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Objectives Guide - Regieleki Vs. Regirock, Regice, Registeel

Pokemon UNITE - Regieleki Vs Three Regis Top Image

Objectives provide powerful effects that provide an advantage to the team that secures it. This includes Regieleki, Registeel, Regirock, and Regice, which have different bonuses that can have a significant impact on the match. Read on to learn which objective is the best to secure first and the comparison between Regi variants!

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Best First Objective to Capture

Pokemon UNITE - Clefable Leading the Charge Against Regieleki

When the match reaches the 7-minute mark (7:00), Regieleki and a random Regi variant will spawn at the Top and Bottom lane of the map, respectively. These objectives provide useful effects that, when acquired consistently, can give a huge advantage for the team who captures them. When evaluating the Regis' effects and how significant their impact is during the match, we found that the Bottom Lane Regi variant should be given more priority in securing compared to the Regieleki.

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Secure the Regi Variant First

Capturing the Regi Variant in the bottom lane first gives your team a lot of EXP. and a buff, giving you a decent power advantage against your opponents. Your team can then use this advantage to easily win teamfights and put pressure on the enemy team.

Get a Better Transition into the Late Game

Given how important taking Rayquaza at the 2:00 minute mark has become, having a level and power advantage over the enemy team is crucial to secure the objective and win the game. With this, taking the Regi variant in the bottom lane as many times as possible will give your team a better position in the late game and secure Rayquaza due to the EXP and buffs they give.

Regieleki Doesn't Help in the Late Game

Pokemon UNITE - Rayquaza Impact.png

Taking Regieleki doesn't help your team in the late game. Regardless of how many points your team scored with the help of Regieleki, if the enemy secures Rayquaza in the late game, they can easily turn things around and outscore you since points are doubled and they score a lot faster. They'll also get a hefty shield, which they can use to easily win fights and keep scoring until the end of the match.

Regieleki can be Stopped

Pokemon UNITE - Opponents Stopping Regieleki.png

Regieleki is only be effective if it reaches an enemy goal zone and deactivates it. In most cases, the opponents can easily stop Regieleki by defeating it before it can reach their goal zone. On the other hand, once your team captures the Regi variant at the bottom lane, the enemy can't undo the advantage it'll give your team.

Regi Variants Effect Comparison

Variant Effect
RegielekiRegieleki Heads towards an enemy goal zone to make it defenseless for 25 seconds. It Aids the allied team while pushing.
Effect Impact: ★★★★★
RegisteelRegisteel Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also gives them increased Attack and Sp. Attack for 90 seconds.
Effect Impact: ★★★★
RegirockRegirock Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also gives them increased Defense and Sp. Defense for 90 seconds.
Effect Impact: ★★★
RegiceRegice Grants EXP to the team that secures it. Also increases their HP recovery speed for 90 seconds.
Effect Impact: ★★

Regieleki Offers Lane Disruption

Pokemon UNITE - Greninja Pushing with Regieleki Effect

While it was possible to solo Rotom easily in Remoat Stadium, Regieleki's arsenal of AoE moves and disables have made it a more formidable objective in the new map. Securing it will always force the opposing team to rotate to the top lane because it guarantees that a goal zone will get destroyed if it reaches one. Additionally, because of Regieleki's raw power, the opposing team will have a hard time fighting it, which will take precious time away from them instead of doing more important things like farm Wild Pokemon and scoring goals.

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Registeel is a Great Alternative

Pokemon UNITE - Registeel Attack Up

Registeel has the best effect among the other Regi variants at the bottom lane, providing the entire team that captures it with increased offense stats for both of their Standard Attacks and moves. The extra damage can help make pressuring opponents and farming Wild Pokemon faster. Moreover, securing Registeel before the Rayquaza gives your team's carry Pokemon more firepower to either secure the objective or pick off opponents. Registeel is a good alternative if Regieleki is secured by the enemy team.

Registeel Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

Regirock is Situational

Pokemon UNITE - Regirock Effect Pushing Lanes

Regirock's effects are only strong if your team is ahead in levels. This gives you and your teammates extra defenses in battle, making it much harder for the opposing team to knock you down and get massive EXP. Still, Regirock is not worth mobilizing the entire team to capture it. Instead, you can have up to two (2) allies secure it quickly as the objective is relatively easier to fight compared to the other Regi variants. It is best to get Regirock only if your team needs extra durability for pushing enemy lanes much further. Still, if given the opportunity, you will want to prevent the enemy team from securing this objective if your team is capable of taking it.

Regirock Guide: How to Steal and Buffs

Regice Takes Time To Be Effective

Pokemon UNITE - Regice HP Recovery Effect

Regice has the weakest effect of all Bottom Lane Regi variants as it only offers HP recovery. The healing you get is gradual, and will get your HP to full and save a recall back to base. However, once you engage in battle, its impact is slow and little enough to not save you from a burst move. Regardless of your team's state, only capture Regice if the enemy team is not contesting the objective. You can even secure it quickly in hopes that a new Regi variant will spawn. Otherwise, it may be best to put off the objective completely if your team is behind in levels and focus on securing Regieleki or farm Wild Pokemon.

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