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This is a guide to the Bottom Lane of Aeos Island in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to play Bottom Lane, best Pokemon to use for the Bottom Lane, and more!

How to Play Bottom Lane

Basic Bottom Lane Strategy
10:00~9:40  • Hunt wild Pokemon while moving up.
 • Ignore the Lillipup in the Jungle Area.
9:40~8:50  • Take the Audino near the Jungle entrance.
 • Capture or steal all Wild Pokemon in the area.
8:50~7:20  • Take the Vespiquen and Combees in the center of the lane.
 • Pressure all opponent's HP while maintaining a close distance from your Goal Zone.
 • Continue farming to level up.
7:20~7:00  • Rally teammates near the Beach area for the Drednaw fight.
7:00~4:00  • Capture Drednaw and defeat all opponents (use your Unite move if necessary).
 • Prioritize destroying Goal Zones after the Drednaw fight.
4:00~2:00  • Accumulate EXP and level up your Pokemon.
 • Capture the second Drednaw when it respawns.
 • Reserve Unite Move for Zapdos when near the final stretch.
2:00~  • Take Zapdos objective if your team is behind in points. Otherwise, Zapdos is optional.

Pick Bottom Path Before the Battle

Beginner Prepare For Battle.png

Before the start of the match, it is highly recommended that you pick the Bottom Path path using the Battle Prep. Though not required, this will surely help in relaying your intention, and prevent a lane from getting cluttered.

Capture All Wild Pokemon Spawns

9:40 8:50

It is important that your team captures the extra Audino near the entrance of the Jungle area, as well as the Vespiquen and Combees when they spawn. The extra EXP you get will be a huge avantage moving forward.

Since the opponent will surely be doing the same strategy, contesting these camps will always be a battle. Make sure to focus down on the Wild Pokemon and get the final hit.

Keep Goals in Check

Camera Goal Check.png

While you farm wild Pokemon, be sure to keep an eye on your goal zones so you can quickly defend them when the enemy wants to sneak in points. You can do this by extending your view with the help of the camera mechanic.

Camera Guide

Pressure the Opponent's HP

Bot Lane Pressure.png

As you farm Wild Pokemon, you will always be having mini skirmishes with the enemy as you take control of the lane. Pressure their HP until it gets low enough for them retreat so you can continue farming.

Do not Overextend

Note that you will be at a major disadvantage when you are fighting opponents near their Goal Zone. Be sure to not overextend your position, and only pursue low HP opponents when you know you can deal the last hit. You might get caught on the enemy's lane flux which decreases your movement speed, leaving you vulnerable for a take down.

Defeat Drednaw for Experience Boost

Drednaw Boss Pokemon.png

Drednaw is stronger both in defense and dealing damage compared to Rotom at the Top Lane. It will be hard to defeat it at a low level, but the experience it gives makes it worth contesting in the early game. Moreover, the bonus shield is a nice bonus that gives you extra protection for your next fight.

Drednaw is a high priority target, so be sure to also keep close tabs on it as its location is farther away from your goal. Committing to it will take quite an effort and could leave your goal open.

Boss Pokemon Guide

Get Help from the Jungler

Jungle - Aiding Allies.png

Having the Jungler in the lane generates a number advantage to help push or defend a goal when needed. This can also be used to help defeat Drednaw efficiently. It is important to communicate with the Jungler whether you want to go for a gank, push a goal zone, or take Drednaw.

How to Play Jungler

Consume Yellow Berries

Pokemon UNITE - Yellow Berries.png
Although the allied Goal Zones can provide healing when you stand inside them, Yellow Berries can replenish a significant amount HP when you consume them, especially in the earlier stages of the game. This will allow you to get back in the fight without recalling!

You can even steal the opponent's Yellow Berries. Be careful though, you might get slowed by the enemy's Flux Zones if you overextend!

Berries Guide

Best Pokemon for Bottom Lane

Early Lane Pressure

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Cramorant ImageCramorant Attacker Top / Bot
• Great disablers like Surf and Hurricane can disrupt an enemy push.
Gattling Gulp is deadly when properly positioned.
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Attacker Top / Bot
• Great for bursting low HP opponents with Psyshock.
• Has excellent AoE moves that can help turn around clashes.
Blastoise ImageBlastoise Defender Top / Bot
• Pick off over extending enemies with Surf .
• High damage output in the early game means easy knock downs.

