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Jungle Guide and Best Junglers

The Jungle area or the Center of Aeos Island is a lane in Pokemon UNITE. Learn more about the Jungle, Which Pokemon to use for the Jungle, Jungler strategies, and more!

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How to Play Jungler

Basic Jungler Strategy
10:00~9:00 • Head to the Jungle area and farm Wild Pokemon.
• Do not attack any Aipoms near the bases.
• If your Pokemon has a Dash move that can jump over walls, use it to quickly get to the Lillipup instead of going around the wall.
9:00~8:50 • Head to a lane where your allies need help.
• Set up a gank when opponents are overextending.
8:50~8:30 • Help farm Combees and Vespiquen in the middle of lanes.
• Knock down an opponent and score a goal. If you can't, it is best not to overextend and just retreat.
8:30~7:00 • Go to the center of the map near the Zapdos area and farm Corphish.
• Head back to the jungle area near the base and continue to farm Wild Pokemon.
• If you want to get aggressive, defeat the Wild Pokemon in your team's jungle when they respawn.
7:00~4:00 • Help teammates capture objective Pokemon.
• Accumulate EXP and level up your Pokemon to reach your Unite Move.
• Capture the second spawn of objectives.
• Reserve Unite Move for Zapdos when near the final stretch.
2:00~  • Take Zapdos objective if your team is behind in points. Otherwise, Zapdos is optional.

Pick Central Area Before the Battle

Pokemon UNITE - Lane Roles Jungle Battle Prep

Before the start of the match, it is highly recommended that you pick the Central Area path using Battle Prep. This will allow your teammates to know that you plan to take on the jungler role. Though not required, this will surely help in relaying your intention to go to the central area and can prevent a lane from getting cluttered.

Farm Wild Pokemon in the Jungle

Pokemon UNITE - Jungle Farming Route Map

Most of the Jungler's EXP and Aeos Energy in the early game will come from the wild Pokemon found in the Jungle. Note that the wild Pokemon found in the jungle area will give a bit more EXP compared to the ones found in lanes. And, since the jungler will most likely be alone, the EXP gained will not be shared, meaning the jungler can level up quickly.

Best Farming Route for Jungler

Ignore Aipom Near the Base

Pokemon UNITE - Jungler Ignore Aipom
At the start of the match, it is best to ignore the Aipoms near the base and go straight to the jungle area to capture the Lillipup. This will prevent allies from mistaking you for taking a lane instead of the jungle. Moreover, giving the Aipoms to the lane players will make sure that they get their EXP to level up!

Avoid Taking Too Much Damage

Pokemon UNITE - Jungler Dodge Attacks
When fighting relatively strong wild Pokemon in the early game like Ludicolo and Bouffalant in the early game, it is important that you maintain your HP and avoid taking damage as much as possible. Fortunately, you can dodge wild Pokemon attacks by timing your moves right. Still, it is better to defeat them as fast as possible to avoid unnecessary attacks.

Use Dash Moves for Quick Traversal

As you move around the jungle, take note if your Pokemon has a Dash move. This will allow you to traverse the jungle quickly while allowing you to go through walls. Use it to go through the wall behind Ludicolo and Bouffalant to quickly get near the Corphish.

Helping Allies in Lanes

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Talonflame Dealing Burst Damage.png

After clearing the wild Pokemon in your team's jungle area, your Pokemon should be level at 5 and already has an upgraded ability. You can then transition into a lane and help your allies attack or defend goals accordingly. Be sure to use the Quick Chat mechanic so that your teammates know where you are headed.

Utilize Green Berries

Pokemon UNITE - Green Berries
Consuming the Green Berries found in the central area will give you a boost in movement speed for a short amount of time. Use this to quickly move to a lane to help your allies when they are in danger. You can even steal the opponent's Green Berry so they won't be able to use it!

List of Berries and Effects

Use Tall Grass for Ganking

Pokemon UNITE - Absol Using Feint to Gank Top Lane

Before going into a lane, it is best to not alert your opponents by using the Tall Grass at the sides. With proper coordination, Junglers can ambush a battle and catch unsuspecting enemies off-guard for an easy knockdown!

Be sure to time your moves accordingly, and wait for the enemy to overextend their position. it is recommended to attack the enemy once they are close to an allied Goal Zone so that they won't get to safety in time.

Grass Guide: How Does Grass Work?

Score Goals When the Lane is Clear

Pokemon UNITE - Jungler Score Goal
When a gank is successful, your opponents should yet to respawn after getting knocked down, or momentarily retreated to recover health. Whatever the advantage, use this opportunity to score your accumulated Aeos Energy from farming in the jungle.

