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How to Change Your Name

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Wish you had a different name in Pokemon UNITE? Don't worry, you can always change your name using the Rename Card! This guide will teach you how to change your name in Pokemon UNITE. Read on to learn how to change your name, how to buy the Rename Card Item, additional information about the Trainer name, and more!

How to Change Your Name in Pokemon UNITE

Buy the Rename Card Item

Item Details
Pokemon UNITE - Rename CardRename Card
Pokemon UNITE - Aeos Gems 100 Aeos Gems
Changes your Trainer Name.

The only way to change your trainer's name is to buy the Rename Card in the Aeos Emporium shop. This will change the name that is displayed while you are in lobbies and matches.

Note that this item can only be used once, so you have to buy another one if you want to change your name again. Additionally, after changing your name, you will not be able to use a Rename Card after 3 days.

Does not Change Your Trainer ID

Trainer ID
Changing your name will not affect your Trainer ID. This means that your friends can still use your current ID to invite you to matches. Be sure to tell your friends when you changed your name to avoid confusion!

Can Only be Purchased with Aeos Gems

Gem Prices USD
You can only buy a Rename Card with Aeos Gems, Pokemon UNITE's premium currency. Currently, there are no other ways to change your trainer's name without microtransactions. So, it is best to use a name that you are happy with if you want to avoid spending money.

If it is your first time buying a gem pack, the lowest price you can spend is $0.99, which will give you 60 gems plus an additional 60 from the first purchase promotion for a total of 120 gems. Otherwise, you need to decide whether you will buy two 60 for $0.99 each, or a pack of 245 for $3.99.

Microtransactions and Premium Currencies

Changing Your Name Step-by-Step

How to Change Your Name

Buy the Rename Card in the Aeos Emporium, Items tab.

Go to the Items tab in the Trainer Menu

Go to the consumables tab and activate the item.

Cannot Use Taken Names

It is important to note that you cannot use a name that already exists. Moreover, using a Rename Card does not guarantee that the name you want can be used. Unfortunately, there is no option to check whether a name is available or not before purchasing a Rename Card, so be careful!

Pokemon UNITE Trainer Name

Displayed During Battles

Pokemon UNITE - Lobby Screen Name

The name you pick for your trainer will be seen by all other players not only during UNITE Battles, but also in lobbies and the result screen at the end of the match. The name is permanent, unless you decide to change it by using a Rename Card.

Different from Nintendo Switch Username

Pokemon UNITE - Nintendo Account Name

Your Pokemon UNITE name is seperate from your Nintendo account's username. Though, you can still use your Nintendo account username for your trainer name if you do not want to think of a new one.

Avoid Using Invalid Words

Pokemon UNITE - Invalid Words for Names

Primarily, it is advised not to choose an inappropriate name that may offend others. As an extra step, the game has a system that detects explicit words, which are labeled as Invalid. Typing a name that contains invalid words will prevent you from proceeding.

There are reports online saying that some players who try to use 'normal' names get the contains invalid words error. Found a proper name that is detected as invalid? Share it in the comments!

Invalid Names Discussion

Hide or Show Trainer Names

Hide During Matches

Pokemon UNITE - Battle Info Settings

Trainer Name "On" Trainer Name "Off"

You can hide all displayed trainer names during the match by turning off the Show Trainer Names option in the Settings menus. This is helpful for removing additional clutter on-screen.

Hide Names Outside of Matches and Results Screen

Pokemon UNITE - System Settings Tab

Battle Lobby Results Screen

You also have the option of turning all other players' names off in any section of the game by going to the System Settings tab and selecting Hide other players' Trainer names once matchmaking is complete.

Its title is misleading since this also applies when checking your Battle Records and being in a lobby. This is a good feature for streamers who don't want to get stream snipped.

List of Settings and Best Settings to Use

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