Since the Wild Pokemon in the bottom lane have more EXP than those in the top lane, securing them becomes vital to snowballing the game. Picking a Pokemon that performs well in the early game is a highly recommended option if you want to enemy Audinos and help your team level up.

Great Late Game

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Charizard ImageCharizard All-Rounder Bot
Fire Blast is great for farming and defending Goal Zones.
• Gets a power spike when Seismic Slam is learned.
Lucario ImageLucario All-Rounder Any
• Excellent dash moves like Bone Rush and Powerup Punch for easy scoring and stealing wild Pokemon.
• Becomes a high functioning tank when left unopposed.
Machamp ImageMachamp All-Rounder Any
• Great for leading early skirmishes.
• Can dominate a lane when it gets to its disabling moves like Submission or Close Combat.
Greninja ImageGreninja Attacker Any
• High DPS for easy sniping.
• Hard to pin down because of Substitution .
Water Shuriken is great for fighting Drednaw.

Having access to more EXP means that these Pokemon can evolve or learn their strong moves faster. And, when left uncontested, they can easily dominate the lane and take on objectives without a problem.

Support Pokemon

Pokemon Role Best Lane
Blissey ImageBlissey Supporter Bot
• Can buff allies with increased movement speed with Helping Hand.
Safeguard is perfect for removing debuffs while also protecting allies.
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss Supporter Bot
• Can buff allies with bonus shields with Cotton Guard.
Synthesis is a great early game heal engine.
• Can help farm wild Pokemon because of ranged basic attack.
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Supporter Top / Bot
• Disrupt enemy positioning with Barrier.
• Durable, and can initiate team fights with Showtime.
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff Supporter Bot
Sing is great for setting up easy knock downs.
• Can transition into a damage dealer if needed.

Supporter Pokemon are great for the mini skirmishes in the Bottom lane. They will provide both healing and buffs to keep your teammates alive while they farm up to higher levels for the late game. Moreover, they can also help by hindering opponents from scoring takedowns or goals by impeding their movement through applying crowd control effects.

Wild Pokemon in Bottom Lane

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
AudinoAudino Points Earned: 5 - 7
Spawn Timer: 9:40
Respawn Timer: 1:00
CorphishCorphish Points Earned: 3 - 4
Spawn Timer: 8:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
AipomAipom Points Earned: 2 - 5
Spawn Timer: 9:45
Respawn Timer: 1:00
AmbipomAmbipom Points Earned: 7
Spawn Timer: 2:00
Respawn Timer: 1:00

Unlike wild Pokemon found in the Jungle, wild Pokemon found along both Top and Bottom Lanes do not offer any buffs when defeated.

List of Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon

Pokemon Timers and Rewards
DrednawDrednaw Points Earned: 20
Spawn Timer: 7:00
Respawn Timer: 3:00

Drednaw will spawn at the center part of the Bottom Lane in the 7-minute mark. Defeating Drednaw gives your team an experience boost and bonus shields, regardless of where they are in the map.

Drednaw Buff and Spawn Time

Pokemon UNITE's Bottom Lane

What is the Bottom Lane?

The Bottom Lane in Pokemon Unite refers to the path located at the bottom part of the Remoat Stadium. It has 2 Goal Zones present for both teams. It has a beach area at the bottom part and more space along the paths, making it relatively larger in size compared to the Top Lane.

Bottom Lane Objectives

Bottom Lane - Venasaur.png
Bottom lane players will constantly clash with the opposing team. While top lane players focus mostly on accumulating points and eventually scoring with Rotom, Bottom Lane players have to maintain pressure on their opponents by quickly farming Wild Pokemon and stealing Wild Pokemon from the opponents' side. And, most importantly, maintain a lane advantage to capture the Drednaw objective. This will be important as the Bottom Lane is wider than the top lane, so expect to get into a lot of fights while protecting your goal.

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