Help Farm Vespiquen and Combees

Jungle Farm Combees
At around the 8:50 mark, Combees and Vespiquen will spawn in the middle of the lanes. You can help lane players capture them to avoid letting the enemy team benefit from the extra EXP.

Note that it is important that you let your allies get the final hit on the Combees and Vespiquen if they are low on levels.

Transitioning to the Mid to Late Game

During the late game, your Pokemon will have a high level because of the extra EXP from farming Wild Pokemon in the jungle area. Utilize the extra power by seeking out low-level enemies and stifling their growth.

Help Teammates Capture Boss Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE - Drednaw Speedster Backup

As the game progresses, Drednaw and Rotom will be key objectives to take if you want to secure a victory. Whenever your team decides to take an objective, be sure to provide your support by contributing your offense or defending Goal Zones accordingly.

Overall, Drednaw should be prioritized over Rotom, as its effects will give your team a significant advantage. Though Drednaw will be slightly harder to take down, it is still worth contesting for the significant boost in EXP - especially in the early game.

Objectives Guide: When to Target Bosses

Reserve Unite Moves 3:00

Pokemon UNITE - Zapdos Use Unite
When the remaining time is less than 3:00, it is finally time to prepare for the final team battle. Of course, it is important to raise the level, but the presence or absence of unite skills is especially important, so hunt wild Pokemon or deliberately defeat them deep in the enemy base and store the unite gauge.

Always Check the Minimap

Pokemon UNITE - Jungler Mini map
As the battle progresses, it is best to always keep an eye on the mini map and know where you should go to be useful. Are there no allies in the lane? Quickly go to the area and protect the Goal Zone. Are Boss Pokemon about to spawn? Rally your team to which objective is best to capture. Overall, having map awareness is key when you want to take control of the game as a jungler.

Best Jungler Pokemon

Pokemon With High Mobility

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Talonflame ImageTalonflame Speedster Jungle
• Has great Dash moves like Flame Charge, which can also serve as a way to quickly traverse the jungle area.
• Use Fly to make a strong entrance when transitioning to a lane.
Zeraora ImageZeraora Speedster Jungle
Slash and Agility moves are perfect for early game farming.
• Can easily engage and disengage from fights with Volt Switch.
Absol ImageAbsol Speedster Jungle
• Has strong moves like Feint and Sucker Punch which are great for surprise attacks.
• Excellent critical rate and damage for ganking opponents

Pokemon who have high mobility are recommended as junglers, as they can navigate through the jungle and get to lanes fast. They often have moves that have the Dash type, which allows them to teleport to an area. Though not exclusive, you will find that most Dash abilities are found in Speedster.

Pokemon that are Also Good in Lanes

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Lucario ImageLucario All-Rounder Any
• For an All-Rounder, it has great Dash type moves like Extreme Speed and Bone Rush that can be used for burst damage.
Power-up Punch is great for suprise attacks.
Dragonite ImageDragonite All-Rounder Jungle
• Can utilize ranged attacks for faster traversal.
• Has good ganking tools via Dragon Dance or Extreme Speed.

Some All-Rounder can also be junglers. Though not as efficient as Speedster, they offer a decent combination of Endurance and Attack that can make them stand on their own. Naturally, when a lane's situation is dire, it can easily transition from jungle to lane when the situation demands it.

Pokemon that Become Powerful Over Time

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Greninja ImageGreninja Attacker Any
• Ranged attacks help farm efficiently.
• Can evade attacks.
• Can learn powerful moves like Surf.
Gengar ImageGengar Speedster Jungle
• Has superb burst combos for ganking like Shadow BallHex.
• Easily snowballs when left uncontested.
Garchomp ImageGarchomp All-Rounder Jungle
• Starts off slow, but can learn devastating moves like Earthqauke and Dragon Rush .
• Great for both offensive and defensive plays if during the late game.

Junglers have the benefit of gaining more EXP compared to lane players. This means that they can level up fast and learn new moves quickly. Some Pokemon may seem weak at first, but they can quickly become powerful if left uncontested in the jungle.

List of Best Junglers

Pokemon Rating
Decidueye ImageDecidueye 5 Stars.png
Charizard ImageCharizard 5 Stars.png
Greninja ImageGreninja 5 Stars.png
Talonflame ImageTalonflame 5 Stars.png
Absol ImageAbsol 5 Stars.png
Gengar ImageGengar 5 Stars.png
Garchomp ImageGarchomp 5 Stars.png
Aegislash ImageAegislash 5 Stars.png
Azumarill ImageAzumarill 5 Stars.png
Zeraora ImageZeraora 5 Stars.png
Tsareena ImageTsareena 5 Stars.png
Dragonite ImageDragonite 5 Stars.png
Espeon ImageEspeon 4 Stars.png
Glaceon ImageGlaceon 4 Stars.png
Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole 4 Stars.png
Venusaur ImageVenusaur 4 Stars.png
Cinderace ImageCinderace 4 Stars.png
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir 4 Stars.png

Best Jungler Items

Jungler Held Items

Muscle Band

Item Effect
Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1%/2%/3% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.

