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Jump Pad Guide: Super Jump Pads and Regular Jump Pads

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Super Jump Pads allow players to quickly traverse the map to defend goals, save allies, or just get to a destination faster. This is a guide for Jump Pads and how to unlock them in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn more about what Super Jump and Regular Jump Pads do, as well as how to use them effectively!

What is a Super Jump Pad?

Launches Pokemon Over Long Distances Quickly

The Super Jump Pad is a platform in Pokemon UNITE that you can use to launch yourself to specific locations on the map.

While in the air, you're Unstoppable. Upon lading, you'll stun and knock up enemies within the area of effect.

The locations that you can land on are fixed throughout the entire match.

Appears at the Half-Time of a Match

Pokemon UNITE - Super Jump Pad Spawn Time

For Remoat Stadium and Theia Sky Ruins, the Super Jump Pads will appear after 5 minutes.

As for Mer Stadium, it will appear after 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Only Found in Remoat Stadium, Theia Sky Ruins, and Mer Stadium

Pokemon UNITE - Super Jump Pad in Theia Sky Ruins.png

Pokemon UNITE - Remoat StadiumRemoat Stadium Pokemon UNITE - Mer StadiumMer Stadium Pokemon UNITE - Theia Sky Ruins Map OverviewTheia Sky Ruins

Only Remoat Stadium, Mer Stadium, and Theia Sky Ruins have Super Jump Pads.

No Super Jump Pads in Shivre City and Auroma Park

Pokemon UNITE - Shivre City.pngShivre City Pokemon UNITE - Auroma Park.pngAuroma Park

Shivre City and Auroma Park do not contain Super Jump Pads. Instead, these maps have unique mechanics that let players travel around quickly like Speed Flux Zones and Conveyor Belts, respectively.

How to Use a Super Jump Pad

Nintendo Switch

How to Use the Super Jump Pad in Nintendo Switch
1 Step on the Super Jump Pad and press the down button
Pokemon UNITE - Standing on Jump Pad.png
2 Choose a jump location using the right analog stick
Pokemon UNITE - Select Jump Pad Landing Location.png
3 Press the ZR button to start the jump


How to Use the Super Jump Pad in Mobile
1 Step on the Super Jump Pad and tap Super Jump.
Pokemon UNITE - Standing on Jump Pad (Mobile).png
2 Simply tap on your desired location to start the jump.

Super Jump Pad Tips

Stop Enemies From Scoring Goals

Upon landing from a Super Jump Pad launch, your Pokemon will stun and knock up enemies within the area of effect, stopping them from scoring.

Scoring Interruption Can Be Prevented

Pokemon UNITE - Scoring Interruption Counter

The launch damage's area-of-effect covers the entire colored area of the Goal Zone. It's possible to avoid having your scoring interrupted by scoring a goal from the edge of the goal zone, just out of reach from the area-of-effect. Additionally, scoring interruption can also be prevented if you use the Score Shield.

Quickly Getting Back to the Battle

Using the Super Jump Pad is also a great way to get back into battle quickly, especially just after recalling to base to heal.

What is a Regular Jump Pad?

Launches Pokemon Short Distances Around the Central Area

Remoat Stadium Jump Pad

Regular Jump Pads have the same function of launching you around certain places. However, the differences are you can't choose where to land, and it will launch you automatically after a set amount of time when you stand on it.

Only Appears in Remoat Stadium and Theia Sky Ruins

Pokemon UNITE - Regular Jump Pad Theia Sky Ruins.png

Only Remoat Stadium and Theia Sky Ruins contain Regular Jump Pads.

Regular Jump Pad Locations

Remoat Stadium

Pokemon UNITE - Regular Jump Pads Locations Remoat Stadium.png

Theia Sky Ruins

Pokemon UNITE - Jump Pad Location

Regular Jump Pad Tips

Traverse the Central Area Quickly

Regular Jump Pads launch you a very short distance but often launch you over walls or other impassable terrain. Use this to move through the Central Area quickly and get to ganking or farming spots faster.

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