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This page is about the Battle Item Full Heal in the game Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about the Battle Item's effects and how to get them in the game!

Full Heal Latest Buffs and Nerfs (12/1)

Version Patch Notes
(December 1 Update)

Item Changes
Full Heal.pngFull Heal • Cooldown increased from 40s to 50s. (+10s)
• Duration of effect shortened from 2s to 1s. (-1s)

Full Heal Changes Fixed a bug where the the ailment won't be removed by Full Heal. Cooldown increased from 40s to 50s. (+10s) Duration of effect shortened from 2s to 1s. (-1s)

Full Heal Stats and Effect

Full Heal.pngFull Heal
Battle Item
Tier Ranking
A Rank.png
Removes any status effects and prevents them for a period of time.

Battle Item Tier List: Best Items to Use

Bonus Protection Lasts for 1 Seconds

Full Heal will protect you from status ailments for 1 seconds after activating it. Be careful, moves with AoE damage that inflict status effects like Sludge Bomb will give you poison again if you stay or walk over the affected area when the bonus effect wears off.

How to Get Full Heal

Obtain by Increasing Trainer Level

Trainer Level Unlocked at Level 16

Trainer Level: How to Raise Fast

Best Pokemon for Full Heal

Aegislash.jpgAegislash Alolan Ninetales.jpgAlolan Ninetales Azumarill.jpgAzumarill
Charizard.jpgCharizard Cinderace.jpgCinderace Dodrio.jpgDodrio
Garchomp.jpgGarchomp Glaceon.jpgGlaceon Greedent.jpgGreedent
Greninja.jpgGreninja Lucario.jpgLucario Machamp.jpgMachamp
Mamoswine.jpgMamoswine Sylveon.jpgSylveon Urshifu.jpgUrshifu
Venusaur.jpgVenusaur Zoroark.jpgZoroark

When to Use Full Heal

Removing Status Ailments

Activating Full Heal will instantly remove all your negative status effects like burn, frozen, stun, poison and sleep inflicted by opponents. This is can be used offensively or defensively.

Works With Wild/Boss Pokemon Stuns

Full Heal also works against special attacks from Wild Pokemon. You can use it to remove the stun effect when you fail to dodge Regieleki or Rayquaza's special attacks, though generally you'd want to save using this item for when enemy Pokemon manage to disable you.

While on Enemy Lane Flux Areas

Whenever you go pass an enemy Goal Zone in the lanes, the Orange Flux Areas will decrease your Pokemon's movement speed as long as you are walking on it. You can use Full Heal to negate the slow effect for a short time, giving you a chance to get out quickly!

Remove Dragon Pulse Stacks

Full Heal can remove all Dragon Pulse stacks (blue markers) from your Pokemon, preventing Duraludon from dealing high burst damage.

Moves that Ignore Full Heal

Barrier Moves

Pokemon Move
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Light Screen ImageLight Screen Light Screen ImageLight Screen
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Block ImageBlock

Using Full Heal does not prevent you from getting hit by moves that produces barriers. Moreover, using Full Heal will not let you pass through them.

Bound Moves

Pokemon Move
Slowbro ImageSlowbro Slowbeam ImageSlowbeam

Slowbro's Slowbeam ignores Full Heal's effect, allowing Slowbro to grab targets that are under the effects of the item.

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