Equipping Muscle Band enhances the jungler's offense and attack speed, making it faster to farm Wild Pokemon. It will also give the jungler the extra power it needs to fight opponents when needed.

Muscle Band Effect and How to Get

Attack Weight

Item Effect
Attack Weight.pngAttack Weight When the Pokemon scores a goal, its Attack increases by (6/9/12).

Since the jungler will always have Aeos Energy to score, Attack Weight will allow you to build up Attack power just by scoring goals.

Attack Weight Effect and How to Get

Float Stone

Item Effect
Float Stone.pngFloat Stone Increases movement speed by (10/15/20)% when the Pokemon is not in combat.

Float Stone Effect and How to Get

Getting a movement speed boost from Float Stone is helpful for traversing the wide area of the jungle and going to lanes. Moreover, it slightly increases your Pokemon's attack stat which can help you with farming wild Pokemon.

Jungler Battle Items

X Attack

Item Effect
X Attack.pngX Attack Increases your Pokemon's basic attack damage by 1.2x, move damage by 1.05~1.15x for 8 seconds, and increases your standard attack speed.

X Attack will further enhance your offense by increasing your Pokemon's Attack and Sp. Attack. Activate this item before you initiate ganks to quickly pressure your opponent's HP.

X Attack Effect and How to Get

Fluffy Tail

Item Effect
Fluffy Tail.pngFluffy Tail Prevents wild Pokemon from acting and increases their damage taken by 1.5 times.

Using Fluffy Tail not only increases your damage output towards wild Pokemon, but it will also stun them for a short time. This is especially useful when fighting Boss Pokemon as it can cancel their charge attacks.

Fluffy Tail Effect and How to Get

X Speed

Item Effect
X Speed.pngX Speed Increases your Pokemon's Speed for 5 seconds. Your Pokemon's movement speed will not be able to decrease while this item is in effect.

X Speed is a low-cooldown alternative to Eject Button that also provides a short-duration immunity from slows. It's great for chasing or escaping enemies, especially in speed flux zones.

Wild Pokemon in the Jungle

Wild Pokemon in the Jungle

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
LudicoloLudicolo Points Earned: 4 - 7
Spawn Timer: 9:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
Grants a buff that increases attack power of the Pokemon against Wild Pokemon with low HP.
BouffalantBouffalant Points Earned: 4 - 7
Spawn Timer: 9:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
Grants a buff that makes attacks reduce enemy movement speed.
LillipupLillipup Points Earned: 2 - 3
Spawn Timer: Game Start
Respawn Timer: N/A
CorphishCorphish Points Earned: 3 - 4
Spawn Timer: 8:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00

The wild Pokemon found in the jungle area will give a bit more EXP compared to the ones found in lanes. And, since the jungler will most likely be alone, the EXP gained will not be shared, meaning the jungler can level up quickly.

Unlike wild Pokemon found along the top and bottom lanes, some wild Pokemon in the jungle will give you a temporary buff when you capture them.

List of Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon in the Jungle

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
ZapdosZapdos Points Earned: 30 + 20 to teammates
Spawn Timer: 2:00
Respawn Timer: N/A

During the final minutes of a match, a Zapdos will appear at the center of the jungle known as the Legendary Pit. Defeating it will give your team a significant advantage which could potentially turn the tide of the match.

Zapdos Guide

Pokemon UNITE's Jungle Area

What is Jungle?

The jungle in Pokemon Unite refers to the area located at the central part of the Remoat Stadium. Here, you will find Wild Pokemon and berries not found along the lanes.

What are Junglers?

Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Talonflame Helping out a Lane.png

Players who take the middle path of the battle arena are referred to as Junglers. If a teammate plans to go Jungling, it means that they will focus on capturing the wild Pokemon found in the middle of the map to level up and gain buffs.

Why Should You Jungle?

Pokemon UNITE - Jungle - Gengar
While most of the battle happens at the top and bottom paths of the arena, it is best to have another way of accumulating Aeos Energy for goals. The jungle lets players farm experience and Aeos Energy without worrying too much about player interactions. When left uncontested, all experience and Aeos Energy gained here could potentially translate into a significant advantage later in the match!

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