this damage increases. When this item is held by a melee Pokemon, this basic attack also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time.

Critical Hit Guide: Critical Rate and Critical Damage

Doesn't Trigger Against Shielded Targets

The healing effect won't trigger against shielded targets. This means the item holder must shred through the shield first and damage the target directly for the effect to trigger.

Triggers if the Damage is Greater than the Shield

If the damage dealt to the shielded target is greater than the shield's threshold, the healing effect will still trigger.

How to Get Drain Crown

Purchased in the Shop

Aeos Coins
Aeos Coins x2000
Aeos Tickets
Aeos Ticket x1250

Shop Purchases Guide and Price List

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