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This is a guide to the Jungle area of Aeos Island in Pokemon Unite. Read on to learn more about the Jungle, which Pokemon to use for the Jungle, Jungler strategies, and more!

Pokemon UNITE's Jungle Area

What is Jungle?

The jungle in Pokemon Unite refers to the area located at the central part of the battle arena. Here, you will find Wild Pokemon and berries that give you buffs!

What are Junglers?

Jungle - Talonflame Farming.png
Players who get most of their experience and Aeos Energy in the jungle are referred to as Junglers. They are focused on levelling from defeating wild Pokemon in the middle of the map instead of clearing objectives along paths.

Why Should You Jungle?

While most of the battle happens at the top and bottom paths of the arena, it is best to have another way of accumulating Aeos Energy for goals. The jungle lets players farm experience and Aeos Energy without worrying too much on player interactions. When left uncontested, all experience and Aeos Energy gained here could potentially translate into a significant advantage later in the match!

Wild Pokemon in the Jungle

Jungle - Gengar.png

List of Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon in Remoat Stadium

Unlike wild Pokemon found along the top and bottom lanes, some wild Pokemon in the jungle will give you a temporary buff when you capture them.

Pokemon Description
BouffalantBouffalant Points Earned: 4 - 7
Grants a buff that makes attacks reduce enemy movement speed.
CorphishCorphish Points Earned: 3 - 4
Evolves into Craudant with 2 minutes remaining, and increases points given.
LillipupLillipup Points Earned: 2 - 3
Evolves into Herdier and increases points given in the remaining 2 minutes.
LudicoloLudicolo Points Earned: 4 - 7
Grants a buff that increases attack power of the Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon in Remoat Stadium

During the final minutes of a match, a Zapdos will appear at the center of the jungle. Defeating it will give your team a significant advantage which could potentially turn the tide of the match.

Pokemon Description
ZapdosZapdos Points Earned: 20
Gives +20 points to the team. Makes enemy goal zones vulnerable to be captured.

Zapdos Guide

Recommended Pokemon for Jungle

Pokemon who have high mobility are recommended as Junglers, as they can transition between the jungle and a battle path efficiently. Additionally, since Junglers have a slight lead when it comes to gaining experience, it is best that the Pokemon has a high damage output so they can quickly learn powerful abilities.

Recommended Pokemon for Jungle
Absol ImageAbsol Garchomp ImageGarchomp Gengar ImageGengar
Greninja ImageGreninja Lucario ImageLucario Machamp ImageMachamp
Talonflame ImageTalonflame - -

Jungle Strategy

Defeat Wild Pokemon in the Jungle

It is best to defeat a Ludicolo first as it gives you an additional damage buff when attacking wild Pokemon for a short amount of time. This way, you can farm Aeos Energy and experience faster, while also avoid getting damaged too much.

Sneak Attack

Jungle - Talonflame Sneak Attack.png
Junglers can utilize the tall grass to hide before they enter a battle path. With proper coordination, Junglers can ambush a battle and catch unsuspecting enemies off-guard!

Defending or Scoring Goals

Jungle - Aiding Allies.png
Because of their high mobility, junglers can easily traverse the arena to defend or score goals. If a battle seems to lead to a goal from either side, the jungler should be able to defend or score goals when needed. So, it is best to have good map awareness and good coordination with your allies in the battle paths!

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