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Indeedee: Spawn Time and Information

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Indeedee is a Wild Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to know when Indeedee spawns, spawn locations, how many points Indeedee gives, and more!

Indeedee Wild Pokemon Information

Pokemon UNITE - Indeedee Icon Points Generated:
5 / 7 pts
Wild Pokemon Type:
Top, Bot
Effects / Description Appears at the bottom lane. When the first goal zone at the is destroyed, it appears at the side of the lanes of the destroyed goal. Drops Points and XP when defeated.
Spawn Time / Conditions 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:15
Respawn Timer 1:00
Map Availability Theia Sky Ruins

Indeedee Detailed Spawn Location

Theia Sky Ruins

See Full Image
Red IndicatorRed 9:45 - Indeedee near the Center
9:40 - Indeedee near the Bottom
Blue IndicatorBlue Spawns only when the first goal zone of the lane is destroyed
Orange IndicatorOrange Spawns at 9:15

Indeedee Spawn Times

Spawn Time / Details 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:15

Indeedee Respawn Details

Respawn Time / Details 1:00

Indeedee Wild Pokemon Notes

Secure as Many as Possible in the Early Game

Pokemon UNITE - Farm in the Early Game Indeedee

Indeedees give more points and EXP compared to Bunnelbies in the top lane so try securing them for early level gaps.

If you're in the bottom lane, secure as many of them as you can to gain a significant level advantage in the early game, even try to go as far as stealing some from the enemy's side.

Secure the Middle Spawns

Pokemon UNITE - Contest Middle Spawn Indeedee

Apart from spawning near each goal zone in the bottom lane, two more Indeedees will spawn at the center of the bottom lane. One will spawn near the entrance to the jungle, and another will spawn in the lower part of the lane.

Securing these Indeedees will give you a point and EXP advantage.

Farm the Side Spawns when Behind

Pokemon UNITE - Farm Side Spawns Indeedee

When your team is behind and your first goal zone is destroyed, don't forget to farm the Indeedees located at the sides of the lanes can give you the EXP you need to catch up. It's also important not to let the enemy steal them as it could further cripple your team.

Strategically Destroy First Goal Zones

Pokemon UNITE - Natu Destroyed First Goal Zone

Always take note that destroying the first goal zone would enable Indeedees to spawn on that lane's sideskirts. Knowing this, always try to strategically destroy the goal zone of your opponents or let opponents destroy yours.

If you're legitimately behind on farm, maybe it's a good idea to let opponents destroy your own goal zone. This will enable Indeedees to spawn on your side of the lane, and let you catch up with more EXP.

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