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This is a list of Unreleased Pokemon which have either been announced for addition in the future, or who will potentially be added to the game. See what characters will be coming to the roster soon!

Confirmed Future Pokemon

Blastoise and Gardevoir

Blastoise and Gardevoir have both been announced to be joining the full Pokemon UNITE Roster via the official Twitter. However, no release date has currently been confirmed for either Pokemon, though it's likely that they will be the first to join after the release of the game.


Pokemon UNITE Clefable.png

Clefable is a Pokemon which first appeared in the announcement video for Pokemon UNITE on June 24th, 2020. As it hasn't been mentioned officially in regards to the final release, it's possible that it has been scrapped from the game or replaced by another Pokemon like Wigglytuff.

That said, as Blastoise and Gardevoir also appeared in the original announcement video, there's still a high chance that Clefable will make it back into the game at some point. It's possible that Clefable is the third returning Pokemon shown in the tweet above alongside the previous two.

Potential Future Pokemon

A Generation 2 Pokemon

Tyranitar Icon.png

Except for Generation 2, all 8 generations of Pokemon from Red and Blue all the way to Sword and Shield already have representatives in Pokemon UNITE.

It seems only fair that a popular Pokemon from the much-loved Gold and Silver versions will make an appearance, such as Tyranitar or Umbreon.

Most Popular Pokemon

It's a no-brainer that some of the most Popular Pokemon across generations will be recruited for Pokemon UNITE. As 8 of the top 20 Pokemon selected in the Pokemon Day 2020 popularity poll are already in the game or confirmed, it's likely that other Pokemon which made this list will have their time to shine soon enough.

All Pokemon Day 2020 Winners (Top 20)

Rank Pokemon Rank Pokemon
1 Greninja Icon.pngGreninja 11 Dragapult Icon.pngDragapult
2 Lucario Icon.pngLucario 12 Tyranitar Icon.pngTyranitar
3 Mimikyu Icon.pngMimikyu 13 Bulbasaur Icon.pngBulbasaur
4 Charizard Icon.pngCharizard 14 Toxtricity Icon.pngToxtricity
5 Umbreon Icon.pngUmbreon 15 Lugia Icon.pngLugia
6 Sylveon Icon.pngSylveon 16 Rowlet Icon.pngRowlet
7 Garchomp Icon.pngGarchomp 17 Aegislash Icon.pngAegislash
8 Rayquaza Icon.pngRayquaza 18 Chandelure Icon.pngChandelure
9 Gardevoir Icon.pngGardevoir 19 Pikachu Icon.pngPikachu
10 Gengar Icon.pngGengar 20 Eevee Icon.pngEevee

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